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Zac and Artemis

Okay, so, being as this is my first forum...go easy on me, please? Anyway, basically,this is where you introduce yourself. tell us about your FF story, what you like, what you don't like, and other stuff!

1/7/2011 #1
The Grim Reader
Hi, I'm Grim, and I stumbled across FF looking for stuff to read. Not finding the stories I wanted, I decided to try and make my own and ended in failure every.......single......time. I like daisies, and sunflowers, long walk on beaches, and I'm very single, and very easy. I'm totally a girl, and you should like, totally hit on me.
1/7/2011 #2
Zac and Artemis

Ari- Really...? Hmm...wanna let me buy you a drink?

Me- *rolls eyes.*

1/7/2011 #3
The Grim Reader
Like, totally. I drink all the time. *Barfs up alcohol.*
1/7/2011 #4
The Grim Reader
That was a joke. Lol. XD You are da best man eva.
1/7/2011 #5
Zac and Artemis

Ari- I'm Bi...I don't need to be a man to hit on a girl... should make a charrie while you're here.

1/7/2011 #6
The Grim Reader
Well...let's face it, there are 1.6 billion characters you can't be right now. That means all the possibly cool ones are dead dude. Besides, what is the storyline?
1/7/2011 #7
The Grim Reader
Good point. I'm game for a beer. Lol...@.@ *Spins in circles* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....*gets dizzy and falls down.*
1/7/2011 #8

Howdy. You can call me Bill, but my real name and gender will be classified for now. I enjoy gaming, reading, Undertale, FNAF, and the company of at least one other living creature. I saw this forum whilst searching for roleplay forums, and this looked cool, so here I am.

6/5/2016 #9
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