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MODERNIZED: (As in, taking place right now. ^-^)

When a new girls with a dark past moves to London Square and befriends our girls, mysterious and terrible things begin to happen. Is she...Could she be...

...A witch?

4/20/2011 #1
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior

GASP! epic!

4/20/2011 #2

:D YEAH!!!!

XD The twist is; there's two of her. She has an identical twin who's a bad witch, while she is a good witch. A Wiccan and a practicer of dark magic.

4/20/2011 #3

what is it about you two and witches? i'm not being mean, but what's the fascination?

just curious ^^ ♥

4/20/2011 #4

Honestly, it's the fact that you have unlimited power. Whether you use it for good or evil is up to you, and I would choose good, but it's pretty sweet.

4/21/2011 #5

oh. i guess that would be cool ^_^

4/21/2011 #6
PerryRocks- Wolf Warrior


4/21/2011 #7
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