The Aftermath of Inception
Wanna role play Inception but have no where to go? Yes, were open. Role play action, romance, drama or anything you want. Just no slash.
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The Angry Lioness MOVED

Aesha Huren and her boyfriend Marec move into a suberb to be next door neighboors to Arthur and Ariadne who have a three year old daughter, Alice. They are great friends and Alice is a sweetheart to them, but then she meet's Ariadne's sister, Mirra and her husband, Robert Fischer. Mirra suspects that Aesha has feelings for her husband and social conflict happens when her three sons take a liking to the new neighbor.

In this roleplay, I'll be playing Ariadne, Mirra, Robert, Alice and the sons (Henry, Charles, and Tom).

Olivia, along with your OC's, would you care to play Arthur and Eames?

3/4/2011 #1

(Sure I'll play them. I'll probably post once or twice a day, I'm kind of busy at this time.)

"Why do we have so much crap?" Aesha complained as she finished unpacking yet another box. True, they had only just moved it, but Aesha felt like the mounds of boxes were endless. Currently, she was sitting in the middle of thier living room with clothes, picture frames, and books in piles around her.

"Because you have too many clothes." Marec said, walking into the room and setting down an plate of sandwiches next to her. He then sat down beside her and helped her open the next box. They'd left the front door a jar to let a breeze in, and it took a moment for them to hear someone knocking on their doorway.


Arthur looked over at Ariadne as he was standing in the kitchen; "Looks like new neighbors moved in."

3/4/2011 #2
The Angry Lioness MOVED

At the door was a little girl with long dark brown hair holding a Mad Hatter plushie. "Are you people living here now?"


"Looks that way." said Ariadne. "Oh Alice." she went to go get her.

3/4/2011 #3

Aesha's eyes widened when she saw a little girl standing in their doorway, but she quickly recovered from her surprise. Smiling she got up and walked over to the doorway, "Um, yes we are." Marec walked up behind her.

"Sweetheart," Aesha continued, "Where's your mommy?" She looked down the street wondering if she'd wondered out of the house.


Arthur hurried to catch up with Ariande and the two of them basically ran up to Aesha's door. "Sorry about that." Arthur said, patting Alice's head.

"It's no problem." Marec said, smiling, he held out his hand, "I guess we are your new neighbors?"

3/4/2011 #4
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"Yes, I'm Ariadne. This is my husband." She picked Alice up. "You have to stop wandering out of the house." her mother told her. "Quit it already."

3/4/2011 #5

"I'm Arthur." Arthur introduced himself, shaking Marec's hand. Marec put his other arm around Aesha, "I'm Marec. This is Aesha, my girlfriend."

"It's nice to meet you guys, sorry we couldn't introduce ourselves earlier." Aesha said, smiling she looked at Alice, "What's your name?"

3/4/2011 #6
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"Alice..." the little girl said shyly.

"She tends to wander around when ever she see's something." said Ariadne.

3/4/2011 #7

"Alice." Aesha nodded, smiling, taking in the Mad Hatter doll and bit back a giggle, as curious as her character's name sake, "Be careful next time okay?"

She looked at their new neighbors, "Well... we have to finish unpacking. (Marec gave a faint groan and muttered something about not being finished until next year.) But, we will see you guys around?"

Arthur nodded at the couple, "Sure."

3/4/2011 #8
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Ariadne carried Alice back to their house.

"Do you think they have kids?" Alice asked.

"I don't know but I don't think so." her mother replied. "Why don't you practice a little ballet?"

"I don't like it."

"You haven't tried it enough." said Ariadne. "Do it for daddy."

"I'd rather be skating."

"Well it'll be a while before you can do that. Or at least wait for your cousins."

"But they never let me play with them."

"I'll make them." said Ariadne.

A car pulled up in their driveway, making a lot of noise. A couple with three triplet sons came out. The boys were in different sport uniforms and their mother was in a roller derby outfit.

"Hey sis!" she called. "Brought the boys over!"

"Why's there a big truck in that driveway?" Charles shouted.

3/4/2011 #9

"We have some new neighbors moving in." Arthur said. Walking out to greet his siblings in law and his nephews.


Marec watched the new arrivals through the window before coming back into the living room to continue unpacking, "How many more boxes do you think we have to unpack?"

Aesha ran her fingers through her hair, "Twenty... maybe?"

