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Of course, say what are you going to do with Dark Dawn? We'll eventually reach the point where you currently are (Gameplay).

4/28/2011 #31
Commandant DragonWolf


4/28/2011 #32
Treads the Trees

Hmm, I'm not sure if I'm too late or something, but... I'd like to go for Volechek =P (And maybe Briggs, too)

5/8/2011 #33
Commandant DragonWolf

No you're not too late. You're more than welcome to join. Of course you can have them.

5/9/2011 #34

Now that I think about it, who is going to have Ivan? If no one takes him I'll have him

5/9/2011 #35
Commandant DragonWolf

Anyone can have him really.

5/9/2011 #36

Then I'll have Ivan

5/17/2011 #37
Commandant DragonWolf


5/17/2011 #38
I call dibs on old guy and volecheck (if I don't have to do his monster form)
2/26/2012 #39

I do believe that Volecheck was taken...but I guess you can have Kraden...

2/27/2012 #40
Nnnnnnnnnooooooo!!!!!!!! Oh well... no name was up, soooooo...
2/27/2012 #41
Commandant DragonWolf

I do not believe he was taken upon further look into the list. You can have both if you so wish.

2/29/2012 #42

i saw somebody talking about taking it farther in

3/1/2012 #43
Commandant DragonWolf

Is said person still here though?

3/2/2012 #44

Nope, not here since forever

3/2/2012 #45

ok. ill take it, then. YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

this will be an interesting story later on.

3/2/2012 #46

You could say

3/3/2012 #47
I might do a female oc because there are so few.
3/4/2012 #48
I take Nowell for her short scene in the game. Is TSS fan13 still in? I kind of need Rief too.
3/4/2012 #49

Pretty much only Demon, you, and me are here...

3/5/2012 #50
(Jumps on bed and yawns) I'm gonna check out the DD forum. (Starts up kindle and logs on) Hey, pewter isn't on the list. (Evil smirk) Hee Hee. That could be fun. I love annoying the crap out of people. I. Want. Pewter.
3/5/2012 #51
First two posts on page again! YES!
3/5/2012 #52

"Don't you dare put Pewter...I hate him to another level" Altous said... (No really...I hate Pewter)

3/5/2012 #53
(Pewter is hilarious. I see pewter in me. Not the other way around. "It is all for the grand scheme, Alti. And I do know your nickname from BOTH girlfriends," Artemis said. "Artie, don't be so rude!" "Shut up Jake. We ALL know your crush on sveta, and she isn't in the story yet. Watch out, Matthew. He's gonna take kittydog." Artemis snickers.
3/5/2012 #54

"What does he means with both Altous?!" Karis exclaimed

"I don't know! And who said that you could call me Alti?!" Altous exclaimed to Artemis

3/6/2012 #55
Commandant DragonWolf

0_0 Yes you can have the character that TSS had, if she/he never comes back I mean. Haven't seen TSS in a few months.

"his second is Matt." Tyrell chortled with a cocky smirk at Altous.

"Least he could get someone." Pyra chimed with her own cocky smirk.

(Lol haven't done random RPing in an off topic in months)

3/6/2012 #56
(Can I have pewter, though?) "That was mean, Artie," Jacob muttered. "Who is Sveta, by the way? Never heard of her." "All in good time, Jake. All in good time. Where is Arcanus? We need to talk soon."
3/6/2012 #57

"Why you little-"

"Altous." Karis looked seriously at her fellow jovian


3/6/2012 #58
"If only you get to know him." Artemis smiled. "Did you forget about the 'two girlfriends' thing?" "Artie..." Shut up, Shell!"
3/6/2012 #59

"I don't have two girlfriends!" Altous exclaimed, he was begginning to get angry

3/7/2012 #60
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