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To all those Horvath fans, you can come and visit here and start topics concerning The Villain s of the movie, but you should mind the warning first: "Approach with caution in entering the realm of the Morganians, if you dare..."
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Talk anything about Horvath here. Anything at all... So long as you keep the language at least applicable for teens. Forum rules and all that. hehehe

1/10/2011 #1

Oh come, come, someone at least had to reply on this thread, pleeeeeease...


Anyway, you can also post here about all those fanfics concerning, or at least having Horvath in it.

1/12/2011 #2

It's a little bit sad that sankage and i are the only people posting (or possibly reading) anything in this forum... You guys are laaaaame....

But anyways. I had an ideaaaa.... Even though I sort of promised myself I wouldn't do it, I'm thinking about writing a sequel to the sequel of my first Sorcerer's Apprentice fic 'The Other Apprentice.' Do you think I should do it? It'd be set only a few years after the last one, and just show how their lives have progressed and how they've grown up and stuff, and then of course throw in some involvement with Morgana and the mysterious Morganian Council I wrote about in 'Revenge Is Complicated.' If you (or anyone) has a suggestion or two, I'd love to hear it :)

1/15/2011 #3

Well, after the last story, 'Revenge is Complicated', of course I assumed that after that Horvath had aged normally. So I'd love for you to write how he had aged at all...You think you can do that?

1/16/2011 #4

Ah, but has he aged? Hehe, I suppose that'll be of the big things in the story, which I've already decided to write :)

1/16/2011 #5

You reeeally have a knack to get me sooooo interested in your story when it's not even published yet...

1/17/2011 #6

Hehe, think of it as taking precautionary measures to ensure that at least one person is going to lay eyes on whatever I've spent the last few weeks of my life creating XD

By the way, how are your fics coming along? I read (and maybe reviewed, I can't remember) the latest chapter of 27 Things :)

1/17/2011 #7

The fics are getting along fine, but I had to tell you that I've given up on the idea of making a sequel to my "The Morganian Leader" fic. It's just that, each time I turn it over my head, whether upside down or inside out, I can't make anything out of it... *groan*

1/20/2011 #8

Aw, that sucks I'm sorry. Oh well, you've already got a bunch of greats fics under your belt so don't worry about that :)

I'm having a bit of trouble with my new fic, too, the one that's supposed to make it a trilogy. Too much school stuff, too little time, and waaaay too many plot devices. I might have to make it into a 'quadrilogy' just to cram everything in :P

1/21/2011 #9

Really? You think my other fics are great enough?? :)

1/22/2011 #10

Of course! I've started reading your newest story and while I admit to not being much of a Batman aficionado, I like the writing style :)

1/24/2011 #11

Reeeeeeally? You've read it? Oh, frabjous day! *ahem* Sorry 'bout that, I got the Mad Hatter in my head for a few weeks now since I've started the new fic.

Um...this subject is really getting out of thread, I suggest we talk more on some of our fics that doesn't concern Horvath under the General thread.

How is the part 3 to your Teagan SA fic going???

1/24/2011 #12

Oh, right. Hehe, sorry :)

The Tegan fic is going okay-ish I suppose. I'm only on chapter two, but I've mapped out a whole bunch of plot twists in my head. There's going to be a revisiting character from the last part that causes some drama, and we'll definitely be hearing from Morgana. Now all I have to do is write the dang thing out. But I can tell you now there's gonna be some major conflict between Horvath and Tegan. :P

1/25/2011 #13

Conflict??? What kind of sorts???

1/25/2011 #14

Hehehe, you might just have to wait and see.... But I'll be nice and give you a hint to speculate on. There's a new guy in town, and this one is a loooot nicer than Ian Lewis was. We'll see where it goes from there ;D

1/26/2011 #15

And what of Evelyn?? Their daughter? All grown up, I suppose?

1/26/2011 #16

Well, it's only set like three or four years after the end of "Revenge Is Complicated," so she's only around 11 or 12, but she's even feistier XD She's also a little bit more mature than everyone else her age, so she's getting into that teenage angst just a little bit earlier than all the other kids. :)

1/26/2011 #17

I like how you wrote Evelyn.

1/26/2011 #18

Hey, Just thought I'd bring up something no one else ever thinks about. What do you think Horvath did during those thousand years? Did he have any "intimate" relationships? What kind of schemes and the like did he do in his free time?

1/27/2011 #19

I'd say he'd been thinking of how to bring Balthazar down all those years. And maybe also find some recruits to help him around with. Now "intimate" relationships, I'm not so sure about that. It could have happened though, but it would be complicated since he's Morganian and his ultimate objective is to free Morgana from the Grimhold so that Morgana could rule the world. As for schemes, it could be a lot since it was a thousand years after all.

