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PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Kenzie ran off.

2/26/2011 #781

Gwen snickered.

"Kenzie, wait up!" Chirsty called. she and Derik ran after her.

"one of us should go with them" Cameron said.

2/26/2011 #782
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Derik snickered.

2/26/2011 #783

Gwen sighed. "i'll go" she said, running after the kids.

2/26/2011 #784
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

The kids entered a rollercoaster

2/26/2011 #785

Gwen smiled. "they have good taste!"


Cam sighed. she glanced over at Celene, Basil, and Glader.


2/26/2011 #786
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Glader's ears drooped.


Kenzie grinned.

2/26/2011 #787

Celene sighed.


the roller coaster started off.

"this is going to be GREAT!" Derik said, grinning.

2/26/2011 #788
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Cameron sighed, "Look..."

"Yes?" Gordon asked.


"HECK YEAh!!" Kenzie said.

2/26/2011 #789

"i'm sorry about all this" Cameron said.


Gwen laughed.

the coaster slowly went to the very top of the ride, hovering over the drop.

2/26/2011 #790
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

"So am I" Gordon said.

Celene frowned.


Derik went O.O

2/26/2011 #791

Cameron sighed. "so... let's all forget about it"


the coaster swooped down.

2/26/2011 #792
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior


2/26/2011 #793

Celene nodded.


Gwen laughed. "THIS IS AWESOME!"

2/26/2011 #794
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Basil sighed.


Kenzie smiled.

2/26/2011 #795

"uh... i'm goign to go get some food" Celene said.

Cam nodded. "ok"


a few minutes later, the ride was over.

they were all trembling and could barely walk.

"WHOOT!!" Derik shouted.

2/26/2011 #796
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

The twins, Kenzie and Gwen walked back to them.

2/26/2011 #797

Cameron smiled. "you guys have fun?"

"yeah!" Gwen said, laughing.

2/26/2011 #798
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(Sorry if I haven't replied in a while. The computer went slow XP)

"HECK YEAH!" Kenzie said.

2/26/2011 #799

(it's ok, computers can be suhc stupidheads!! XD)

"good" Glader said.

"now what ride do you want to go on?" Derik asked.

2/26/2011 #800
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(I'm SOOO excited! My mom said today she'll probably take me to hastings and I'll see if they have the Sherlock Holmes movie! EEEP!! XDDD)

Kenzie shrugged.

2/26/2011 #801

(awesome!! XD)

"well... how about we go look at the games?" Cameron suggested.

2/26/2011 #802
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(SHERLOOOCKKK HOOOLLLLMMMMEEESSSSSSSSS!!!! XD Kota: O_O What the crap is wrong with you!?)

"WHOO!" Kenzie said.

After about...2 hours of amusement.

Kenzie had knocked out on a bench.

2/26/2011 #803


Celene sighed to herself she sat away from everyone feeling down she walked away till she was just at the enterance she became her dragon form and flew into the clouds before crying

Galder had dosed off snoring softly

2/26/2011 #804

(hi!! XD)

Cam looked around. "where's Celene?"

Gwen giggled, smilign at Galder.

2/26/2011 #805

(hey )

Celene sat on a cloud whimpering with sadness

Galder muttered in his sleep

2/26/2011 #806


Gwen shrugged. "i don't know. i'm sure she's fine"

Cameron giggeld at Galder. "i wonder what he's dreaming about?"

2/26/2011 #807

He started cycling on his back and flapping his arms

Celene sighed and started to sing

(guess where this song is from and I'll give you a cookie)

I don't wanna talk About the things we've gone through Though it's hurting me Now it's history I've played all my cards And that's what you've done too Nothing more to say No more ace to play The winner takes it all The loser standing small Beside the victory That's her destiny I was in your arms Thinking I belonged there I figured it made sense Building me a fence Building me a home Thinking I'd be strong there But I was a fool Playing by the rules The gods may throw a dice Their minds as cold as ice And someone way down here Loses someone dear The winner takes it all The loser has to fall It's simple and it's plain Why should I complain. But tell me does she kiss Like I used to kiss you? Does it feel the same When she calls your name? Somewhere deep inside You must know I miss you But what can I say Rules must be obeyed The judges will decide The likes of me abide Spectators of the show Always staying low The game is on again A lover or a friend A big thing or a small The winner takes it all I don't wanna talk If it makes you feel sad And I understand You've come to shake my hand I apologize If it makes you feel bad Seeing me so tense No self-confidence But you see The winner takes it all The winner takes it all......

2/26/2011 #808

(MAMMA MIA!! XD i actually didn't like that movie very mcuh)

Cameron giggled.

Gwen's ears twitched. "who's singing?"

2/26/2011 #809

(I was Donna when my school did the musical I loved it I got to kiss my crush XD)

Celene sighed looking at Basil one last time and letting a tear fall down her cheek before flying off crying heavily knowing she could never be with Basil even if she loved him

(aww poor Celene)

2/26/2011 #810
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