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PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Ratigan fires Fidget after yet another failed plan to take over England. So, with Fidget forever banned from Ratigans, can he still be trusted? ESPECIALLY when Mackenzie befriends him?

LOL I got this idea this morning.


"FIDGET!!" Ratigan shouted, "YOUR FIRED!" Fidget went O.o, "WHA?!??!"


1/23/2011 . Edited 1/23/2011 #1

(i LOLd when Ratigan said, "get your butt out of my sight!" XDD)

Fidget went O.O "but... but..."

"NOW!" Ratigan roared.

Fidget got the heck out of there. he hobbled along, ears drooping a little.

1/23/2011 #2
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(LOL IKR!? Poor Fidget :( )

Meanwhile on Baker street, it was a really hot day.

The twins and Mackenzie were staring at a fish tank with fish swimming calmly inside.

"These fish mock me" Derik said.

1/25/2011 #3

(May I join peeze? ^^ I have an OC of my own, a girl bat named Violet. She LOOKS cute, but she could kick your bootay in about three minutes flat. I based her off of Katherine from The Taming Of The Shrew.)

1/25/2011 #4

Mackenzie giggled. "why do you say that Derik?"

Cameron walked over by them. "hey kids"

(Cam can be in here, right? XD)

1/26/2011 #5
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(Sure to both!!!)

"Hey Cam' said the kids, still staring at the tank.

"How DARE they swim while we die of heat" said Christy.

"I'm gonna dunk my head in it" said Derik. "DON'T!" said Christy. "No, its his choice" said Mackenzie.

Derik stuffed his head into the tank. "Uggh" said Christy, "I'm gonna go look out the window!" she went to the window.

Mackenzie sighed boredly, and went to a chair and sat down, "Ugh... SO! What do you see out the majestical window?!"

"I see NOTHING! I only see Fidget, but I think I'm hallucinating"

1/26/2011 . Edited 1/26/2011 #6

(X3 Thank you!)

Somewhere on the dark side of town, a little brown-furred bat waltzed through the doors of the Rat Trap, causing people to stir. She had long red hair, blue eyes and a horrible disposition that nobody could tame. Her name was Violet.

1/26/2011 #7
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Everyone raised their eyebrows.


Mackenzie went O.O, "FIDGET?!?"

1/26/2011 #8

The batgirl spat in a cup. "What the bloody 'eck a' you lookin' at?"

1/26/2011 #9
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

The mice turned away

1/26/2011 #10


Cameron frowned. "are you all right?"she asked the batgirl.

1/26/2011 #11

Violet just glared. "I ain't un'appy if 'at's what ye mean."

1/27/2011 #12
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Cameron sighed.


Mackenzie ran to the window, "If your hallucinating, then I am too!"

1/27/2011 #13

The batgirl stared at her, deathly unafraid of anything. "D'you know've any positions openin' up fer a pickpocket or somfin' like 'at? It seem t' me that they ain't any security in the thievin' business anymore."

1/27/2011 #14
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(Hey, GYU!!! DO you think you can post on Luvs RP?)

Cameron blinked.

1/27/2011 #15

(Sure! And you can call me Beezy, by the way. ^^)

"I'm lookin' fer a way te make a dishonest livin', because just men ain't crooks. Some a' us women-folks is, too."

1/27/2011 #16
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(KK! and sure! BWT do you think you can play Basil while Freddy's offline?)

Cameron nodded.

1/27/2011 #17

(Sure! ^^ Just tell me where to pop up. :D)

The batgirl smiled, revealing an adorable set of fangs. "Now where might vis be then?"

1/27/2011 #18
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

(KK! Well, just a heads up, its a really hot day, and Ratigan just fired Fidget, and Christy says she thinks she's hallucinating because she can see Fidget on Baker street)

1/27/2011 #19

(X3 Got it!)

Basil stepped out into the hot day, wondering what all of the commotion was. "Yes, yes? What's all this then?"

1/27/2011 #20
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

"FIDGET! YOUR GONNA GET IT!" shouted Mackenzie, running by her Uncle.

Fidget shot around to see the young mouse running after her, "AUGH!" he yelped.

Mackenzie tackled him, "WHAT are you doing here?!?!?!?" she demanded.

1/27/2011 #21

Basil jumped back. "Dear God! What is that...fiend doing here?!"

1/27/2011 #22
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

"Let go of me! LEt go of me!!!" Fidget snapped.

"NYEH!" Mackenzie glared, "Fidget, I am on the URGE of killing you!"

1/27/2011 #23

Basil pried her off of the broken bat and stared him dangerously in the eyes. "What. Are. YOU. Doing. Here?!"


"So where's 'e position?", Violet asked, flipping her hair.

1/27/2011 #24
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

Fidget seemed to tremble in fear, "Boss..boss.."

Mackenzie grabbed Fidget by the shoulders and said slowly and darkly, "look me straight in the eyes.."


"NOW!!!" Fidget obeyed her. The two seemed to stare at eachother. Suddenly, Fidget had the feeling that all worry had gone from the world, and all his problems seemed to vanish.

"Now...why are you here?" Mackenzie sighed. "My boss fired me" Fidget said.

Mackenzie let go of him.


Cameron thought.

1/27/2011 #25

Basil glared at him. "Fired you? Why? Or are you lying?"


Violet waited patiently.

1/27/2011 #26
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

"He ain't lying" Mackenzie said, calmly.


".....I think I know a place" said cam.

1/27/2011 #27

Basil frowned, looking semi-sympathetically at the bat. "What will you do now?"


Violet grinned again. "Can y'show me?"

1/27/2011 #28
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

The bat sighed.

Mackenzie seemed to be in thought.

1/27/2011 #29

Fidget shrugged.


Cameron nodded.

1/27/2011 #30
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