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Zac and Artemis

the resulting explosion from The Devils' Hand's assult on Browns main facility wiped-out most of the population, now, what's left, struggles to bring Order from the resulting Chaos. Rouge theivs and bandit clans clash with the rising order, The Healed, over the remnants of the City surrounding the destroyed Stuffing facility, while the rest is left to be swallowed by the desert. Whoever controls what is now this ruined City, newly named, "New Haven," will control everything...will it be the Bandits, or The Healed? Mercenaries for hire may also help decide the fate of this ruined world.

1/8/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #1
The Grim Reader
Is the Bandits an organization? Can I lead the Bandits with Bert, and you lead The Healed????
1/8/2011 #2
Zac and Artemis

(lol, Grim, you don't know how wseome that is! I already created a Character to lead The Healed an was ganna ask you to lead the Bandits!)

1/8/2011 #3
The Grim Reader
(Really? Lol....XD. I had no idea.)
1/8/2011 #4
Zac and Artemis

(Alright, The healed have a legitimate headquarters stationed inside a tall building that has been repaired. the Bandits...well, it's up to you, really. You're the Boss!)

1/8/2011 #5
The Grim Reader
(O.O I'm the boss? I've never controlled anything before. Eeeeeekk. This is so exiting.)
1/8/2011 #6
The Grim Reader
(Their base will be in a bar, with a pool table. Think biker gang hideout meets military. They had a few weapons stashed in the back room. Bert and his crew were good friends with th manager until the guy got shot in a bar fight. Now, Bert's Gang owns the bar...or at least now Bert does. And the Bandits do to now. They are his new brothers and sisters in arms.)
1/8/2011 #7
Zac and Artemis

(Well, Bert really is the boss of the Bandits, so it only makes sense for you to lead them.)

1/8/2011 #8
The Grim Reader
(I'm kidding. I own my own forum lol.)
1/8/2011 #9
Zac and Artemis

(PS, try to make every post longer than one sentance! I WANT it to be descriptive, so everyone knows what's going on. Like, say who's doing wat, in hat direction, to who, what physically happened, blah blah blah. Okay?)

Apollo stared out of the window to his offce on the top floor of the newly reconstructed headquarters of The Healed. He knew that the finishing of the Headquarters would be a large step in finally taking full control of New Haven, and hopefully irradicating the Bandits. It hadn't been that long since the end of Brown's tyranny, only about a year, and things were already looking up, though not up enough for him. He had grown tired of failed attempts at liberating areas controled by the Bandits, and he knew it was because the lck of exceptionally skilled cohorts. They had no decent capabilities besides basic grunt work, and he wasn't the kind of person to send his own men to do things like that. he knew he needed better partners, so he sent requests to help his cause throughout the wrld via messengers. he knew he'd aos end-up hiring some Mercs eventually, but the only on he currently knew of was..."mad" at him currently, so he would try to refrain from contacting her for as long as possible.

"I just wish The Devil's Hands were still around..." he muttered, "They could do ANTHING. But, they died in the explosion...supposedly. I still think they're out there somewhere..." he then went to his desk to chek his mail for any replies to his requests.

1/8/2011 #10
The Grim Reader
(Lol, I can be discriptive if I want. You should know I'm just stuck doing one liners here becuase I was never expected of much. Deal. It's a challenge Kakarot! Oh, and look at the OC registration to see what Bart looks like.) Bert was at the bar on the near edge of town, his favorite place to go when nights got tough. He was sitting on a bar stool, taking a sip of his ice cold beer, looking at the other Bandits in the bar. He sure wished the Devil's Hand was still around. He heard they could do anything. The mere fact they took down Brown was a testament to their greatness. Sadly, he knew they was probably dead. Many neon lights of varying signs and propaganda hung about his favorite place to be. The pool table was still in use. The jukebox played "Highway To Hell", his favorite song, and life couldn't be better for Bret and his fellow Bandits. In the back rooms were hidden stashes of crowbars, pistols, chains, and hammers. This was all just in case if anyone decided to come into his bar and tussle. (Good enough?)
1/8/2011 #11
Zac and Artemis


Rift was playing a game of pool with a few others and, with his great slate of hand, was able to get the ball to curve, jump, and seemingly slide wherever he wanted it to go, completely destorying everone that played him. After winning about $95 of bets off of winning, everyone gave up and Rift let them play regular matches against achother. Rift then counted his winnings and sat by Bert, "What's-up?" he asked.

(Rift and Bert have know eachother for a while, mkay?)

1/8/2011 #12
The Grim Reader
"Nice. Took em down like always eh Rift?" Bert replied, as he did the whole handshake they made up a while back. "Wish I had your hand for pool. I'm quite fond of the game. Too bad I suck at it. Well, at least compared to you." Bert said luaghing little. He looked at his fellow Bandits playing pool. (Of course, being a biker gang, they have motorcycles.) "Man whatever happened to the good ole days? First Brown, now The Healed. Geez, it's like no one wants fun anymore." Bret said, as he swished his tail back and forth. His tail was his pride....the last guy who touched his tail....had his tonsils removed....painfully.
1/8/2011 #13
Zac and Artemis

"Well, there's the Mercs. They usually know how to have a good time." Rift stated, pulling out one of his two holstered pistols and examening it for dust damage, "In fact, speaking of Mercs, I hear one of them is in town, and she has some form of connection to The Healed." He grinned, hoping Bert would think of a way to get that Merc on their side.

