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PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior


3/25/2011 #91
Lady Waterfall
I have two ocs here the first Name: Christina Flavershim Nicknames: Chris and Chrissy Age: 13 Apperance: She's chesnut colored w/brown eyes and wears dresses w/boots. Bio: She was born in America but her parents divorced when she was 5 and she and her dad moved to England where she found out she an uncle and cousin and found out about her scottish hertiage. Family: Burt Flavershim (dad), Ana Flavershim (mom), Harim Flavershim (uncle), and Olivia Flavershim (cousin) Crushes: none Secrets: She loves soccer. I'll post the other oc later.
3/29/2011 #92
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Accepted! ^^

3/30/2011 #93
Lady Waterfall

Thank you :3

3/30/2011 #94
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Name (Last name too please!): Priscilla Thomas

Age: 15

description: Bright white fur, with brown apricot eyes, a purple dress, and a red bow in her hair.

History: Priscilla's father left her and her mother before she was born, and Priscilla's mother died giving birth to her. Priscilla lives in a foster home, but even though she is a bit happy in there, she is very sad in her heart. Priscilla was born with a disease that affects her learning, so she is unable to learn easily. Plus, she is unable to speak and has to use sign language to talk. Priscilla is very kind and generous. Priscilla has heard of Basil once, and she hopes to meet him, as she thinks of him as a role model for him.

crushes: none

Family: Rubert Thomas (Father. Unknown location), Hannah Patrick (Mother. Deacesed)

3/30/2011 #95
Lady Waterfall
Here is my other oc Name: Lucy O'Hara Age: 13 Apperance: Chocolate brown and blue eyes. Attire: A different colored shirt and a skirt w/lace up boots. With a headband. Bio: Lucy was born in Ireland and her family moved to London when she was only 2. She became fast friends w/Christina when they met in school. She is often made fun of due to her irish accent. Family: Scott O'Hara (dad), Irene O'Hara (mom), Colleen O'Hara (older sister), and Jake O'Hara (younger brother). Crushes: none Secret: She has a thing for soccer like Christina.
3/30/2011 #96
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

ACCEPTED!!!!!!! 8D

3/30/2011 #97

Name:Tim Kinshang


Description:A brown furred male with filed down nails (on both hands and feet), a handsome face, and coal black eyes that betray nothing. His clothes are based off of the famous Sherlock Holmes ensemble, but with his own personality added in: he doesn't smoke, can't stand the hat (since it makes his messy hair itch), and usually wears a white dress with the sleeves pulled up (unless the weather calls for them to be down.) The trench coat is reserved for any outings in bad weather.

History:In his youth, Tim read all of the many escapades of Sherlock Holmes and came to think of his as a role model. To that end, he spent his time experimenting and quietly observing the world around him. One day, he came back home from school to find that his family (with the exception of his sister) had died in what was to be called a freak accident. Even though it was obvious to Tim that it was a murder, he knew he would be unable to find support. So to emulate his hero, Tim set out to find the true cause of his family's death. He has found many well known detectives but none have been able to help.

Crushes:None, as of now.

Family:Doug Kinshang, father (deceased), Martha Kinshang, mother (deceased), Gerrard Kinshang, brother (deceased), and Gweneth Kinshang, sister (whereabouts unknown).


Name:Susan Dawn


Description:A white female mouse with the most beautiful, glossy fur and lovely, blue eyes. Her good looks and exceptional singing voice have been known to get her into trouble.

History:As a child, Susan's good-for-nothing father left her and her sickly mother, leaving her as the bread maker. She took up a job at the pub where Basil the Great searched for Ratigan, after the last singer married and left. Susan hates the job but she needs the money desperately to save her mother. She is a no nonsense type of person and can easily pick out the slightest mistake in any plan.


Family:Father (unknown), Trisha Susan, mother (extremely ill).

Oh, and, what topic should I start in?

5/4/2011 . Edited 5/7/2011 #98
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

ACCEPTED!!! And you can choose any

5/7/2011 #99
Tora Brambles

May I join?

