Ouran High School Host Club RP
A club for boys who have way too much time on their hands to entertain girls who also have way too much time on their hands. Welcome to the Ouran High School Host Club!
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Keira Higurashi

Before you start, read the rules . . . NOW. (T_T)


Nickname (If Any):


Apart of Host Club?:











Ouran Host Club Members:

Aruto Nakamura: First year

Michiru (Michi-kun) Kaita: First year

Nikolai (*cough* Mama *cough*) Alkaev: Second year

Kuro Haine: Third year

Ryouga (Ryou) Taniguchi: Second year

Shouta Nanbe: Second year

1/15/2011 . Edited 2/10/2011 #1

Name: Viviana DiAngelo

Nickname (If Any): Muse

Age: 17

Apart of Host Club?: No

Grade: Second year

Gender: Female

Personality: Calm, focused, dry, logical

Appearance: Petite. Wears bold framed glasses, not very fashionable, usually wears darker colors, her hair a deep brown, short and straight, just above her shoulders with straight bangs.

Bio: Viviana trained in America, a protege, wining gold and silvers (in Jr. Olympics like competitions) in gymnastics divisions. Though when she was only 13 her parents died in an elevator accident. Her and her brother were soon adopted by a middle class Japanese family who took care of them for a few years. They nurtured Viviana's talents, and through ballet lessons, gymnasium memberships, her well on her way to the worldwide olympics. However, one night her parents running late to one of her recitals, them running a red light and crashing into a truck carrying gasoline to a station. the tanker broke and the gas ignited. both of her new foster parents died in the wreck, and her little brother in a coma since. She is now under the care of her Nana, who is her foster mother's mother. She lives in the same apartment complex as Haruhi, and works at their local grocery store. Though Viviana is still only 17, her grades are at above graduate level. She knows that her Nana wont be able to support her forever, and is trying to graduate early to get a better job.

Likes: Summer Flowers, All Vegetable Bento Boxes, Classical Music, and of course, Ballet and Gymnastics

Dislikes: Over Confident People, Travelling in Cars, Meat, loud music

Strengths: Amazing flexabilty and fine tuned body. intellegent

Weaknesses: Easily offended when she feels she isnt respected, a bit hot headed and judgemental

1/19/2011 . Edited 1/19/2011 #2
Keira Higurashi

Name: Kuro Haine

Nickname (If Any): His mom calls him Kuro-chan, but otherwise N/A

Age: 17

Apart of Host Club?: Yes

Grade: Third Year

Gender: Male

Personality: He is usually a calm and laid-back kind of guy. Sometimes he can be a bit too lazy, and forgets the important details. It takes a lot to get him irritated, much less mad. He is smart, but his forgetfullness dulls it. He is rebellious. He's a spur of the moment kind of person, who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. But he likes getting good grades, so he typically doesn't ditch school for much. Even though he's not stoic, he's not exactly one to smile. He does smile a lot around cucumbers though, since it is his favorite food. He is easily tempted by it. Also a curious person.

Appearance: He has red, shaggy hair that occasionally gets in his eyes. He's tanned, but not dark skinned. Also slightly skinny. Other than his school uniform, he usually wears a white DC t-shirt with a green jacket with white stripes on the sleeves and black DC shoes. Also wears a cap turned to the side with goggles and a black and white sweatband. Pants-wise, he wears baggy jeans.

Bio: He was always the nerdy kid in past years, mostly because he wanted to be a scientist when no one else did. He doesn't necessarily hate it, but it wouldn't bother him if they had stopped. Because of this, he strongly dislikes bullying. In an effort to become more popular, he started working on a time machine. During his middle school years, he seemed to gain more friends until the time machine project wasn't for popularity, but a hobby. His parents left for Europe when he was fourteen so from then on he lived alone. He's given up on the time machine, but he hasn't given up science entirely. During his freshman year he joined the Host club. ("Because it seemed fun." *shrug*)

Likes: Cucumbers, J-Rock, science, reading, and spicy food.

Dislikes: Bullying and people with a big ego.

Strengths: Smart and easily adapts to surroundings and people (that's what makes him such a great host).

Weaknesses: He forgets things, A LOT.