At the noise of another car pulling up Marec looked out the window and started humming the Empire's theme song, "Guess who's here?"

Aesha groaned, "Tell her I died... please...."

The car that had pulled up was an slim black Mercedes, an woman and several children got out of the car. The woman looked a lot like Aesha, except a little older. Although, her hair was cut short and an pair of shades covered her eyes. She was wearing dark jeans and an black silk bustier. Cynthia walked up to the house, not even bothering to knock, "Why didn't you tell me you were moving so close?!"

Aesha sighed and didn't say anything.

"It really wasn't any of your business." Marec began but Cynthia held out a hand to stop him, "We don't see you for ten years and now you think it's okay to just show up in our backyard without dropping by?! Do you know who told me that you were moving in?!?! Mr. Hornicker!! How did he know?!?!"

"He's my boss." Marec interjected.

"Sorry." Was all Aesha could manage. Her sister crossed her arms, "Well we're here to visit now. Say hello to your Auntie, kids... kids?" Cynthia turned and saw that her children had run over to Arthur and Ariadne's house and were talking with Alice and the cousins.

(I gave Cynthia children if that's okay.)

3/4/2011 #10
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"What's your name?" Henry asked one of the kids.
3/4/2011 #11

The girl, who was the oldest spoke first, "My name is Lalia."

"I'm Amond." The boy said, "Who are you?"

Immediately after the introductions, Cynthia and Aesha came after the two kids, Cynthia began chiding them in rapidly spoken Hindi to which the kids protested with whining tones in the same language.

"I'm sorry..." Aesha said, rather breathlessly to Ariadne and the others, "I... I..." She broke off with an faint cough and turned her head, "My... err..."

"My children can be a bit of a handful." Said Cynthia, unabashedly holding her hand out to Ariadne, "Sorry if they caused you any trouble, I was just paying my little sister here a visit... my name is Cynthia Singh."

3/4/2011 . Edited 3/4/2011 #12
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"No, not at all." said Ariadne shaking Cynthia's hand. "Ariadne Kingsley."
3/4/2011 #13

Cynthia proceeded to introduce herself to Arthur and Mirra and their children.

"I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other." Cynthia said, smiling broadly, completely ignoring Aesha's obvious discomfort, "My sister and I have a ton of catching up to do, and I'd be overjoyed to become friends with you all."

Marec, who'd come over to basically rescue Aesha, paled along with his girlfriend at this sentence.

"In fact," Cynthia grabbed onto her sister's hand, "I was going to invite her to dinner. Would you and your family like to join us?" She asked Ariadne and the others, "We could all get to know one another."

Aesha looked over at them, twisting a lock of long black hair around one finger, "Only if you feel like joining us... of course." She added.

3/4/2011 #14
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Alice looked over at Cynthia wide eyed and hid behind Arthur, shivering.

"Well we don't have any plans tonight." said Ariadne.

"I'm actually just dropping the boy's off before I head off to the derby." said Mirra. "They're not exactly old enough to see women in leather."

"That's still unfair!" Tom protested. "Why can't I watch the Sirens?"

"Because your not old enough." his mother told him.

"We'll be picking them up late." said Robert. "But if supervised by your auntie, you can go have dinner."

3/4/2011 #15

"That would be so cool!" Lalia cheered, excited to have other kids at the otherwise would be boring dinner.

"Perfect." Cynthia said, "How about the Isis then? Do you know where that is?"

"I do." Arthur said and Cynthia smiled even wider, "Great."

She looked over at Mirra and Robert, "Are you sure you can't come?"

3/4/2011 #16
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"I'm on the state roller derby team." said Mirra, hense the reason why she was in a sailor themed outfit. "Were playing New York and they're a tough team." "She's one of the main jammers." said Robert. "I don't wanna go." Alice protested. "I wanna watch the bout."
3/4/2011 #17

"I'm sure we'll meet some other time then." Cynthia said, looking to the others she said, "Meet you at eight then?" Before turning and heading back to her car, her two children in tow.

Aesha sighed, "I'm sorry. My sister can be a bit pushy...." She pushed her fingers through her hair, watching the Mercedes drive off, "I hope she didn't offend any of you..."

3/4/2011 #18
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"What was that all about then?" Mirra asked. "And whats gotton into you Alice." "I don't know." said Ariadne. "She's been acting funny lately, mainly for attention." "She doesn't like her." Mirra said directly. Alice remained quiet. "The games in two hours and I have to show early."
3/4/2011 #19

"I'm really sorry." Aesha said again, Marec put a hand on her shoulder, "Stop apologizing, your sister's a... not very nice woman." He finished, looking at the children present.

