The Aftermath of Inception
Wanna role play Inception but have no where to go? Yes, were open. Role play action, romance, drama or anything you want. Just no slash.
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The Angry Lioness MOVED

Here's where you register your OC's. Before I write out the template for you, I'm going to type in my OC's. They will not be in every topic, so please don't call me a hog.

Mirra--- Ariadne's younger sister/Robet Fischer's girlfriend

Jenaya--- Ariadne's younger sister/Yusufs girlfriend

Jules--- Ariadne's best friend

Alice---Arthur and Ariadne's daughter/James Cobb's lover

Lance--- Arthur's older brother

Gwen--- Arthur's older sister

Morgana--- Arthur's older sister

Paul and Beatrice--- Arthur's parents

Ok, now that that's settled, onto the template. It is highly recommended you take the Mary Sue test first.

Basic Info

Full name:




Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Skin Tone:




Significant Other:














Take note: You must put down their flaws and weaknesses! No one is perfect!

1/14/2011 #1
justalittle l o o n y

Basic Info

Full name: Kimmy Hall

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Build: Thin

Hair Color: Spiky brown with slight blonde highlights. Pixy cut.

Eye Color: Light Brown

Skin Tone: Pale

Marks: Freckles

Accent: British


Significant Other: Gerald Harris (fiance)

Parents: John and Alicia Hall

Children: N/A

Friends: Patricia Wells

Enemies: Mirra, Jenaya (thinks they're kind of fake) Ariadne (but only by association)

Siblings: Eames Hall


Habits: Pops her knuckles and whistles when she's nervous. She's double jointed, so when she does pop her knuckles, it looks weird and freaks some people out. She tends to hate those people, and ends up having great respect for someone who thinks it's cool. She knows how to whistle all of Nessun Dorma.

Hobbies: Is kind of obsessed with watching cheesy Italian mob movies, then imitating the character's voices. Actually, she tends to imitate character's voices in general, but those are her favorite. She has some movies almost memorized.

Goals: She wants to be married to her fiance and pregnant by the end of the year. She's kind of scared of having a kid, even though she already has a name picked out for both genders. She also wants to read books on tape for a living.

Fears: She is DEATHLY afraid of the dark. As in, has to have someone walk beside her if she has to walk down a hallway. She know that's kind of wimpy, and tries to ignore it, but seriously cannot be alone in a dark room without bursting into tears. She tends to see crazy ax-murderers in the dark.

Flaws: As mentioned before, she cannot be in a dark room alone without crying and/or jumping and punching at anything that moves. She also has a super crabby temper when she is tired. She is not a morning person. Put her in a dark room at 6 AM and she might kill someone. Seriously, don't give her anything potentially deadly in that situation.

Strengths: She really cares for Gerald and would do almost anything for him. If he's hurt, the person who hurt him better watch out. She also has an amazing ability to imitate voices. She is very ambitious, and doesn't take no for an answer. That's not always a good thing though... She also has a talent for making people laugh, even if her jokes are totally cheesy.

Religion: She's not really quite sure what she believes. She's been raised a Christian, so she believes in God, but she also sees the sense in other religions.

1/14/2011 #2
The Angry Lioness MOVED
I love it!
1/14/2011 #3
The Angry Lioness MOVED
1/15/2011 #4
justalittle l o o n y

Sorry, got distracted last night. So wanna RP?

1/15/2011 #5
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Yeah. I just started a topic.

1/15/2011 #6
justalittle l o o n y

Can you post first? It might inspire me.

1/15/2011 #7
The Angry Lioness MOVED

There's a topic up called "The Wedding". I'll post there.

1/15/2011 #8

(OOC: So, I added people's ages to get a better feel for them. Also I have a couple of questions: 1.If one of your OCs is in a relationship with a Canon character, in a different thread could my OC be in a relationship with that Canon character? 2.What are your feelings of descriptiveness in writing posts for the thread (i.e. 3+ sentences minimum?) 3.Will we be writing fandom threads that follow plots similar to the movie? As in still using people jobs ect.?)

Basic Info:

Full name: Aesha Huren

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Build: Basically average: C sized bust, average hips, slightly wide shoulders, full lips, average weight and height: 5'3" 120 lb.

Hair Color: Black, long with slight waves to it. Hair length falls to the middle of her back, it's often pulled up.

Eye Color: Grey

Skin Tone: Slightly darkened

Marks: Red circular birthmark on the inside of her right thigh, noticeable.

Accent: None, although when she speaks Hindi she has a slight American accent.


Significant Other: Marec Stark (boyfriend, 27)... perhaps in threads your OC is not with him Celtic: Robert Fischer?

Parents: Chantel Huren (47) and Haji Singh (53) (divorced), views Chantel's current fiancé and long-time boyfriend: Aron Holt (50) as her real father.

Children: None, doesn't really want any currently.

