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Death note RP. Starts the day Light finds the death note. Play a Canon character or make a OC! Mods Needed!
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Jack C. Trade IV

The Sparking was soon followed by massive explosions, Kirakira's wings caught in the draft and bleww her back wards as more sharp objects pined her to the wall. she was trapped.

4/14/2011 #1,171

Kirakira cried out, trying to rip out the objects. She ripped out one so far, frantically glancing at the exit.

4/14/2011 #1,172
Jack C. Trade IV

The exit was then obsured by black figures, nothing could idetafy them as male or female as they held up black form less guns and fired.

4/14/2011 #1,173
Jack C. Trade IV

(She Can't see their names, One: The mist, Two: Theire faces are covred, Three: Hidden name is still in affect.)

4/14/2011 #1,174

(O_O Right..I'll just delete that post XD)

4/14/2011 #1,175

Kirakira ripped the last of the objects out before ducking and rolling to the floor. "Oh my god" She whispered, she covered her face with her arms.

4/14/2011 #1,176
Jack C. Trade IV

She was pelted with a least a dozed bulits before they stopped, the boots retreting for some reason and she was left, semingly alone in the dark purple mist.

4/14/2011 #1,177

(Have to go. Sorry,)

Kirakira sat up when the bullets stopped, looking around. She couldn't see anything in this stupid mist. She crawled in the vague direction of the exit.

4/14/2011 #1,178
Jack C. Trade IV

Boots hit the floor as Boris looked dow at Kirakira, no emotin on his face as his arms were crossed.

"You should have just given up the note book. You could have avoided being slain like this."

(K Bye)

4/14/2011 #1,179

"Yeah well..Your a crime against humanity!" Kirakira argued childishly "Your upsetting the balance of the world!" She got up.

4/15/2011 #1,180
Jack C. Trade IV

"You know nothing child. Of the Blance of the world." Boris told her as he threw severl knives at her and pined her down before bring out the sword.

4/15/2011 #1,181

(Boris always seems to get the upper hand..Sorry if my reply's take ages, I'm on the family PC since i broke my net book and it's laggy.)

"Your soo annoying" Kirakira whined, trying to reach her Death Note. But to no avail since her arms were pinned down, she wigged her arms.

4/15/2011 #1,182
Jack C. Trade IV

(He's a hunter, He kows what he's doing, and kirakira is a teenaged girl, so it's not hard.)

Boris pick up the Death Note before she could reach it and stepped back. Sevel tags sparked and were about to explode.

4/15/2011 #1,183

Kirakira ripped her arms and legs away from the knives, which wasn't easy. She shot up and jumped onto Boris. "Give it!" She said, sinking her nails into the Death Note going to rip it away from him. Well..this isn't working out too well.. She thought.

4/15/2011 #1,184
Jack C. Trade IV

Severl bultes wrre fires at her, giving Boris time to ecape and disaapare for her sight as the Butlits went threw her body, making her bleed.

4/15/2011 #1,185

Kirakira hissed in pain, coughing out some blood. She began to run in what she remembered as the direction of the exit. Hm..Death note or staying alive? Definitely staying alive.. She thought.

4/15/2011 #1,186
Jack C. Trade IV

Boris Shook slightly as he fell to the floor, his energy being over taxed, saftly away from Kirakira. The Purple mist clearing and showing all the damage that had been done to the halls, his staff retresed and let Kirakira go.

(Now I have ta Go. Bye.)

4/15/2011 #1,187


Kirakira ran out of the exit, not stopping till she was off the land he owned. She groaned in pain, slumping down next to a tree. "Where the fuck am i?.." She muttered, looking around.

4/15/2011 #1,188
Jack C. Trade IV

Boris huffed as to of his men came to him, putting his arms over there sholders and carrying him away as he lost counsionuness.

4/16/2011 #1,189

Kirakira curled up in a ball, examining her new wings. "Freaky." She commented to herself, trying to ignore the pain.

4/18/2011 #1,190
Jack C. Trade IV

"Tracking suaspect 3."The twin boys said robiticly as they watched Kirakira, unseen by humans and shinigamis.

4/18/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #1,191

( Y'know. You can kill Kirakira, I've grown bored of her. )

Kirakira sighed, when she couldn't get up. She held on to the tree, trying to stand up again but failed. She hissed in pain when she moved too fast, her wounds protested.

4/20/2011 #1,192
Jack C. Trade IV

Severl flashes appared around Kirakira and she was pined down by long black swords. some perceing her body and inpersing her.

4/20/2011 #1,193

"Ow!" Kirakira cried out, not daring to move. "Oh for the love of go-" She broke off, frowning. She moved her head, trying to see if anyone was there.

4/21/2011 #1,194
Jack C. Trade IV

"Shinigami Exacution." The twins wispred as their formes shifted and before Kirakira could get a good look at them she was turned to dust.

4/21/2011 #1,195

Kirakira could barely manage a good look at anyone before everything when black and she ceased existing. All that lay there was dust.

(( Now. To make a new OC~ Hn. But i need inspiration..I bet L was having a field day throughout this. XD ))

4/22/2011 #1,196

(Time to try to revive this poor thing. A lot has happened to the OCs O.o Let's see if I can successfully bring back the canon characters, lol.)

Misa snapped the phone shut and threw it out the hotel window.

"That's the nineteenth time I've tried to call him today! Where, the hell is Light?!" Misa screamed.

Rem sighed. I knew this was going to happen, she thought, a few weeks of isolation and Misa is ready to snap.

4/27/2011 #1,197
Jack C. Trade IV

Boris was just waking up frem his exasution as the twin boys stood at his bed side. looking at each other before looking back down at their master who went back to sleep.

4/27/2011 #1,198

(( Finally. A New OC ))

Charisma swung her legs back and forth as she sat on the park bench. She originally planned to go out and shoot some tree's as target practice but she changed her mind half way on her way to the park.


Light leaned on a tree; he seemed deep in thought. Ugh..Everythings gone wrong! He thought annoyed It's all her fault. He was referring to Kirestin.

5/8/2011 #1,199
Jack C. Trade IV

Every one was looking for Light as Mr. Yagami cracked under the pressure of his son being Kira and let him go, not long after. Mr. Yagami suffred from an other heart attack. It is not know if he is alive or dead yet.

5/8/2011 #1,200
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