The Aftermath of Inception
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Marie was walking home from the university, the stupid tran system had been down for two days. Over the past weeks since that pleasant night at the Eiffel tower, she hadn't noticed anyone following her.That she noticed any way. Every once in a while, she saw Seiley, usually in all the same places. He never seemed to notice her though, which was okay. She entered her living room to find the Portuguese man sitting on her couch. Luckily the couch was facing away from the door, so she gritted her teeth, and pulled out her .45.

She knocked him out with the butt of her gun, and tied him to a chair.

5/7/2011 #121
Airstream Raven

Seiley, nattily attired in a dubious pair of slacks, a waistcoat which had seen better days, and a geriatric beret, hopped after Ariadne as she cut a blue swathe across the front window of his bakery. Seiley rearranged his beret over his blond hair purposefully, then left his customary seat at the window, wincing as the bell sounded. Ariadne noticed and turned around, but all she saw was a moth-eaten Frenchman leaving the bakery.

The corners of Seiley's mouth turned down, as if he had eaten a kilo of lemons. He couldn't rightly follow her now, but-- he supposed he could beat her to her own destination. He deduced from her duffel bag that she was off to roller derby-- there was a rink nearby her apartment. Seiley cut corners and abandoned various bits of clothing as he walked quickly to the rink.

A blond Frenchman wearing a pair of dubious slacks and a curiously tinted white shirt strolled past the girl in blue, who was carrying a duffel bag.

5/7/2011 #122
The Angry Lioness MOVED

When Ariadne arrived to the arena for practice, no one was in the parking lot. She usually arrived early to practices, getting there before everyone else. Going for the door, it wouldn't open. The stupid custodian locked it again and the coach had a tendency to arrive after the skaters. Ariadne knocked on the glass but the custodian had headphones in as he vacuumed the carpet. She didn't see any of her teammates arriving either.

"Great." she growled. Ariadne put her duffel bag down and sat on it. She looked like a kid waiting for their mom to pick them up after school. "Just great."

Her derby team was called The Extraordinary Gentlewomen because they had a tuxedo theme. The jammers wore white helmet panties with black stars. All the skaters on the team wore black bow ties around their necks at the games with white dress shirts or solid white dresses. Ariadne sometimes wore a white bathing suit. She tried to expose her Eiffel Tower tattoo as often as possible. Her derby name was Eiffel Spider, so her black helmet had a spider web drawn on it. Sometimes, she wore black spider-web tights.

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Airstream Raven

Seiley watched Ariadne sit down petulantly on her duffel bag. He shoved his hands in his pockets and putzed down the street sullenly, leaving Ariadne at the rink. He knew she'd be there for at least an hour, which gave him time.

5/7/2011 #124
The Angry Lioness MOVED
Ariadne banged on the glass again when another teammate came. They got the custodian to open the door. The rest of the team got there and they practiced for two hours. Ariadne was exhausted after falling twebty times. Her thigh muscles were soar. At the end, she started walking home to Arthurs. There was sweat on her face and she was ready to lay down.
5/7/2011 #125
Airstream Raven

Seiley, dressed for finality in his own coat and a snappy grey fedora, returned to the rink an hour later to find Ariadne still inside. He raised his eyebrows noncommittally and traveled back to his bakery headquarters, whereupon arriving he slipped into Ariadne's apartment building and up to the room which he had rented that very morning, presenting his best college-flotsam impression to the landlord, who gave him the room upon seeing the billfold Seiley offered. Seiley's excuse for his lack of bags was that they were being shipped over, and the landlord did not look up from his newspaper and lemonade as Seiley trotted up the stairs, carrying a satchel and a silver briefcase.

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The Angry Lioness MOVED
Ariadne arrived to Arthirs apartment to see he wasn't home. She sighed and fell into the couch, ready to nap.
5/7/2011 #127

Marie sat in her chair, fingering the hand gun waiting for sleeping ugly to wake up.

after a half hour, and a change in the man's breathing, she got fed up and kicked him in the shin.

