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YAY! A GMD Roleplay! YAY! Canon and OC's are playable! Have a fun mystery!
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PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Cameron swallowed.

7/9/2011 #1,321

As Tim carefully crept towards the noise, Susan staying behind with the others, he wondered if he'd be able to capture this theif.

When Tim finally found the criminal, he finally got a full look.

The robber was dressed in some sort of black bodysuit and was holding a ton of stolen items.

"Stop right there." Tim said, grabbing for his custom made pepper spray.

But before he could do anything, the thief had backflipped out of a window and run off with the goods.

Tim ran up to said window and saw the black clad thief running on rooftops.

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/10/2011 #1,322
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Mackenzie blinked, "Yeesh he's fast!"

9/10/2011 #1,323

(dude, i totally forgot what was going on XD)

9/10/2011 #1,324
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(LOL They're at the new OC's house, and there was someone upstairs, but before Tim could get him, the guy ran off xD)

9/10/2011 #1,325

Hey, can you delete that post above mine? It's from an old profile I used to use and was just checking out for sentimental reasons, I just forget to logout of it. And sorry about the long absence, my email somehow blocked any messages from fanfiction.

Tim cupped his chin in his palm, the other hand holding up his elbow as he thought. "Well that's certainly a stealthy fellow... Well, nothing we can do now, let's get back to lunch!" he began to make his way back to the dining room.

Susan seemed quite put off by Tim's decision. "What in blazes! Shouldn't we be doing something about that?"

"What can we do? The guy's gotten away and we can't follow him or anything. It won't hurt to eat before doing anything else." Tim reasoned, taking a seat once more.

10/8/2011 . Edited 10/8/2011 #1,326
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(It's alright ^_^ And sure, I'll delete it)

Mackenzie sighed, "I've seen a guy talk to himself before....oh wait, that was Derik."

10/20/2011 #1,327

"Who's Derik?" Tim asked.

10/21/2011 #1,328
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

"He's my friend," Mackenzie said.

10/21/2011 #1,329

Tim began eating the food set out in fron on him. "Okay."

10/21/2011 #1,330
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(WOW. I kind of miss this RP...xD I just got back into liking GMD last night..)

Mackenzie nodded. " long have you guys been here in London?" she asked, forgetting if she asked the question before.

4/8/2012 #1,331

"I've been here my whole life." Susan began, before her tone took on a more bitter note. "My father left us a while ago. I've been taking any job I can get since my mum is, as you already know, sick." With a heavy sigh, the young lowered her head. "And know someone kidnapped her."

Tim started his tale with a more upbeat tone. "I've only been here about six months, as no detectives I find can help me. Though recently, a lot of crimes have been happening around me. It's definitely... suspect."

4/8/2012 #1,332
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Mackenzie frowned at Susan. "I'm sorry to hear that..." she said. "I know what its like to miss your mom..." she felt her heart sink at the memory of her mom.

4/9/2012 #1,333
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