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In here there will be posted some ideas you could use for your stories but before you decide to just take them ask first p.s i might say no to some ideas cause i plan on doing them personally
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Wolf Master Uchiha

Instead of being ninjas,the naruto characters are jedis,sith and padawans.Instead of chakra they the force.Sasuke hails from the planet of konoha,he has lost everyone that was close to him,now he trains with his master,the legendry kakashi hatake,to bring justice to his clan.

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......I LOVE IT! I'ma huge fan of StarWars, so that's a new story idea for me!!!! Is it ok that I use that idea???? ;) maybe Sakura can train with Tsunade who hails on the planet 'TakeGakure' as a rogue whilst Naruto trains with Jiraiya as a Jedi on the planet Sunagakure, whilst being friends with the lonely family of the Subaku's that had Ben kicked from the throne by the sith, Orochimaru who planned to rule the world. so, Naruto go's to Amegakure to meet the Jedi counsel, but brings along Gaara and Temari, and sees a senator whose name is Hinata... and something' happens. :)
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