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Zac and Artemis

Obviouse what it's for...use of canon characters will probably not happen, but if it does, it will be admin and Mods only. Give a name, species (and don't be a smart arse and say "plushy." You know what I mean!), general appearance, personality, desc of abilities (nothing super amazing and magical, tho. Super streangth and awesome acrobatics are what 'm looking for.), gender, and a bio. Anything else is optional, i guess. Also, if I think he/she is to overpowered, I'll ask you to tone him/her down a, make some plushies, lol.

1/7/2011 #1
The Grim Reader

Well what do you put other than plushy? Plushies, wow, lol that sounds funny. Okay, now remember, Grey had Herculean strength, and Fox could get himseolf out of almost any situation. With those two facts alone....there shall be blood....and plush!

Name: Bert "Da Bandit" Castaway

Species: Squirrel

General appearence: He goes all old school texas bandit with the way he uses his bandana to cover his face. Has a black leather jacket with the symbol of the biker gang he used to control on the back, The Rough Riders. This symbol is basically a skull and crossbones, but with wheels where the eyes would be on the skull. Wears biker boots, and the stereotypical black sunglasses. He has a scar on his cheek, and he is one muscle bound squirrel. He wears black biker jeans.

Gender: Male

Bio: Was one of the free when he saw the smoke cloud of Brown's city. Part of the population that wasn't under Brown's sinister control, he was on the run for loitering. Things had gotten that bad. His old biker gang, The Rough Riders, had all but vanished after a viciousattack from one of their many rivals.

Power: While not anywhere near as strong as an Invincible or Grey, he can certainly hold his own in a fight. He isn't very light on his feet, but he makes up for it in strength and a shotgun he carries with him all the time. There is little need for that now that Brown's rule is over, but he doesn't want to take any chances.

Personality: Has been on the run for so long, it has hardened his emotins, since he has been betrayed many times before. The stitches on his body prove that much. (Not many, just like a few stitches here and there). He does have a soft side for kids though. Oh and woman.....he tries to be a ladies man, but fails most of the time. He believes there should be order, but that there should be steps to prevent another Brown incident. He is a believer in justice.

1/8/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #2
Zac and Artemis

(Damn, Grim, beat me to my own forum!)


Species- White Wolf

Gender- Male

appearance- Reletively tall and a moderate muscular build. Completely white fur and hazel eyes. Wears a dark blue suit most of the time, but when in a dangerouse situation, he will not hesitate to rip the suit apart to allow better movement.

Personality- Kind and caring towards his friends, but hostile towardseveryone else. Not afriad to snap a few bones when it's needed.

Abilities- not too strong, not too fast, but is a master at politics and tactics. Always knows the optimum time to act and has great patience. not too good with a gun or weapon of any kind, but he can handle a small hand gun if needed.

Bio- Started The Healed after witnessing the explosion caused by the Devils' hands in hopes of bringing the world back to the order and freedom it once was before Brown cam about. All known family is dead, supposedly, but he often talks about a sister ofhis that has not been confirmed as dead or alive.

And Grim, Bert is accepted.

1/8/2011 #3
The Grim Reader
Lol. They both cherish justice, but in their own different way. He has charcoal eyes though. ^ ^ Lol, what did you expect. I breathe roleplay, I eat character personalities, and use the forums like I use my toilet...a lot. I literally live on this stuff.
1/8/2011 #4
Zac and Artemis

Okay, now for the first Mercenary...


Species- Black Wolf

Gender- Female

Appearance- Mostly black fur, but each apendage ends in white fur (each leg, arm, ear, and tail end in white tips). Peircing yellow eyes and a devilish grin. Normally wears heavy-duty jeans and a blue tank top under a tattered cloak used for covering-up in the desert. the white tips on each appendage are edge with stitches because they had to be replaced after surviving the explosion. She was far enough to survive, but close enough to still retain damage, as seen by the unfitting white parts that replaced her own lost parts.

Personality- Really could care less about everyone and everything. her moral alignment is based on what appears to be the most profitable, or most interesting decision. After all, she is a Mercenary for hire.

Abilities- Quick, agile, flexible, and sneaky. Master at close quarters combat and a decent shot with revolvers. Excells in parkour and improvisation.

Bio- Normal wanders alone until hired to do a job. Doesn't talk much about ehr past, except that her entire family is dead, although tends to reference some brother of hers that is neither confirmed dead or alive.

(Yes, of course Ari's here to play!)

1/8/2011 #5
The Grim Reader
(Interesting. Not a stuffed toy. Accepted. I had the funniest idea the other day. Plush and Blood meets Toy Story.)
1/8/2011 #6
The Grim Reader
(But who are they going to hire a mercenary?)
1/8/2011 #7
Zac and Artemis

(What? EVERY character is a plushie, it's just there's different species of them.)

1/8/2011 #8
Zac and Artemis

Basically, the way Mercs work is one of the two factions (Bandits or Healed) pay a merc to do ONE MISSION, then the Merc is free to leave, but can take-up more missions if the faction pays them again. Mercs can technically change sides every mission, get it?