Friends: Ariadne, Marec Stark, Arthur.

Enemies: Eames (finds him annoying) Mirra (they don't get along)

Siblings: Gregory Holt (step-brother to be, age 25), Sarena Holt (step-sister to be, age 20) Cynthia Singh (sister, lives with their father, age 25)

A nephew and a Neice from Cynthia (Lalia, 10 and Aamond, 8)


Habits: Drumming her fingers on any surface while waiting for something has to be told at least twice to stop, running her fingers through her hair or twisting it around her fingers while she's thinking or nervous, and making incoherent noises and half sentences when she's really embarrassed.

Hobbies: Reads as many novels as she can get her hands on. This has led her to spend much of her money on books, which fill two bookshelves in her bedroom, a stack on the coffee table, and her favorites are on the top shelf in her office. She works in an publishing firm, but also works as an dancer at a club, it's her kind of dirty secret, but it helps pay the bills and for Marec's schooling.

Goals: To write a novel of her own. Get married eventually, but would willingly put it off in order to reach her career goal as partner of an editing firm… then write her novel… then get married. (Maybe not in that order?)

Fears: Claustrophobic. Finds spiders gross.

Flaws: Likes the supernatural a little too much, knows weird facts about it. Claustrophobic: can barely handle an elevator so she often takes the stairs. Drives alone because multiple people in the car make her uncomfortable. Has a hard time speaking her mind. To get through dancing at the club she does solo work.

Strengths: Keeps secrets well, even when it may not be the best decision. She cares for Marc a lot and would do anything for him. Learned to cook from her mother at a young age, thus she loves to experiment with cooking and is trying to learn to make as many different types of cuisine as possible. Has a secret passion for dancing.

Religion: Formally Hindi, now she doesn't really have a religion. But she's seeking one.

2/28/2011 . Edited 3/4/2011 #9
The Angry Lioness MOVED

1. If in a different thread where none of my OC's are with Canon characters, yours can be.

2. As for posting, there's no limit and you don't need to go beyond a number of words either.

3. In some topics, yes. Other's, no. Depends on the topic.

Your character is accepted.

2/28/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #10

Okay... I'm not sure which thread to join...

3/1/2011 #11
The Angry Lioness MOVED
Then start your own..
3/1/2011 #12
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Or I can start another one if you'd like and make sure your character can easily slide in.

3/3/2011 #13

Can you make one please? :)

3/3/2011 #14
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Ok, I got one.

3/4/2011 #15
Airstream Raven

Basic Info

Full name: Richard Seiley

Age: Twenty-seven

Gender: Male

Build: Of average height. Relatively unremarkable.

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Grey

Skin Tone: Fair

Marks: Scar which lances through the soft skin of his left thumb, sustained when he wasn't paying attention with a kitchen knife and a weakling potato.

Accent: American


Significant Other: None, currently

Parents: Laura and Thomas Seiley

Children: None

Friends: Few

Enemies: Many

Siblings: None


Habits: Seiley possesses the ability to concentrate deeply on whatever task he has at hand. He raises his eyebrows at everything, and when he is anxious he digs at the scar on the webbing of his left thumb with his right. Seiley is also quite fond of long coats and has a faint tendency to flourish the coattails when he walks. He is constantly remarking about the similarity between dream-sharing and the movie "The Matrix."

Hobbies: chemistry; target-shooting; science-fiction. Pedantry

Goals: To finish the job.

Fears: Loss. Void.

Flaws: Overly pedantic, and aloof. I.e., not too terribly social. Stark. When Seiley becomes cross, he is capable of cutting to the bone with his surprisingly well-chosen words.

Strengths: Dedication, excellence, loyalty. Encyclopedic knowledge of movie quotes. Impeccable aim. Ability to wear long coats. Not everyone can pull that off, you know.

Religion: Hasn't the patience.

I leave it to your expertise to fit Seiley into a situation. However, I'm perfectly willing to start a thread, should it become necessary.

3/29/2011 #16
The Angry Lioness MOVED
If you wish to start a thread, be my guest. Does Seiley have any relationships with canon characters?
3/29/2011 #17
Airstream Raven

No-- not consciously, anyways. Do you need him to? Need, or want, ha ha. Relationship-wise, Seiley's unaffiliated-- could go any direction.

Har har, does that help? I feel so vague. XD

3/29/2011 #18
The Angry Lioness MOVED

No. That's fine. So would he do a spy job if he was asked to because I have an idea for a topic.

3/30/2011 #19
Airstream Raven

Sure, sure! A spy job-- how exciting. :D Write away, dear Lioness!

