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Zac and Artemis

If you get the referece, you AMAZING. Anyway, rules: hate themor love them, you need them.

1)No EXCEPTIONS 2)Plushies/Furries ONLY. Scalies count too. 3)Maximim of six OCs per member per RP. Any more, and it'd get too hectic. 4)PLEASE Tell me if you are going away for a while so I can ajust things acordingly. 5)Have an issue with another member? Go to me, or any of the other Mods. We'll help sole it. 6)If push cmes t shove, I get final judgement on new rules or the outcome of an argument. This will hopefully never happen. 7)Please suggest new rules if you think they are needed. 8)Register your character before using them, or you will be ignored. Must have your character accepted by me or a Mod before use. 9)Reply with, "I'M A FIRIN' MEH LAZOAR, BLAAAAAAAAAAAARG!!!" to confirm you have read this. be warned, tho, I may quiz you on the rules. 10) HAVE FUN, DAMNIT!!! 11)No god modding...the exact meaning of that term will ultimately be decided by me.

Oh! Most importantly...READ THE COMIC!!! here's the link

Note-All RPs will take place before or during the events in the comic, expect for the ongoing RP "After the End."

Special Rules for "After the End"

Since this is a constantly ongoing, or at least a long lastic, topic, there will be special rules.

1- Once you sign-up a character for a faction, you CANNOT change factions!...EVER...unless circumstances allow it.

2- You can have multiple characters in different factions, but they cannot know what's going on in each faction unless they physically tell eachother.

3- No more than three characters per member in each faction, and still no more than six characters per member.

4- There ARE civilians, so...mostly I will be controlling them, but they are generally fair game for anyone.

5- be wary about killing a character, since this will last a long time. yes, they can be restitched if it is possible, but once death is permenantly attained, that character is out for good.

6- IF a canon character is used, only Mods and Admin can use them...unless stated otherwise by me...

7- Rule suggestions still welcome

8- All of the general rules above the special rules also apply

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The Grim Reader
"I'M A FIRIN' MEH LAZOAR, BLAAAAAAAAAAAARG!!!" Hi I'm Grim, and I'm new here.
1/7/2011 #2
Zac and Artemis

Hi Grim! I'm Zac! This Insane furry is Artemis, or Ari for short! I'm sure we'll be great friends! :D

Ari- Zac...youre and idiot...

1/7/2011 #3
The Grim Reader
I'm sure we will. In due time. XD
1/7/2011 #4


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