1/8/2011 #9
The Grim Reader
Lol, I can't see Ari as a plushy. XD.)
1/8/2011 #10
Zac and Artemis

(Ari- What? I can be cute when I want! See =^-^=)

1/8/2011 #11
The Grim Reader
(XD...miss guns and blades. Yeah, I find death really cute. Jk jk. Seriously though, you've always had her non plushy, and just seeing her as a stuffed toy....XD.)
1/8/2011 #12
Zac and Artemis


Species- raccoon

Gender- Male

Apparance- Normal raccoon fur, color patterns, and tail. Tall and thin. Dark Blue eyes. normally wears a black biker jacket and torn jeans wit a black bandana with white tribal markings around his neck.

Personality- Carefree and fun loving. really only seeks adventure, but mostly decided to go with Bert and te other Bandits because he doesn't like the intense form of rules that The Healed are, he admires Bert quite a bit.

Abilities- Excells at stealth operations as well as the use of small arms pistols. Decent fighter, but is better at avoiding and escaping conflict than solving them.

Bio- Used to be one of Brown's mindless zombies until, on his way back to the city from sending a message to his main army, the explosion ended the little bastards control and knocked his common sense and self preservation back into him. now he follows Bert's orders no matter what...usually...

1/8/2011 #13
The Grim Reader
Awesome. Accepted ^ ^ *Squeels*
1/8/2011 #14
The Grim Reader
Name: Moses------------Species: Black Wolf.---------Powers: Super strength, has very little else going for him. Other than maybe his pistols.-----------Bio: The right hand of Artemis, and was the younger Brother of Aaron until that day. Now he has no brother, and tries to fufill Aaron's dying wish of making sure Artemis is happy.-----------Appearance: He usually wheres a black commando style vest, and a belt to hold his two pistols. Has brown eyes, and is rather muscular. About 5'9 in heigth. Wants to kill Bert for killing his brother, even though the person responsible died that day
1/12/2011 #15
Zac and Artemis

Roy "ROSE" Rosa

Species- Sparrow

Pesonality- Very apathetic and calm in almost any situation. Intelligent and very quick witted. Doesn't like guns. A good thinker, and very good at deductive reasoning, but always misses ONE thing.

Appearance- Covered in entirely crimson and black feathers. Only exceptions are his wings. His right wing is entirely crimson, and his left wing is entirely black. He usually wears a crimson leather jacket, unbuttoned with nothing underneath, and black jeans. Oh and of course he has crimson eyes. has a ammo belt of extra knives around his waist.

Abilities- No much of a fighter, and hates using guns, but has INSANE aim, especially with his personalized Ballistic Knives (info on those at the bottom of this post). Also a very skilled freefrunner and good at parkour style fighting if he needs to use it (although he's never had to, so he lacks the experience.). His wings allow him to glide, but only if they're unhindered.

Bio- With a natural curiosity towards the design of unconventional weapons and tactics, he has built many "unconventional" wepons for himself, secretly, of course, and creates his own tactics towards every plan apollo has, but doesn't share them. he ight be a genius, but no one really knows it.

***Ballistic Knives- A pair of small cartriges that allow small blades to be fit into them which can then be fired by a spring. They're in "Call of Duty Black ops," but I'm no sure if these actually existed...

1/21/2011 #16
The Grim Reader
(Never heard of or seen it. Could you send me a link?) Accepted.
1/21/2011 #17
O. Gallan Rager

Brush "Bruce" Wittz

Species- Cat

Personality- A very aggressive yet calm at who tries to get things down by any means. He loves to blow things up and use explosives. He is also very instinctual and knows how to use weapons no matter what type or size. Hand him a tank and he'll figure out how it works super quit.

Appearance: He bears a tall, scrawny appearance. Different from other cats, he has stitches going through his right eye from a terrible accident with chestnut colored fur, pointed ears, red eyes, and dresses in a leather vest, cargo pants, and Du-rag (head wear for anyone with braids or trying to keep their hair straight. Also what we black folks call it. XD)

Abilities- He has catlike reflexes, can make explosives about out of anything, and typically owns a shotgun he calls "Ole Betsy", two pistols, frag grenades, and smoke bombs. He's also good at hotwiring cars and carries a toolbox with lots of tools.

Bio- Bruce grew up on the outskirts of the city. He had nothing to his name but his clothes and his life. And that was about it. And living in the junkyard was nothing great. There was too much junk lying around, heat burning him, and constant scavengers looking for spare points or to pick fights. But as he grew with age, Bruce learned to take what was his and fend for himself, killing and building.

2/14/2011 #18
The Grim Reader

Hey Onyx, I had no idea you read Plush and Blood: Unstuffed? Welcome aboard, but I'll let Cy accept your chartacter.

2/15/2011 . Edited 2/15/2011 #19
O. Gallan Rager

Not yet.

2/16/2011 #20
The Grim Reader
I believe you would like the story.
2/16/2011 #21
O. Gallan Rager

I don't know where it is.

2/16/2011 #22
The Grim Reader
Here it is ^ ^
2/16/2011 #23
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