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This is based on a book. Forgive me if you think it's a bit creepy, but...


Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is about a British professor in 1957 who moves to America and falls in love with a girl. The problem? She's a teenager! :O LE GASP!!!!

Lolita, also known as Dolores Haze, is the daughter of his new landlady, whom Professor Humbert marries in order to stay near Lolita. When Dolores' mother dies, Humbert and Lolita go on a cross-country adventure full of twists, turns, secrets, lies and proof that love is blind.

3/12/2011 #1

whoa dude, sounds SWEET!! XD

3/12/2011 #2

^^ Thank you!


3/12/2011 #3

^^ i love the dark stuff!! and for some reason i always like older guy/younger girl pairings XD

3/12/2011 #4

Yay! ^^ X3 Actually, so do I! Y'know, you remind me a lot of my friend Becky. It's kinda cool! X3

3/12/2011 #5

^^ awesome! you and Sara sort of remind me of my friend Hannah X3

3/12/2011 #6

Thank you! X3 That's a good thing, I hope!

Do you want me to start?

3/12/2011 #7

X3 oh yeah, that's a great thing! Hannah's just as crazy as we are ^^

yes please, i always hate starting cause i'm never sure what to type

3/12/2011 #8

Thank you! ^^

The sign on the front door read Room For Rent: All Offers Welcome.

"Well", the Professor sighed to himself, "this looks as good a place as any. I might as well..." There was a hint of bitterness in the back of his mind. I USED to live in absolute luxury, he thought. But because of that stupid detective, I'm forced to spend the last of my days hiding in a foreign country, renting rooms from desperate war-torn families!

It was the summer of 1921 in Grier, South Carolina, and our border seemed very ill-spirited at the moment as he knocked at the door, until...

"Hello? Are you here about the room for rent?" A very pretty young girl had answered the door. She couldn't be any older than 14, but she batted her lashes and grinned like a woman. "My mom's at the grocery store right now, but you can come in and wait."

3/12/2011 #9

no prob ^^

the professor blinked and nodded quickly. "oh yes, uh" he cleared his throat. "that would be fine"

3/12/2011 #10

She smiled. "Come on in, then." The girl led him inside, a spring in her step as she did. "My name's Dolores, but everyone calls me Lo. Who're you?"

Dolores behaved as if she was with a schoolmate instead of an elder. It was quite odd for girls to behave that way, but it seemed to be in her nature.

3/12/2011 #11

(is the professor supposed to be Ratigan?)

3/12/2011 #12

(Yep! ^^ Is that okay?)

3/12/2011 #13

(oh yes, i just wanted to be sure ^^)

"i am Professor Ratigan" (i forget his first name)

3/12/2011 #14

(^^ Thank you! :) I can be Basil and/or Doran if you want.)

Dolores smiled. "Cool! So you're like, a teacher?"

The sound of a door clicking interrupted them. "Dolores? Dolores!"

Lo sighed. "I am in here, Mother!"

A woman who looked like an older, unhappier version of Dolores scowled. "Dolores Rayne Brisben! WHAT have I told you about inviting strangers into the house? I am sorry if my daughter has caused you any distress, Mister...?"

3/12/2011 #15

(^^ no problem! and KK, that's fine. can Gwen and Cam be in here too please?)

"Ratigan, Professor Ratigan" Ratigan said. "and no no, there's been no harm done"

3/12/2011 #16

(Sure! :D)

The woman smiled. "Ratigan, Ratigan...What an interesting and unusual name! I am Charlotte Brisben, Dolores' mother. Are you, perhaps, here about the room available?"

3/12/2011 #17

(YAY! thankies :D)

Ratigan nodded. "yes madam, that's exactly why i'm here"

3/12/2011 #18

Charlotte batted her eyes, failing where her daughter could do it expertly. "It is yours if you want it. Just have Dolores take your things upstairs, while I get the paperwork."

3/12/2011 #19

Ratigan nodded. "of course ma'am" he picked up one of his suitcases while Dolores took another.

3/12/2011 #20

Charlotte hummed as she walked away.

Dolores groaned. "I'm sorry about her. Mother is awful, isn't she?"

3/12/2011 #21

Ratigan glanced toward her. "hmm, she certainly is... different"

3/12/2011 #22

"My father died when I was two, because he pushed me out of the way of a horse carriage, so now she blames ME for it. She's awful, Professor!" Dolores sighed and set down his suitcase on a bed in a nicely-furnished room. "My room's next door if you need anything...Or if you just want to talk."

3/12/2011 #23

Ratigan nodded. "yes, well... thank you my dear"

3/12/2011 #24

Lo nodded, blushing. Charlotte burst into the room. "Hello! Jut sign here, here, and here, Professor, and you'll have yourself a room!"

3/12/2011 #25

Ratigan went O.O, surprised by the woman's enthusiasm. "uh, yes, thank you my dear" he took a pen and signed his name.

3/12/2011 #26

Charlotte giggled, sounding like linoleum chipping off of the floor.

Lo rolled her eyes. Charlotte coughed. "Dolores, you can go for now. We have grown-up things to talk about."

Dolly whined, "Mother! I am old enough to be around when you talk to people!"

"NOW, Dolores! March!"

Lo sighed. "Goodbye, Professor."

3/12/2011 #27

Ratigan blinked. "goodbye"

3/12/2011 #28

Lo waved before waltzing slowly to her room and reading a comic book.

Charlotte looked like she swallowed a lemon. "I apologize for her...Now! If you care to read over these comic books, I'll fetch you some coffee. How do you like it?"

3/12/2011 #29

Ratigan smiled slightly. "that would be fine"

3/12/2011 #30
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