Other: n/a

1/20/2011 #3
Mean Faol Banrigh

Name: Tómas Kirtlund

Nickname: Tómi

Age: 17

Apart of Host Club: No/Music player

Grade: Third Year

Gender: Male

Personality: Tómas seems to be a rude, mean, angry boy with suspicions floating around the school that he smokes and/or is a drunk in the making, though neither are true. On the inside, he really just needs a hug~

Appearance: He stands 6'4'' and has dark, hunter green eyes that get a lighter around the pupil. His hair is a dark, 'dirty' red and is made of loose curls, almost to the point of being waves. It hangs down between his shoulder blades and he wears it in a loose pony tail. His skin tone is pale, bordering on ivory, and he has light freckles that stand out more when he blushes.

Bio: He is a Scottish Foreign Exchange student. His father is the owner of a hospital in Scotland, and his mother is deceased. He is supposed to take over the family business, but he really doesn't want to.

Likes: Cute things -shhh! Its a secret!-, Euro-Rock, Euro-Pop, drawing

Dislikes: people that call his manliness into question

Strengths: he has a very smooth tongue when he wants too, but on the flip side of that, his tongue can also be sharp

Weaknesses: he has problems adjusting to new situations, and reacts with anger

Other: he's gay, and can play the guitar.

1/23/2011 . Edited 2/12/2011 #4
Keira Higurashi

Thanks for joining~! Tomas is accepted. ^^

1/23/2011 #5
Mean Faol Banrigh

Yay ^^

Any tips on how to come in?

1/23/2011 #6
Keira Higurashi

Well, nothing's really happened so far. I guess he could stumble upon the Host club and meet Kuro. *shrug*

1/23/2011 #7
Mean Faol Banrigh

Mmmkay~ ^^

1/23/2011 #8
Keira Higurashi

Eh, I need more host club members...

Name: Aruto Nakamura

Nickname (If Any): N/A

Age: 15

Apart of Host Club?: Yep

Grade: First Year

Gender: Male

Personality: A person who is optimistic and constantly gets into trouble. Even if the person doesn't want to, he'll try to make friends with everyone. He never thinks things through and even when he does he doesn't think too hard about it. He's extremely thick-headed and stubborn. He can whine and nag a lot, but he does that mostly when he's bored (but he can get bored easily...). He's naive and childish but he's loyal and has morals he stands by no mattter what. He isn't easily angered, but when he is angry he can hardly think straight. He's very passionate about skateboarding. All he wants from life is fun.

Appearance: He has black, spiky hair. His bangs fall a little bit over both eyes. Other than the school uniform, he wears a red shirt with a white jacket. The sleeves on the jacket are usually rolled up above his elbows. He has red elbow and knee pads. He also wears a red sweatband on his right arm, red and white pants and black sneakers.

Bio: Aruto lived a fairly comfortable life. It isn't as extravagent as most of the students at Ouran High. When he turned ten he received his first skateboard and he soon began to aspiring to be a skateboarder. Aruto's father, the CEO of a computer company, has never supported the idea of Aruto becoming a famous skateboarder because he has no other candidate for his heir. When he got accepted to Ouran, a member of the Host Club spotted him with a crowd of girls and decided to make him apart of the Host Club.

Likes: Skateboarding and food.

Dislikes: Overly sweet food and when people won't give into his charms (XD)

Strengths: He is always determined to make people have fun ;D

Weaknesses: He can get on people's nerves with his whining and sings horribly.


1/24/2011 #9

Name:Sakuya Mazaki

Nickname (If Any): Saa-chan


Apart of Host Club?:No



Personality:Sakuya is very timid and dislikes being the center of attention. She's always apologizing about the smallest things and she's very naive. Though she will stand up for friends if she needs to. (While failing miserably) She has a slight fear of boys and is easily embarrassed.

Appearance:Sakuya has light brown hair that reaches her shoulders and is slightly curly. She has hazel eyes and slightly pale skin for not getting out in the sun. She's short as she only stands at 5'1 and is slim. Usually keeps her hair in a half ponytail.

Bio:Sakuya lives with her mother and is middle classed. She got in to Ouran by paying half of tuition and the other as a scholarship for an essay contest. Her fear of boys came from living with her cousins who brainwashed into thinking that boys were scary and since has tried to avoid contact with them. Her father left her and her mother when she was only six years old. When she was younger she used to be very happy go lucky and had tons of friends, though when he left, she drifted apart from them. Since then she has had trust issues.