Full Name: Mana Mouskin aka the Ghost

Age: 21

Heritage: Indian (she's a flat-haired mouse, who are native to India)

Nationality: Indian

Current Home: London, England

Family: the Mouskins

Mother: Chantel Mouskin

Father: Aamond Mouskin

Siblings: Ramen Mouskin

Husband/Wife: None

Children: None

Appearance: Black hair and fur with a pale gray patch of fur on her chest. The tip of her tail is missing. Her hair is long and normally pulled back in a plate, decorated with a glass orchid ornament at the end. The hair ornament makes her stand out because it is a very bright red. Mana's eyes are a warm brown. She'll normally wear a dark red dress with a black coat over it.

Personality: Mana keeps up appearances, charming and proper when in company, but she is really very cunning and makes a profession of thieving.

History/Past: Mana grew up in India and began stealing as a child in order to get enough food for her family. However, she became addicted to it and started stealing for fun instead of stealing for survival. Heat from Indian authorities forced her to flee the country and now she's turned her attention to England.

Job/Skills: Typist by day thief by night, an highly skilled dancer.

Crush: Basil.... (she's interested by him and feels like he'll be the only one able to 'chase' her properly)

(I'd like to see her go toe to toe with Basil! XD)

5/15/2011 #100
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Haha, lol. But sadly honey, Basil is taken by Cameron...sorry

But otherwise, she's accepted ^^

5/16/2011 . Edited 5/16/2011 #101
Can I join?
11/7/2012 #102
Can I join?
11/7/2012 #103
Name: Luna Vampyrum ---- Age: 19 (going on 20) ---- Species: Half Vampyrum/Half Flying Fox Bat ---- Description: Has a long dark red hair in braided, bright dark orange mane, dark navy blue fur. She wears a thick sleeveless dark red sweeter with a scarf to match, her eye color is orange yellow. Black pants and doesn't wear any shoes. (Because of thous long razor/dagger like toes they help her to grip on to everything and her claws on her wings are the same thing.) ----History: Luna was an infant her parents died, she was raised by a mouse at the orphanage and took care of Luna, at age 8 Luna ran away from her adopted family that abused her till Luna killed them when she snapped, horrified Luna flown away and hop on one of the boats that was ready to ship off to London. Over the years Luna had managed to survived while living on the street and stay out of trouble and help some other peop- uh mouse and others and she's afraid of Ratigan even thou she's freakishly taller than him and stronger than him. ---- Personality: Kind, careful, shy, short tempered when angered, likes/loves to sing when ever she feels like it, likes meeting new people and make new friends. ---- Crush: Fidget ---- Family: Mother (dead), Father (dead)
11/7/2012 #104
I forgot to put another thing about her! Luna doesn't have a spike nose like the Vampyrum does but does have thous huge ears to help her hear better.
11/8/2012 #105

may I join?

Name (Last name too please!): Elizabeth Flaversham

Age: 18

description: dark brown fur, big brown eyes, very lady like but can be feisty at times, usually wears a violet pink dress with a red cloak and brown heels, puts long hair in high ponytail

History: Olivia Flaversham's older sister, once Olivia and her father Hiram returned after the kidnaping case, Elizabeth heard stories of Basil of Baker Street from Olivia and decides to join Basil on his investgations as his second assistant along with Dr. Dawson. (more soon to be told)

crushes: None as of yet

Family: Hiram Flaversham (father) and Olivia Flaversham (sister)

9/21/2013 #106

Name (Last name too please!): Lucy winters

Age: 19

description: She is a whitish grey mouse with mouse ears and tail which are a little bigger she is very quiet happy and cute but she can also be haunted angry and upset. She wears a orange dress with a little green flower on the top of the collar and pink flat shoes she also has blonde hair and green eyes and the top half of her face is a peachy skin colour.

History: she used to live in her mothers and fathers house when they was alive she was only 11 years old and she saw them get killed and some nights she has nightmares and wakes up every time she hears a big noise she could stay in her house anymore with no money she took mermoies of her parents and went and packs her bags and goes outside on the street.

crushes: none yet

Family: mother Jane and father Jonathan but they was murdered.

sorry this is sad this was the story I came up for her.

9/30/2015 #107
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