"c'omon, ya sorry excuse for a kidnapper! you've been awake for the past 10 minutes." she took the .45 and put it to his head,

"Okay, who sent you?! Was it the Russians?!HuH?! Those sausage eating sorry excuse for mafia babys need to hire better idiots, than guys that don't even pick a seat facing the goddamned door! Now! tell me who sent you ugly!?"

5/8/2011 #128
Airstream Raven

The phone rang there. Ariadne leaped up to get it and Arthur spoke on the other line. "Hey, Ariadne, I'm going to be held up and won't be able to come see you. Go on home, relax. I'll see you late tomorrow afternoon, all right?"

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Airstream Raven

The man snarled at Marie in Portuguese and then leered past his greasy fu manchu. "You are going to shoot me, sweetheart?" he asked in heavily accented English.

5/8/2011 #130
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"Great. Where are you going anyway?" she asked. "I'm exhausted. I might have a bug."
5/8/2011 #131

Marie smirked, cocked her gun and shot him in the foot.

"try not to bleed to much on my rug, i've killed for a lot less....."

5/8/2011 #132
Airstream Raven

"I've got some business to attend to in Nice," replied Arthur. "I hope you feel better soon. Try and get some sleep. Perhaps I'll ply you with chicken soup if you still feel rotten."


The Portuguese man laughed, a bitter shriek that coincided with the pain in his foot. "If you do not want there to be blood, why did you shoot me in my foot?" he choked.

5/8/2011 #133

Marie rolled her eyes and shot him in that leg's knee, "You know what? Bleed all you want, but as it stands, there are only two ways you're walking out of this flat. One being in an ambulance, the other rolled up in that carpet. So why don't you do us both a favor and start talking?"

she went over to her fridge and grabbed a pepsi.

5/9/2011 #134
Airstream Raven

The Portuguese man shrieked again and wheezed, "You are a woman of... the word is contradictions, no? So I am thinking that there are no ways I will walk out of your flat with my leg shot up by you." He laughed, then groaned as the movement jerked his leg. "Also I cannot walk if I am rolled up in a carpet. Perhaps you will think before you speak, yes? In the future? Before you shoot me again?" He watched as she coldly unscrewed the cap on her glass bottle of Pepsi with her gun hand, the muzzle weaving drunkenly about before his face.

5/9/2011 #135

Marie smirked, taking a swig of her Pepsi, "you take things to literally."

how, about this? You can leave this flat alive, or you can leave dead. Again, either way I don't really care, they'll probably send someone else if you die, and in a bit I'll play the same game with a different player."

She shot him, again in his other leg, this time right in the shin.

"I've been around the block a few times, and may I say, the Russians are a hell of a lot more tight lipped than you are being." she sipped her soda.

5/10/2011 #136
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"So what kind of business?" she asked suspiciously going to the kitchen for a snack. Her friend Jules, aka Ginger Barbie, advised her that it was important to know who Arthur was with. Ariadne trusted him enough but she still wanted to know. She always wanted to know what people were doing. If Arthur was with another chick... well she'd be no match for the Eiffel Spider. Ariadne would destroy her, the same way she destroyed the most popular girl in high school.

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #137
Airstream Raven

"This night I deal in dreams," said Arthur, "and their aftermath. I have just a bit of cleaning up to do. The novice chemist from my last job is stumbling around in Nice, trailing PASIV tubes. I just have to go find him and give him a couple of good sound slaps, that's all. I'm going alone," he said, to assuage her suspicion.


The Portuguese man screamed. "I'm a foreigner," he gasped. "I do not understand subtleties of Americans." His face contorted in pain as he said, "I think you mean that you have never had such a nice conversation with such a man as me. Russians are not fond of... you call it, small talk?" He laughed again, a pain-filled sound. "Or perhaps you mean that I am the noisiest man you have ever filled with lots of little holes who has told you nothing of interest, for all that I talk at you." He watched her spin the gun round her finger by the trigger guard, and said, "You may shoot me dead if you like. You may also explain it to the police, why you murdered a man in cold blood when he was tied to your chair. I am wondering when they will come to see what is all this noise you are making with your pretty little gun."

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #138
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"Really? Ok, I trust you." she said.