3/30/2011 #20
The Angry Lioness MOVED
What if he was being paid to spy on Ariadne and kidnap her if she see's him? I'll be on vacation but I'll try to check in with the ships wi-fi.
3/31/2011 #21
Airstream Raven

Hot diggity! This is a very good idea. No problem about the vacation; I'll be leaving too, unsure of wifi. Have fun! :)

3/31/2011 #22
The Angry Lioness MOVED
I'll start up the topic.
3/31/2011 #23

Basic Info

Full name: Marie 'scetchy' wilder

Age: 22


Build: short, but curvy with semi well defined muscles

Hair Color: redish brown

Eye Color: green blue

Skin Tone: fair, with freckles

Marks: a scar that cuts her left eyebrow in half. tatoo on her right wrist of a joker card.

Accent: slightly southern.


Significant Other: none

Parents: Jarett and Astride wilder

Children: none

Friends: Jack Mink, and his sister julia.

Enemies: Russian mafia.

Siblings: Aaron Michael Wilder{eldest}, Gabe James Wilder{eldest twin}, Calvin Luke Wilder{younger twin}.


Habits: twists class ring when nervous, taps pencil, hums and whistles show tunes.

Hobbies: reading those little novels you find at truck stops, her surfing the net on her laptop, writeing short stories, and playing the Sims.

Goals: opening her own bar and grill, and settling down.

Fears: fire, thunder storms, hot oil.

Flaws: short temper, sometimes she doesn't know when to shut up, oblivious when guys like her.

Strengths: great liar, great fighter, can take a punch, likes to take care of people.

Religion: baptist.

4/1/2011 #24
The Angry Lioness MOVED
4/1/2011 #25
Airstream Raven


Basic Info

Full name: Barbara Burns

Age: 39

Gender: female

Build: Curvy

Hair Color: Platinum blonde. Curly.

Eye Color: green-blue

Skin Tone: unblemished

Marks: Dimples, in cheeks; scarlet fingernails.

Accent: Southern


Significant Other: no one, yet

Parents: Morgan and Annabeth Burns

Children: none

Friends: several

Enemies: Arthur, due to the fact that the two of them are TOTAL OPPOSITES

Siblings: Raymond Burns, 35


Habits: Laughs a lot; uses poor grammar when agitated; flexes her fingers when talking

Hobbies: dream-sharing

Goals: Accomplishment. To retire in a sparkling villa in Tuscany.

Fears: Rattlesnakes

Flaws: brash, overly bold. Obnoxious, sometimes. Has been known to scorn the help of others. Overconfident.

Strengths: Independence. Leadership. Professionalism under duress. Bold charm.

Religion: Protestant

I was thinking during Arthur's dreaming time, sort of pre-Ariadne. If that makes any sense. Well. Before they were an item. I just wanted to irk Arthur, and Barbara Burns presented herself to me. No Relationship necessary. XD

(I might keep her in reserve, finish up Seiley's job, maybe.)

4/22/2011 #26

Basic Info

Full name: Isabel "Amore" Anderson

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Build: Fairly good shape, but stronger than she looks.

Hair Color: Redhead

Eye Color: Dark green

Skin Tone: Pale

Marks: No significant markings

Accent: Normal? :/


Significant Other: Arthur 3

Parents: Oscar and Serena Anderson

Children: None

Friends: Canons

Enemies: Ariadne

Siblings: Alexander Anderson


Habits: Bites lower lip when nervous, can't wear lipstick because of this habit. Another nervous tic: twirls hair in fingers or twirls pencil if she is holding one.

Hobbies: EXTRACTION, baby! And occasionally piano.

Goals: To be accepted back into the group.

Fears: That she will lose at something. Or that something will happen to Arthur before she can make amends with him.

Flaws: Her one main weakness: PRIDE. She tries to be strong and face everything with confidence, but really she's just as scared as anyone else. The bold appearance is her way of trying to hide her fear.

Strengths: She presses on. Once she is struck down, she gets right back up and tries again. Even if it's only for vengeful purposes. :D

Religion: None, I guess.

Side Note: She goes by Amore, no one is supposed to know her real name is Isabel, but it DOES say full name, so yeah.

Another Side Note: When Mal was alive, Amore was part of the team. And she and Arthur had a relationship. But they got a job that would have almost positively sent her to Limbo since she is very good at communicating with projections and they would have targeted her. So Arthur basically had to dump her to save her mind and she went into hiding. So I was wondering if we could have another plot where she comes back and Arthur's all like OMG you're alive!!!! I dunno, just a thought. :) But I'm open to almost anything.

5/6/2011 #27

Oh what the... I don't know what that 3 next to Arthur is for... but it shouldn't be there. Sorry!

5/6/2011 #28
The Angry Lioness MOVED

I love it. I'll start a new rp where she can jump in. I smell a bloodbath...

5/6/2011 #29
Airstream Raven

May I say that I love this idea also?

(No, seriously. Would I have room in this scandalous reunion? XD AFreshlyPickedPlum, this goes to you too, since it's your idea. :) )

5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #30
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