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Is there anyone who likes them out there?!?!
3/13/2006 #1
Popping up Blanks
me it will take a lot to convince me he belongs with Cordy (remember the girl from Buffy S1?).It will take around 50 ninjas with shotguns and swords that can be lightsabers(and I will fight back for all you Sbuff ninjas out there!). Nothing no where will convince me Buffy belongs with Riley, fish boy. Everything else is weird...who is the immortal anyways, I thinks Buffster was under a spell or somtin.
3/20/2006 #2
YAY! That and: Angel/Cordy... those two are the best
3/21/2006 #3
I like this thread! Although I have to admit I didn't add it to my AtS forum because I believe there's a lack of Buffy/Angel interaction on that show. That's why I endorse Angel with Cordy for AtS, and Angel with Buffy for BtVS. Mostly because I can't decide who should be with whom at all. They none of them seem to have a soulmate on the show (except for perhaps Cordy and Doyle in Season one, and Cordy with Angel in You're episode ever!). But for me it seemed to fluctuate from season to season, because, face it, the characters definitely changed over time on this show and on BtVS. If you look at my profile with the couples I like for TV shows, most of them are from either AtS or BtVS, and each person has about three different pairings that I like, depending on the time period of the show. Wow that was a long and very off-topic post about pairings. But I liked it anyway. Any thoughts? Or more B/A talk? ~Crystaltambaia PS: I Will Remember You = another amazingly awesome perfect episode. And Hero. And Waiting in the Wings. Argh! I can't choose!
3/21/2006 #4
Omg...I love B/A. I think they are a great couple. And Number13 I agree with you! Awesome!
3/21/2006 #5
Loved Buffy/Angel in BTVS up through season three. In ATS I liked Angel/Cordy. Their relationship wasn't as passionate as B/A, but it was more on an adult level emotionally. I hated Angel/Nina, partly because of the whole wearwolf thing (been there done that, Oz), and partly because I was still mad at the way they ruined Cordy's character in season four.
4/27/2006 #6
I hated Angel and Nina because she was such an ingenue. An art student. After a heroine like Cordelia what is the attraction in Nina other than he certainly wouldn't lose his soul having sex with her. He needed another good demon who was immortal like him.
6/14/2006 #7
I think they will never love anybody else as much as they loved eachother, but I don't see what Angel sees in her. I personally couldn't stand to be with anyone like Buffy, and I don't see how he can stand it. Angel with cordy just wasn't true love. It might have worked for a while, but she's not dark enough for him. Angel and Nina? Just fun.
6/26/2006 #8
Cordy was getting darker. All those horrible visions prematurely matured her.
6/26/2006 #9

I would be greatly interested to see what the matured Buffy/Angel relationship looks like. Season 5 Angel is nothing like Angel on Buffy's show. And Buffy herself has also grown. Not to mention there's now Connor to consider. Buffy would logically end up a stepmom. The Angel on Buffy's show didn't have the ingenuity to bring down Wolfram and Hart. He gained that only after being in LA on his own.

8/8/2008 #10

Because they have both matured, I just can not see Buffy and Angel together again in a romantic way. Connor wouldn't really have much of an effect on their relationship, as he is now an independant adult in his own right.

8/8/2008 #11

Ah, but look at it this way:

Willow takes Angel to a mystical convergence point in the mountains. After a short ritual, the curse is gone.

Willow waves a hand at a curtain, to reveal Buffy standing there. "You two play nice, now that you're fresh out of excuses not to..."

Willow teleports away, leaving them both there.

Fanfic Begins...

8/10/2008 #12

The problem is that Willow, or some other mystical force removing Angel's curse, has been done to the point of being cliche`d in fan fiction. There are a few canonical ways Buffy and Angel could possible be together; one being Angel shanshues, becomes human, and he and Buffy begin a relationship. But this would also present many logistical problems, such as, how and why do the two reunite, and what prevents Angel from becoming just another Riley Finn after this?

I see Buffy as having become a very strong independant woman who is not wanting to get into a relationship until she discovers herself, and becomes at peace with who she is. She pretty much said as much to Angel in the last episode of Buffy. She may expieriment with short term attractions, but I can't see her getting into a serious relationship until much later.

Angel was her first love, and as such will always hold a special place in her heart, but even if the curse hadn't existed, both Buffy and Angel have alfa personalities, so both would have been fighting for dominance. The relationship was hot, passionate, and bittersweet between the young inexpierenced Buffy, and an emotionally immature Angel. But this is not the kind of relationship that can last for the long run; not without making one or both of the characters out-of-character, and having the relationship grow and change while keeping it believable, which is very hard to do.

8/11/2008 #13


11/18/2008 #14

I don't think Angel will ever love anyone as completely and as deeply as he did Buffy... and vice versa. That said, I do think what he felt for Cordy was a type of love... just not the same epic and great love.

And even if they can never be together (and I'll admit that's up for debate w/ the way both shows ended and the places the respective characters were at) there's still no beating the strength of the love they felt for one another.

So that's my 2 cents.

10/15/2009 #15
Mrs Max McDowell

I'm looking for this fic:

Does anyone know the name of the story where:

Angelus comes in through Buffy's window,

She then manages to knock him out,

Buffy cuffs Angelus to her bed,

They talk, (well Buffy talks and Angelus taunts),

Angelus breaks the restraints,

Buffy thinks that he is going to kill her but he doesn't,

They make love,

Angelus sees his reflection in Buffy’s eyes and his heart beats three times,

when it's over Angelus tells her to sleep and she does,

When Buff wakes up Angelus has his soul back and he is sitting in a chair by the window,

Angel ask what happened,

Buffy doesn’t tell him what happened because she is afraid of his reaction.

12/2/2009 #16
Anyanca Aislin

Oh my god, that would be such a great fanfic, please tell me when you find it

I just LOVE B/A, Nina was also good, but no one can top Buffy, she's just the one for Angel, Spuffy was also good, but same as with nina B/A is the best and no one can change that, they never should've broken up in the first place anyways!

9/30/2010 #17

Then, Joss Whedon comes up with a better idea. The universe itself could bring them together (and give them both Kryptonian powers) so they can make a baby universe together. Simplicity itself, really. The fact the old one would perish is sort of a downer, but hey...

2/4/2011 #18
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