Morganian Sorcerers
To all those Horvath fans, you can come and visit here and start topics concerning The Villain s of the movie, but you should mind the warning first: "Approach with caution in entering the realm of the Morganians, if you dare..."
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This is where you introduce yourself. The format is:

Pen name:

Favorite spell in the movie:

Favorite scene in the movie:

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Pen name: sankage

Fave spell: the transformation spell

Fave scene: the first fight scene of the movie and the bathroom scene

1/10/2011 #1


Pen Name: skarletfyre

Favorite spell in the movie: whatever the thingy was that had Horvath's hand on fire.

Favorite scene in the movie: opening fight and when Horvath does the memory spell

1/11/2011 #2

Pen name: Jaselin

Favorite spell in movie: That part where Horvath makes the woman look like Veronica and it confuses Balthazar. Always thought that was very subtly awesome. That and the way they can transform the cars, cause I wish I could do that with my watercolour brushes. :)

Favorite Scene: the part before the fight in the Arcana Cabana when Balthazar shows Dave the ring and all that. Also when Balthazar is cleaning the lab after the mop incident, because I like the imagery, even though it's simple, as well as the way he says hello. (I'm a bit weird. . .)

1/25/2011 #3

Welcome Jaselin... Haven't, met?

1/25/2011 #4

How do you mean? (terrible memory me.)

1/26/2011 #5

Hmmm... Quick question, might be slightly creepy, are you *Phantom-Jaselin from deviantART? Either way, welcome to the forum! It was getting a little boring with only two people contributing XD

1/26/2011 #6

Yeah thats me, and no it isn't creepy at all. I use Jaselin as my Pen-Name everywhere.

I can imagine it could get a little dull with only two members, though I'm not sure how to enter into any of the conversations, feels like I'm interrupting some how. :D

1/26/2011 #7

No, not interrupting anything.

Ah, so we all have accounts on deviantart, eh?

BTW, my dear's, let us continue this discussion under the General category...

1/26/2011 #8
The Curious Kills

Pen name: NyalaNecheyev

Favorite spell in the movie: Mirror Trap

Favorite scene in the movie: The Balthazar fight scenes

2/6/2011 #9
Welcome to our little group, Nyala. You don't mind me calling you Nyala, do you? Welcome, welcome.
2/6/2011 #10
The Curious Kills

LOL Thanks! Nyala's fine :) Other names I've been called are Nya, Emi, and That Crazy Roleplayer Girl.

2/6/2011 #11
Jessie May Stone

Pen name: Cornelia May

Favorite spell in the movie: Persian Quick Rug

Favorite scene in the movie: The bathroom and mop scene

8/14/2012 #12

Pen name: Aurorasilverthorne

Fave Spell: I'm torn between the Hungarian Mirror Trap and the Persian Quicksand Rug. Maxim's fire spell was awesome too though...

Fave Scene: The prologue when Maxim stepped in to free Morgana and she praised him after slaying Merlin.

11/15/2017 #13
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