Likes:Cherries, sketching, kittens, and secretly karaoke.

Dislikes:Mean people, being the center of attention, and seeing others get hurt.

Strengths:Pretty skilled artist, she's a nice kid, and very polite.

Weaknesses:Boys (seeing as she's afraid of them) , she's a pushover, and is pretty clumsy.

Other:I'll send in a male oc tomorrow, seeing as its pretty late right now.

1/27/2011 #10
Keira Higurashi

Hello there. Welcome to ze forum! ^^ Sakuya is accepted!

1/27/2011 #11

Thanks. ^-^ Here's my male character.

Name:Ryouga Taniguchi

Nickname (If Any):Ryou


Apart of Host Club?:Yes



Personality:He's pretty apathetic when it comes to school. Though when it comes to girls, he's pretty much a seductive monster. He may seem cold an aloof at first, but after a while he warms up to people. He has a slight temper that only goes off if he sees that his friends and customers are being pushed around or bullied. He's kind of blunt.

Appearance:He stands at 5'9 and had bleached white hair that is about neck length and slightly shaggy. He has bangs that slightly cover his left eye. He is slightly tan and slightly toned. He has a sort of punk style and wears a silver cross necklace. Has a few piercings in his right ear. Usually wears uniform untucked and rarely wears his blazer.

Bio:He's had an okay life style and his family comes from a long line of lawyers. Although he doesn't really care for it. He's the middle child so no one really cares about what he does. He has one older sister and a younger brother. He lives with both parents though sees his dad more than his mom since she's always working. His grades are pretty average so he's in the B group. He decided to enter the Host Club to pass the time since he doesn't really get along that well with his siblings.

Likes:Girls, track, and competing.

Dislikes:Waking up early, the cold, and rainy days.

Strengths:He has a way with girls, he's a fast runner and he is pretty strong.

Weaknesses:He's afraid of bugs, isn't very intelligent, and is horrible at cooking.

Other:He loves spicy foods and he just transferred into ouran after moving to be closer to his mom's work.

1/27/2011 #12
Keira Higurashi

Awesomeness! Ryouga's accepted as well.

1/27/2011 #13

Thanks. ^-^ So do I just jump in on where you guys left off last time? Sorry I'm a bit new to RPing.

1/27/2011 #14
Keira Higurashi

No prob. Just go ahead!

1/27/2011 #15
Keira Higurashi

Name: Natsuki Hitomi

Nickname (If Any): N/A

Age: 16

Apart of Host Club?: No

Grade: Second Year

Gender: Female

Personality: A very optimistic, upbeat person. She's always dreaming, though doing isn't her thing. She is very loyal, but she is naive. She can be a little outspoken and doesn't take the time to think about her words. She's not very mature and prone to whining. Also very competitive, but besides competitions (or what she takes as one) she doesn't take things seriously. She is afraid of water.


Bio: She is the daughter of the CEO of a hotel line, so hospitality's the number one priority in her family. Tired of all the manners, she transferred to Ouran High during her first year. Ever since then, she's been obsessed with the Host Club and has a liking for all of the hosts.

Likes: The Host Club, sweets, anime and J-Pop

Dislikes: Water, spicy food, and scary movies

Strengths: She is good with management and she can also be very persuasive.

Weaknesses: Relies a little too much on television for her information. Also prone to fangirlism. Be very careful during her . . . episodes.


1/27/2011 #16

I just thought up of another character. Lol. He's going to be...pretty interesting.

Name:Michiru Kaita

Nickname (If Any):Mi-chan or Michi-kun. Depending on how he's dressed.


Apart of Host Club?:Yes


Gender:Male (Though he cross dresses as a girl sometimes)

Personality:Michiru can be described as a bit of a pervert. When he's crossdressing as a girl, he has a very hyper and clingy personality and way girly...though he's kind of forward towards the guys and girls. Mainly to Ryou because he knows it bugs him. When he's not crossdressing he tends to be kind of stoic, though he still enjoys teasing people.

Appearance:He's pretty slim for a guy and stands at 5'6. When he's crossdressing he keeps his shoulder length black hair out if its usual low ponytail. He also wears the girl uniform and wears fake boobs. He's pretty pale and can easily pull off looking like a girl. When he's not he just keeps his hair in a ponytail and wears the uniform.