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #139
Airstream Raven

"Thank you, sweetheart," said Arthur. "I love you. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon. You can stay at my place if you really want to, but we keep the epsom salts at yours. I bet you could really do with a soak right now."

5/10/2011 #140
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Ariadne filled the giant bathtub and mixed in some soothing bath salts. She lit all the candles by the tub and leaned back as she soaked her skin in the pomegranate scented bubbles. She had plenty of bruises from derby. As the night went on, she examined her injuries. She was daydreaming about the child she'd get.

5/10/2011 #141
Airstream Raven

(Oh, hell, is she at home?)

5/10/2011 #142
The Angry Lioness MOVED

(Arthurs place)

5/10/2011 #143

Marie smirked again, "like I said boy-o, I've been 'round the block. I won't go to jail, because no one will find out. I used to do this for a living ya know, back in the states. My friend stitch, well he could make every person in France forget you everexisted, let alone bled out on my carpet."

She strode around the chair, putting her hands down on his shoulders, "I got really good at what I did, I think I've got 'friends' in every country in europe now, people that can make you go away. If I don't first that is, And believe me, manhandling me in the park, well you might as well have signed you're death certificate right then.Buuut, seeing as you've come this far, and managed to save face enough to keep from soiling your selfso far, I'll cut you a deal."

She sat down across from him in her arm chair, putting her drink on the ground next to her feet. "one name, just give me the name ofoneof your conspirators and I'll let you go."

5/10/2011 #144
Airstream Raven

(Minus the salts. Ooh, piquant! Don't go away, Ariadne.)

Seiley, who had tapped the conversation between Ariadne and Arthur, seized his things and flew out of Ariadne's apartment building.

5/10/2011 #145
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Ariadne threw her pajamas on and rolled into Arthurs bed. Very exhausted still from practice, she dozed off.

5/10/2011 #146
Airstream Raven

Seiley let himself into Arthur's apartment silently, praying that Ariadne wouldn't notice. When she didn't appear, Seiley locked the door after him. Arthur would be still in Nice, but taking precautions never hurt. He went deeper into the apartment, and saw Ariadne sprawled on Arthur's bed, asleep. He slipped into the bedroom and covered her face lightly with a rag soaked in an anesthetic with no fragrance, then lifted her off the bed and into a chair. Her head lolled daintily on her shoulder. Seiley had about forty minutes before she'd awaken, so he proceeded to subtly ransack Arthur's bedroom for any revealing clues about his life. Before he began, he removed a glass and a bottle of water from his bag and, filling the glass, set it on the table next to Ariadne, whereupon waking with a dry throat she'd see it and drink.

(how long shall we draw this out? A day, a couple of days, a week? A month? Forever and a day?)

5/10/2011 #147
The Angry Lioness MOVED
(As in how long the kidnap would be?) Ariadne was paniced inside. She remembered something being pressed against her face but couldn't remember anything. As she slept forcefully, her breathing grew louder.
5/10/2011 #148
Airstream Raven

The Portuguese man smiled thinly through his agony. "Benjamin Franklin," he said.

5/10/2011 #149
Airstream Raven

(Yes. Also I thought Seiley had 'formed her gently, but oh well.)

Seiley heard his mark's breathing grow louder, and halted his search. He reached into his bag and removed a mask belonging to the Phantom of the Opera. He'd been in a faintly ghoulish mood when he'd picked it out, and had dressed accordingly in a long black frock coat and a snow-white shirt with ruffled cuffs. It was all for effect, as he actually cared very little for the Phantom. Nor could he sing worth spit. But that was beside the point. The inside of Seiley's jacket was lined with tiny vials, which clinked softly as he moved, and added to the mystique of his appearance. Or so he hoped. His mask was tailored to cast his eyes into shadow and he'd dimmed the lights in Arthur's room to an acceptably spooky level, and the effects of the anesthetic he'd used on Ariadne would lend a hazy sheath to his form. He sat out of Ariadne's view and waited for her to awaken, and drink down the mild paralytic he'd poured into the glass on the bedside table.

Seiley was nothing if not a dramatist.

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