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Zac and Artemis

Don't really have an opinion on who should decide the fate of the World? Is all you're interested in money and excitement? Well then, go out on your own and take jobs from anyone willing to out pay the other! who cares about loyalties, all you need are ROYALTIES! be warned, you could make some unwanted enemies, but it comes with the job, s who cares? remember, you will only work for the same person twice, if they pay you twice! THIS IS THE LIFE OF A MERC!

1/8/2011 #1
Zac and Artemis


Black Wolf. Wanders aimlessly until hired for a job. Somewhat bipolar and CAN be very aggressive, yet also very caring. Amazing sense of smell and hearing.

1/8/2011 #2
The Grim Reader
Lol, I already accepted her.
1/8/2011 #3
The Grim Reader
Name: Moses------------Species: Black Wolf.---------Powers: Super strength, has very little else going for him. Other than maybe his pistols.-----------Bio: The right hand of Artemis, and was the younger Brother of Aaron until that day. Now he has no brother, and tries to fufill Aaron's dying wish of making sure Artemis is happy.-----------Appearance: He usually wheres a black commando style vest, and a belt to hold his two pistols. Has brown eyes, and is rather muscular. About 5'9 in heigth. Wants to kill Bert for killing his brother, even though the person responsible died that day.
1/11/2011 #4
Zac and Artemis
Cool, accepted, but put him in Character Registration as well, please.
1/11/2011 #5
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