Bio:He wants to be an actor, though his dad doesn't really want him to. In order to rebel, he started dressing as a girl and walking out in public. He has a younger sister and since he is the oldest they wanted him to be

Likes:Teasing people, acting, cute girls/boys, and flowers.

Dislikes:Annoying people (though he is one), dirt, dogs, and mangoes.

Strengths:He's easy to talk to, he's a pretty good gardener, and math.

Weaknesses:Being a pervert, English, and candy.

Other:He's bi.

1/28/2011 #17
Keira Higurashi

That is pretty interesting. *nods* Buuuuuuuuuuuut, Michiru's accepted, 'cause I already like him. ^^

1/28/2011 #18
Keira Higurashi

Name: Mio Meruto

Nickname (If Any): Mimi

Age: 15

Apart of Host Club?: No

Grade: First year

Gender: Female

Personality: She is spoiled and can be a brat at times. Also painfully honest. She is very egotistical and is not afraid to snap back at you if you ever question her appearance ("'Cause I'm cute and you can't deny it~!"). She can be a flirt and a tease, and is often jealous when she feels challenged. Despite that, deep down (and we're talking DEEP deep down) she really is nice. She can be extremely dramatic (ex. *one hair falls out of place* "OH MY GOD, MY HAIR IS RUINED. D8" *world explodes*) and a little pessimistic. She has a dad complex.

Appearance: Her hair is wavy, and is a vibrant pink. It falls to the middle of her back. Her bangs drop right below her eyebrows. She has blue eyes, and is an almost white pale. She takes pride from having a great figure. In school, she tends to wear her hair up, usually pig tails. Outside of school, she likes to wear it down. Besides her uniform, she likes to wear girly dresses and skirts (most of them are purple and pink).

Bio: She was born to a family famous for being sickly. Despite the fact that he was always sick, Mimi's father always managed to make time for her in between meetings and company business. He always gave her gifts, so she expected one every visit. Her mother disapproved of his behavior and told him not to spoil her so. When she was nine, her parents divorced. In depression and in stress, Mimi fainted. She was sent to the hospital and then it was found that she had a life-threatening disease which wasn't all that big of a surprise had it been a healthy family. She was told she only had until her third year of high school to live if she didn't strain herself too much. She keeps this to herself since she sees no real reason why she should share it with anyone.

Likes: Compliments, her father, modeling, expensive gifts, cute, girly things that are not as cute as her, flowers, Mexican food, and the color purple.

Dislikes: Anyone or anything that could possibly be more cute than her, cats (she's allergic), and work.

Strengths: She has perfected puppy dog eyes and can persuade almost anyone with it. Also a gifted shopper and has a great sense of style.

Weaknesses: She hates doing work if she fears it has the possibility of breaking her nails and/or ruining her hair. Somewhat relating to that, she's very protective of her hair, so it's really rare if she lets you touch it.

Other: She's a high-maintenance kind of girl, if you know what I mean. ; )


Name: Shota Nanbe

Nickname (If Any): N/A

Age: 16

Apart of Host Club?: No

Grade: Second year

Gender: Male

Personality: He's a very timid person who usually only speaks when spoken to or when it's necessary. He is always at the back of the crowd, and isn't that great at socializing. He also blushes very easily and tends to be too innocent for his own good. Also very optimistic, but can be a coward in a time of need.


Bio: His dad is a cop, so that's pretty much the reason why he hates injustice so much, because he's exposed to it daily. Of course, he didn't get into Ouran because of his wealth. He got a scholarship from getting exceptional test scores (in math especially).

Likes: Animals, the environment, and scary movies

Dislikes: Stereotypes and injustice.

Strengths: Though he keeps it to himself, he is a pretty good soccer player.

Weaknesses: He's a shy guy, and unless you make a move first he's probably going to pass right by. :'D

Other: This character isn't very well done. Sorry. I'm tired . . . .