1/8/2011 #14
The Grim Reader
"Really...the only thing we got of value around here, aside from the weapons in the back, is our bikes." Bert said in a calm tone, altough he was indeed thinking of a way to pay this Merc. "I've got me an idea. You've got a motorcycle garage right? We'll build them a dream bike, free of payment for whatever we ask of them." Bert said as he smiled. (They are bikers, they should know how to fix up a bike at least.) He took another sip of his beer. "Think that'll work?" Bert asked.
1/8/2011 #15
Zac and Artemis

Rift thought for a bit, then nodded, "Yeah, I think so...I heard she was a bit stingy though, so we'll probably end up having to buld something unimaginable..." he took a sip of his water...he doesn't drink alchohol, "When you're ready, we'll grab our bikes and I'll take you to where I last heard she was."

1/8/2011 #16
The Grim Reader
"Yeah. That's sounds like a great plan." Bert replied, as he pulled the key's to his motorcycle. This was a typical Harley Davidson. It was black all the way, everything was black, except on the back fender it had his old biker gang logo airbrushed on. It looked amazing. It was low to the ground, had a wicked stance to it, and was the pure definition of Bert.
1/8/2011 #17
The Grim Reader
(Darn it. Hold on, I should point out he is walking to the motorcycle and he pulled out his keys from his leather pocket.)
1/8/2011 #18
Zac and Artemis

Rift hopped on his own bike, a dark blue and very rusted dirtbike, and placed the keyes. He liked the dirtbike better because it perforrmed better in the desert. Since he is usually the one deliveing messages, this was very useful, "Alright, let's do this." He kicked up the stand and revved the gas, raising the front wheel and speeding off in a wheelie a few feet before landing back down and racing through the rubble.

1/8/2011 #19
Zac and Artemis

(Ehhhhh...let's just call that a given...cuz I forgot too...)

1/8/2011 #20
The Grim Reader
"Yeah." Bert said as he kick started his motocyle and revved it up. He put his foot to the gass and went off like a rocket into the night. His motorcycle was fitted with a metal plate welded to the bottom and such so that sand wouldn't get directly in the engine of his motorcycle. The wind flowed past them as he easily pushed his bike 70+ miles per hour in just a few short minutes. However, he was always behind Rift, since he knew where the Merc was.
1/8/2011 #21
The Grim Reader
(Should I worry about the kickstand? I guess I could not have one, he could lean it against a building...)
1/8/2011 #22
Zac and Artemis

Rift drifted around corners and zigg-zagged around rubble. He once had to ramp over some rubble to get through due to a large mound of broken building in the way. Although he preffered running over biking, he still loved the air rushing by him and through his fur. After about thirty minutes, he recognized the are and raised a hand for Bert to slow down. he lead Bert down a small ally and parked. He attatched a little surprise he kept from Brown's stash of gadgets that rigged the bike to explode if anyone tried to steal it...after a warning, of course. He didn't just want it to explode, "Alright, she should be around here somewhere...we gatta find her though..."

1/8/2011 #23
The Grim Reader
"Understood. Geez, I hope you don;t have to resort to that. I've got the names of my old gang on the tank. It holds a lot of sentimental value. But, yeah, if it came down to it, we could build another bike. Let's go." Bert said, as his bike's suspension came in handy for once. Bert began searching alleyways, and other such places, still carrying his shotgun by his side just i case anything went down. (Forgot to mention, he goes everywhere with it....even to the bathroom.)
1/8/2011 #24
Zac and Artemis

Rift decided to take on a higher road and scaled the ruins of the city buildings, hoping to spot her from above, "Just shout if you need help!" he called down once to the top. From there on he jumped from roof to roof or rubble to rubble, keeping an eye out for movement.


While Bert was staring down an ally, something shifted in the shadows at the end of the ally, then dashed around the corner.

1/8/2011 #25
The Grim Reader
Bert heard a noise, and pointed the twelve guage shotgun at where the sound came from. Surprisingly there was no one there. "Must be a rat or somethin." Bert replied as he kept looking, not knowing where a Merc could possibly hide.
1/8/2011 #26
Zac and Artemis

The same person that spooked Bert earlier was now watching him from above, crouched in a stalking position with a devilish grin andher tail swaying slowly. she watched him like a hawk watches it's next prey...except a lot closer.


Meanwhile, Rift had given up on looking from above and started hi way back to Bert, cursing himself for bringing them on this apparent wild goose chase, "Damn...I was actually looking foreward to seeing this Merc, since it was rumored that she seemed to leave similar trails as the Devil's Hands used to.

1/8/2011 #27
The Grim Reader
"Crap. No sign of this Merc anyway. To think we was going to build A CUSTOM BIKE for her." Bert replied, hoping this would draw the Merc's attention. It was a long shot, and he probably gave their position away. He hardly cared at the moment.
1/8/2011 #28
Zac and Artemis

The Merc from above put a claw to her chin and thought for a bit, 'Hmm...i could use one of those...and I don't think The Healed have the audacity to build me one of those!' The Merc shrugged to herself before drpping down and landing on Bert, knocking his gun away and pinning him to the ground by sitting on his chest and holding his wrists down, "Your offer, again?"

1/8/2011 #29
The Grim Reader
Bert struggled. "Who are you?! Are you the Merc we're lookin for? The offer stands at one fully customized bike. Any specs, any standard, any part or type of modification you want for a bike, it's yours. We'll customize a bike for ya. That's the offer." Bert said, as he continued strugglin, although he knew it was pointless. "Could ya get off me now?" Bert asked.
1/8/2011 #30
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