Arthur waved away the comment, "It's fine... we're used to... eccentric personalities." He said, thinking of Eames.

3/4/2011 #20
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"Yuck." said Ariadne. "Bad influence to kids?"
3/4/2011 #21

"Just a little more goal oriented then most." Aesha said, not wanting to speak ill of family. "*cough* Greedy *cough*" Marec coughed into his hand to clarify Aesha's beating around the bush, "I'm sure she takes care of them well enough... materially. And the kids seemed friendly enough. Let's just say..." He stopped for a moment, feeling Aesha's hand fist into the back of his shirt, and she started speaking, "We just never got to know each other well enough I guess."

Marec mouthed the word 'divorce', and said aloud, "We should probably get going, see you all tonight then?"

Arthur nodded and shook hands with Marec again.

3/4/2011 #22
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"We will." said Ariadne. "Whats the Isis?" Alice asked.
3/4/2011 #23

"It's a restaurant. But it's named after an Egyptian goddess." Aesha said, smiling down at the girl, she knelt to her level, "I'll tell you her story sometime okay?" Standing, she waved to the group before joining her boyfriend in heading back to the house.

"Maybe we can find another house." Marec said half-heatedly.

"I'd be tempted if we could actually afford to do so." Aesha said, digging through her half-full closet in an attempt to find something to wear.

"You never did tell me why you don't get along with your sister or your father." Marec said, sitting on their bed.

"My parents divorced."

"I know, but that doesn't mean you had the shut him or your sister out."

Aesha pulled out a simple black dress and held it against her body, "Can we... talk about this later?"

She had enough pain in her voice that Marec didn't press it, "Sure..." Though he knew later would not come.


Arthur looked at his wife, "Tonight will be... interesting..."

3/4/2011 #24
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"Are you sure we should go? It might be fun but Alice..." she bent down and looked at her. "No, I'll go." said Alice. "Can I bring Alice?" she was referring to her alice in wondwrland doll.
3/4/2011 #25

"I think that woman's kids are nice enough... and I kind of feel sorry for those two." Arthur said, nodding to the house down the street. He smiled down at his daughter, "Sure."


3/4/2011 #26
The Angry Lioness MOVED
(Timeskip) When in the car with the triplits, it was always noisy. Alice yelled "Shutup!" and it still didn't work. "How does your mom deal with you?" Ariadne asked. "Why is she bringing a doll?" Henry asked. "Enough." Ariadne snapped. "Were here so you three cannibals act like gentlemen now!"
3/4/2011 #27

Marec stepped out of his car,he was wearing an dark purple button down that made his pale gray eyes stand out against his black, short cut hair. Aesha had sat in the back, her claustrophobia getting the better of her, so that her dress was slightly wrinkled. She smoothed her hair and dress as the walked to the restaurant, "Mer... Sorry about that."

He slipped an arm around her waist, "It's okay." He looked to their left and saw their neighboors and their nephews walking towards them, he waved in greeting, "Glad to see that you guys could make it."

(g2g, i'll be back tomorrow afternoon, maybe for a little bit in the morning. since it's the weekend i should have more time.)

3/4/2011 #28
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Ariadne felt foolish for not dressing nicer. But yet again, Alice was also sloppy in her blue T-shirt and the boys were wearing their mother's team mascot on them which was a sexy sailor in skates.

"I've never eaten here before." said Ariadne holding up Alice.

3/5/2011 #29

Arthur put his arm around her waist, whispering in her ear, "You look fine dear."

True enough, as they walked into the restaurant there was an mixture of people who were dressed nicely or casual. Aesha gave her sister's name to the host and they were lead to an table at the back. Cynthia was not alone, her children were there, at a smaller table set up for the kids. At the larger table Cynthia was sitting between two men, one was clearly her husband and the other was apparently her and Aesha's father. He had a thick mustache and glitters of gray strands in his slicked back black hair and was looking at Aesha with a mixture of curiosity and disappointment.

He held his hand out to her, murmuring a few quick words in Hindi. She grasped his hand briefly, replying. Then, Haji Singh turned to the others at the table, "Welcome." He said in heavily accented English, "I'm pleased to see that my daughter brought friends along. Please... sit."

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