The Aftermath of Inception
Wanna role play Inception but have no where to go? Yes, were open. Role play action, romance, drama or anything you want. Just no slash.
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"Let the sparks fly," Apollo said, closing the phone with a smirk. Eames had been his good friend for a very long time now, and he could hear just how much he would enjoy relaying this particular piece of news.

6/22/2011 #181
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Eames called up Arthur.

"Sorry to tell you this your majesty but the queen will have to travel. Be sure to have the jet loaded with ginger ale."

"Great. Thanks." Arthur growled. "We're going to Venice." he told his wife.

6/22/2011 #182
Airstream Raven

Ariadne breathed in deeply through her nose.

"Ok," she said. "I'll be... ready."

6/22/2011 #183
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"I'll get us that jet with that comfy bed." he said. "I'll even pull in a doctor if you ask me to." Arthur truly felt bad about taking her outside the States and even on a plane for that manner.

6/22/2011 #184

-how am i doing, guys? This is my first RP so i want to know if there's anything I should be changing-

Amor hoped that Arthur truly felt bad about taking Ariadne outside the States and even on a plane for that matter. She hoped that Ariadne felt bad out of the States and on the plane.

There's nothing wrong with planes. That woman needs to get out more. And besides, what kind of a name is Ariadne?

But the nagging voice in her head intervened. What kind of a name is Amor?

Point taken. But seriously, Ariadne? It's the name of a goddess. Can you get any more conceited than that?

You are impossible.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a stewardess carrying a tray tapped her on the shoulder. "Care for a drink, miss?"

Amor shook her head politely. As the stewardess walked away, Amor couldn't help but notice the woman's name-tag that read, "Stacey".

Stacey. That's a normal name. Why can't we all have normal names?


6/23/2011 . Edited 6/23/2011 #185
The Angry Lioness MOVED

At the airport, Arthur carried as much as he could so Ariadne wouldn't get exhausted. Their private jet had all the things they would need if she got sick on the way. He even set up her favorite video game on the TV.

6/25/2011 #186
Airstream Raven

Ariadne's flight was uneventful, but pleasant. She found that she was able to distract herself from thinking about Athur's past girl, Amor, which she was not counting on being able to do. As the jet neared the landing strip, Ariadne's feelings of vexation and unease returned slowly.

6/25/2011 #187

As the city of Venice came into view, Amor could feel her heart racing. It was this way every time she did an Extraction. Oh, how she missed that feeling.

6/26/2011 #188
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"That wasn't so bad was it?" Arthur put his arm around his wife's waist.

"What the fuck just happened, it feels like I was high!" Alice shouted. Outside the gate, they saw a grinny Eames.

6/26/2011 #189
Airstream Raven

"No," Ariadne said, and squeezed her husband's shoulder. Her baby moved agitatedly as she laid eyes on Eames, who came towards them. "This should be good," she said as he neared, watching Arthur's reaction. Ariadne knew how much he loved to hate the Forger, and how much fun it was to watch. They had argued like an old married couple during the inception job, and now that Arthur WAS actually married, and newlywed at that, the simile would have to change. Ariadne smiled as she thought about that.

6/26/2011 #190

-Carry the story without me for a bit, I'll be separated from the internet for a while If you need to take over Amor's character then feel free-

6/26/2011 #191
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"Ah, Arthur." Eames began. "I keep forgetting that Ariadne's the pregnant one. So how is the mini-architect?"

6/26/2011 #192
Airstream Raven

Ariadne grinned at Eames's quip. "The baby's doing fine," she said. "I get woken up at night by hiccups."

6/29/2011 #193
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"That's because you drink too much Diet Pepsi!" Alice yelled.

"She's gonna be one Hell of a kid when she comes out."

6/29/2011 #194

"Tell me about it," Amor retorted, walking up behind Eames.

6/30/2011 #195
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"Well this is awkward." said Eames. "I'd like to see how far this goes."

6/30/2011 #196

"I bet you would."

7/3/2011 #197
Airstream Raven

Ariadne froze as her eyes fell on the lady Extractor. She narrowed her frozen eyes and stiffened imperceptibly, biting back impolite retorts and unsubtle, poorly-thought-out remarks about the other woman's weight. And bearing. And jewelry. And hair. Christ, the woman had obnoxious hair. Bright, flaming red hair which stuck out in a crowd like a sore thumb and was just about as good as yelling "HERE I AM, SHOOT ME NOW" to a bunch of pissed-off projections or gunmen or pregnant Architects. How the hell did Arthur abide by this witch? thought Ariadne acidly. They would have looked miserable as a couple, side-by-side.

7/4/2011 #198
The Angry Lioness MOVED
Arthur coughed and slipped his arm around Ariadne. "We're going to the hotel now to rest for the night." he said. "Please, don't call us."
7/4/2011 #199

Amor didn't answer. She didn't have to. She was pretty sure that Arthur could sense the venom in her glare, and that he knew enough about her to steer clear for a while. As the two walked away, Amor couldn't help but think about her unsaid complaints about Arthur's new love interest.

She's way too short for him. Jesus, Arthur. What were you thinking? What's going to happen when your poor kid realizes that they're going to stop growing at four feet? All she's doing is causing misery.

Arthur's wife-Ariadne, was it?- turned back to shoot a poisonous glare at Amor, particularly at her flowing mass of red hair. She returned it with an equally cold stare of her own.

Eat that, devil woman.

7/5/2011 #200

-How I wish there was a like button here. I loved Airstream Raven's post-

7/5/2011 #201
Airstream Raven

(I'm flattered, Plum. :) This could get interesting. "Eat that, devil woman." XD)

Ariadne fumed inwardly all the way back to the hotel. She tried to calm down. Adverse feelings could ruin the job, could jeopardize the whole team. Ariadne paused as she considered this. Fuck that. I'm going to eat this bitch. With sardines. And no mercy.

7/5/2011 #202
The Angry Lioness MOVED
"Rest time again?" said Alice. "Fine, but tell daddy to not make me listen to singing in the rain again!" They reached their first class suite that Arthur requested. The hotel was thoughtful enough to leave them a "Teach Baby Italian" CD.
7/5/2011 #203
Airstream Raven

"Arthur?" Ariadne said. She squirmed slightly. The next words tasted acidic. "Do you want me to back off? Do you still have some feelings for her?"

7/5/2011 #204
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Arthur shook his head. "If I did, I would have gone searching for her." he said. "Besides, I like my women short and sane." Her husband smiled at her. "You actually convinced me to try things I never thought I'd try. You convinced me to wear jeans and go to a bar with you, remember?"

7/5/2011 #205
Airstream Raven

Ariadne was mollified. "I do remember. I also remember how I convinced you to sing karaoke with me on 'Super Trouper'." She grinned widely and went over to Arthur. "Thanks," she murmured. "I needed to hear that." She kissed his cheek and chose to forget about Amor for the moment.

7/7/2011 #206
The Angry Lioness MOVED

"And also..." he continued. "You convinced me to become a father. And now I don't think I can be more excited."

7/7/2011 #207
Airstream Raven

"Me neither," she said. "You're going to be a great father. I'll teach the kid how to draw, and you'll teach her how to dream."

7/7/2011 #208
The Angry Lioness MOVED

Arthur could imagine Alice playing with blocks, giving her mother ideas for dream buildings. He could also imagine her trying singing like he used to do. "Well we can't tell her about what we really do."

7/7/2011 #209
Airstream Raven

"No," said Ariadne. "But we can still teach her." She put her arms around Arthur's neck and breathed the scent of his cologne.

7/7/2011 #210
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