The Aftermath of Inception
Wanna role play Inception but have no where to go? Yes, were open. Role play action, romance, drama or anything you want. Just no slash.
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"Research." he instructed. "Usually I do it myself but with two people it should be done faster."
10/30/2011 #91
"Ok. I don't mind playing Point Man for a little while."
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"You're job is to extract the override command for the nuclear warhead stockpile." Arthur explained. "Cobb tells me these shouldn't even be real. What I want to know is where these warheads are intended to go and the elements inside them. And why they exist." Arthur was wondering in his mind where Apollo was.

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Apollo reached down to turn the radio louder. At this point, it was the only thing keeping him awake. He was running far behind schedule, due to an unfortunate accident that had basically stopped all traffic and had forced him to spend a night at the M, the farthest hotel from the Strip. And now, in the blazing hot sun, Apollo was forced to keep driving, with a crappy air conditioner and a fuzzy radio as his only companions.


"What would someone want with that code? The override code will only destroy the warheads, not launch them. Why would someone want to destroy those warheads? They must have another purpose. There's something that we're missing here."

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Arthurs cell phone went off hours later in the middle of the next day. "My flight was delayed by several hours and customs are biting me in the butt." It was Ariadne. "I know I was supposed to be at the place." "You couldn't control any of that and that's fine." Arthur reassured her. "I'll come and get you." "Please hurry, I've had a bad time." she sighed. They made her feel like an alian. "Alright." Arthur looked over at Amor. "Well she's here after many delays so I'm going to get her."
11/3/2011 #95

She studied his face. "You want me to stay here and watch the equipment."

11/6/2011 #96
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"Just until Cobb gets back." said Arthur takeing off his jacket.
11/6/2011 #97

Amor smiled. "All right. Just this once."

11/6/2011 #98
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Arthur drove over to the airport and parked by the doors. Walking in, he had his eyes out for the architect. By the baggage claim, she saw a silhouette of a short brunette. She was waiting around with two bags by her. Arthur was rather shocked to see the little body modification.

There was a giant cast on her right leg. Aside her were her two crutches.

"Ariadne." Arthur came over to her. She looked over at him and smiled.

"Hey. Nice seeing you again." She sounded tired and exhausted. She also looked pissed off.

"What happened to your leg?"

"I rolled my ankle." she said. "A week ago."

"Well then I'm glad you called." Arthur picked up her rolling suitcase and her carry on. Ariadne propped the crutches under her armpits.

"So how did you roll your ankle?" he asked.

"Concrete stairs while wearing high heels." she explained. "I can't do anything physical until it comes off in two months."

"You didn't say anything before."

"I said I would need to be picked up." she commented. "I didn't think having a cast would matter. Besides, when I go down, I won't have to wear it. And that sounds great about now."

Arthur felt sorry for her as he put her luggage in the trunk. He led her to the passenger seat, watching her as she slinked out of her critches and onto the seat. "You can just put those in the back seat." she ordered.

Arthur started the car and pulled away from the airport. "So you wouldn't mind stopping at work first and meeting a few new people I hope."

"Are they airport security guards?" she asked irrated. Arthur shook his head. "Good. I just found myself hateing them."

Ariadne napped the rest of the way there. Arthur pulled up to the work space and brought her crutches out of the back. She got up on her good foot and slinked back into the crutches.

11/6/2011 #99

Amor jerked awake as she heard the sound of tires crunching on the pavement. She sat up and looked out the window, where Arthur was helping a short brunette out of his car. She found herself smiling as she watched her.

So this is Ariadne.

11/6/2011 #100
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Ariadne looked over at Amor. The first thing that came in mind was Jules; her best friend who looked like Amors twin. They had the same flaming hair and green eyes. Ariadne swung herself inside to have Arthur pull out a chair for her.

11/6/2011 #101

Amor, who could see that Ariadne was struggling to move, helped her into the chair, then sat down herself. "I'm Amor, I'm really glad to meet you."

11/6/2011 #102
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"I'm Ariadne. Happy to meet you." she sounded more excited than before.

11/6/2011 #103
"Arthur told me about how your first job was an Inception. You must be a damn good Architect."
11/6/2011 #104
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"Well before the job, I was considered to be one of the best students." Ariadne nodded. "This is only my second job."

11/6/2011 #105

"Well, either way, I'm glad to have the opportunity to work with you."

11/6/2011 #106
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"Thank you." Ariadne nodded. "And what exactly is your job?"

11/6/2011 #107

"Well, I'm just an Extractor. But I'm open to anything they need me to be. You see, Cobb trained me when I was quite young. I didn't have anything else to turn to. My dreams were gone, and I was basically ready to give up on life. Then he found me. I guess you could say that I owe my life to him."

11/7/2011 #108
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"I assume you're very talanted." Ariadne praised. Once again, her bad leg began to itch. She tried to relieve it by pressing the area. Arthur looked over at the two girls, relieved that they didn't have any awkward impressions.
11/7/2011 #109

"How did that happen?" Amor asked, looking down at Ariadne's cast.

11/7/2011 #110
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Ariadne sighed. "I was leaving a job interview wearing nice clothes with high heels. Now, I can barely walk in them but I wanted to make a good impression. The building it was in had a concrete stairway. So on my way out, the stupid shoe made my ankle roll by the edge of the step and I fell down the whole stairway. For minutes, people were just starring at me and no one was doing a thing. I swear I heard a few people scream."
11/7/2011 #111

"Oh, goodness. How can people not do anything? Well, I can't do heels either, I practically live in flats so I know the feeling."

11/7/2011 #112
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"Well the bystander effect explains why people sometimes don't try anything. They're basically in a crowded scene and when something bad is going on, they assume someone else will get help. I had to yell at them for ten minutes."
11/7/2011 #113

"That's horrible!"

11/7/2011 #114
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"Yeah it sucked. It sent my boyfriend into a panic attack too."
11/7/2011 #115

Amor laughed. "What's your boyfriend like?"

She winked at Arthur. "Girl chat time."

11/7/2011 #116
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"Chip is a very goofy guy." Ariadne explained. "He's studying to be a cardiologist but in his free time he writes jokes. We've been together for three years almost."
11/7/2011 #117

"That's quite a while. You know, Arthur and I were together for about that long before we broke up."

11/8/2011 #118
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"You dated Arthur?" Ariadne was very interested. "What was that like?"
11/8/2011 #119

Amor sighed, her eyes distant, remembering a time long gone. "It was... exquisite. We're complete polar opposites, but in a way we kind of completed each other. I was fire, he was ice. It was wonderful while it lasted." Her pale lips formed a half-smile as she remembered.

11/9/2011 #120
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