What do you guys think? Share any of your ideas 'cause me, I'm a bit lost with this one.

1/27/2011 #20

Well, do you mean like one-night-stands or actual relationship relationships?

Hmm... Well is a guy, and a thousand years is a veeeery long time, not even counting how much of that was spent in the Grimhold... Plotting against Balthazar and the rest of mankind would probably be his top priority, but I don't think he'd really go all that time without 'enjoying himself,' if you know what I mean. Keeping in mind his undying love for Veronica, of course. I dunno. In my opinion, guys are guys, no matter if they're modern day dude or ancient sorcerers with a bad attitude and some seriously unrequited love.

As for scheme, I imagine he just went around trying to evade/kill Balthazar and round up some more Morganians to join him in freeing Morgana. But that's just my brain, what do you think? :)

1/28/2011 #21

I mean one night stands. Though I could see them all having dark hair and eyes. . .

But even though the Morgana thing was his main focus I imagine he must have done something to get himself money. Those clothes he was wearing were very expensive and well tailored, and I imagine he had some pretty nice digs before Balthazar locked him in the Grimhold. Balthazar had his little store after all, so what did Horvath have?

1/28/2011 #22

Hmm, that's a very good question... I suppose he either stole or conned people out of. I can easily see him charming unsuspecting bystanders (with or without magical help) into funding him for 'research' or some such nonsense. I still think he looks like a pimp/gangster, so let's not rule out those possibilities XD

1/28/2011 #23

Well, still keeping in mind that he doesn't grow old, don't you think at least a hundred years is enough to gather up money? But considering the question 'how' he did so, well there are many ways. Personally I think most of it he was able to do by using magic. He is a Morganian after all.

1/29/2011 #24
The Curious Kills

Third poster here! XD

I find Horvath's mindset to be the most fascinating. I love getting into villians' brains, and his is one that's easily identified. He's got a few traces of narcissism, which could be because he had a privileged life. In most European cultures back then, they were still doing the Serfdom routine, and his name suggests that he came from Hungary. I also detected a lot of inner frustration, which is very understandable. He may be a bit tactless, which is why he's built up a wall of stone-cold haughtiness. I'm thinking a Draco Malfoy case, combined with trace elements of Tousen Kaname from Bleach. What do y'all think?

2/6/2011 #25

Actually, the name 'Horvath' really is an old Hungarian name. But it's rooted all the way from the Croatians, who were the first people ever to live in Hungary before it actually became known as Hungary. 'Horvath' actually means "A Croat".

I've already talked to skarletfyre about this. skarlet? Care to share?

2/6/2011 #26

I totally understand what you mean by "a Draco Malfoy case." Both Draco and Horvath have that sort of wounded, misguided history, but also an inner darkness that allowed them to choose the path they did in the first place. I think Horvath had a lot of angst and inner rage with him already, but the thing with Balthazar and Veronica just gave him an excuse to express his true feelings. No one goes simply from Merlinian to Morganian overnight.

But yes, you and sankage are right about his surname being Hungarian. Horvath was originally a Croatian sort of nickname for people from Hungary, and it's also Jewish. His first name, Maxim, means 'the greatest' which I think is totally accurate an bad-a** XD

2/7/2011 #27
The Curious Kills

It's a Jewish name? Wow, LOL, the idea of me sharing genetics with a Morganian *Shudders, then rethinks and cheers on the laws of improbability* Coolios! (I'm Jewish)

2/11/2011 #28

In all honesty, despite the whole take over the world and enslave humanity thing, I never really considered Maxim Horvath or Morgana Le Fay the bad guys. I don't think Maxim was truly IN love with Veronica. I think he projected his hopes and dreams onto her because she was the only female aorcerer (aside from Morgana) he had any personal connection to and he was afraid of being left out and living his life alone. I mean, the sorcerers lived for over twelve hundred and seventy years, and a normal human could never live that long. Even if Horvath did find love with an average woman or a sorceress, he, Balthazar, Veronica, Morgana and Merlin were the only ones mentioned to be under the effects of a mission bound immortality spell. Horvath would've had to watch whomever he fell in love with and married grow old and die. In truth, I always considered Merlin the villain, because he took on these people as his apprentices most likely when they were young children and convinced them that love was a distraction and a weakness. I also blame Merlin for the way Morgana turned out. She wouldn't have turned evil if Merlin hadn't done what he did to her family when she was a child (referring to the original legend as a basis for pre-movie history). I bet things would've gone differently for Horvath if Merlin hadn't tried to control the outcome of fate.

11/16/2017 #29

Sorcerer not aorcerer. My apologies ahead of time for any spelling errors. Not used to writing in this word format without an autocorrect or spellcheck.

11/16/2017 #30
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