1/29/2011 #19
Mean Faol Banrigh

Name: Nikolai Alkaev

Nickname (If Any): Kolya to his Mom,Kolenka to his Dad, Kolka to others who wish to annoy him. (Despite the fact that I am meaning for him to be this host clubs Kyoya, any attempts at calling him Mama in the RP will likely get people slapped. XD)

Age: 17

Apart of Host Club?: Yes

Grade: 2nd year

Gender: male

Personality: He likes a challenge of any sorts, and could easily be called this generations 'Shadow King'. He has a bad habit of leaving 'a', 'an', and 'the' out of his sentences, which, combined with his accent makes for a rather intimidating manner of speech. He is not a morning person and his brain tends not to function properly in morning, which shows his Russian roots even more, because word order flies out the window, and random Russian words will be thrown in, if he doesn't speak entirely in Russian. He is friendly when customers are around, but when they are not, he would often rather spend time on the computer he carries with him at all times than spend it with the other hosts.

Appearance: He has white-blonde hair that is falls just short of his chin, bangs shorter and hanging almost at his eyebrows. He has soft purple eyes that seem a little larger because of his (lilac framed)glasses, long eye lashes, and high cheek bones, but a soft face. He stands at 5'11 1/2'', but has an oddly thin and almost delicate build for a male, topped off by thin wrists and long, pianists fingers. Out side of school, he will normally dress in comfortable jeans, and long sleeve shirts, either button downs or polo's. He always wears a long hand made, white-purple scarf that his Babushka(grandmother) gave to him.

Bio: He is Russian born, but moved to Japan two years ago with his parents

Likes: Physics, Psychology, Astronomy, Music, and Sunflowers

Dislikes: Hyper people, Annoying people, Biology

Strengths: Languages, Reading people, and Intimidation

Weaknesses: He is anemic, and hypotensive

Other: He is fluent in Finnish, Japanese, Russian, German, French, and English, and plays the violin. He has a Norweigen Forest Cat named Lyosha (

2/10/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #20
Keira Higurashi

Ohohohoho, I see such fun with this character. XD


2/10/2011 #21
Mean Faol Banrigh

Oh~? XD

2/10/2011 #22
Keira Higurashi

And done! ^^

Name: Rena Aikawa

Nickname (If Any): Her idol name is Kokoro, and she'd much rather be called that then Rena.

Age: 16

Apart of Host Club?: Nope. But she's apart of a maid cafe (which I still have not thought of a name for...)

Grade: Second Year

Gender: Female

Personality: She finds flirting fun, but only as a game, and enjoys toying with boys. Otherwise, she doesn't like to play, she wants to work, and only for the merits. Naturally manipulative and always scheming. She likes to be one step ahead of everyone, no matter who she is against. Always goes for the win, and can be a sore loser. When she loses, she'll want to get even. Sees life as one big competition. Her reputation is everything to her, and she cares about what the important people (to her) think of her. Easily hides her emotions, and usually maintains her composure. But when she's mad, you'll know. Getting her to trust you takes a lot of work and talent. Despite the fact she's kind of evil in a way, she's really singing for herself and because she enjoys it, not for the fame and fortune. Also a very hard worker despite the fact she's a rich girl.


Bio: Mio and Rena have never liked each other, and they have been competing in everything since they were kids. Rena just happens to top Mio in vocals and health. She didn't seem to be as sickly as her family members. An agent discovered her at a very young age, and she's been in the show business ever since. She was once a member of the popular girl group, L.O.V.E., but went solo after her boyfriend broke up with her for the lead vocalist of the group. In order to get even with her ex, she joined the local maid cafe. She is used to paparazzi stalking her.

Likes: Flirting, singing, ramen, hard work, and throwing darts (especially at her enemies/ex-boyfriend)

Dislikes: Ex-boyfriend, L.O.V.E., and annoying, obnoxious people.

Strengths: Singing, being very competitive and very hard-working.

Weaknesses: Trust issues, selfish, and rarely ever shows any mercy.

Other: Mio's cousin and who I see as a sort of . . . evil character.

2/14/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #23

Name:Manami Rover(She will kill you if you call her that.)

Nickname (If Any):Rainy


Apart of Host Club?:Nope

Grade:First year


Personality:loyal,sneaky,brave and crazy in a good way.

Appearance:Has long,soft sandy blonde hair with sea green/stormy grey eyes(nobody knows whats her eye color is,since it changes.) and one of her bang covers a eye.Medium height,skinny,and has a light tan skin.Usally has her hair down,but sometimes it is in a ponytail with a baseball hat over it.

Bio:Her mother and father would travel around the world,so she would follow them.Her mother loves the sea,so that how she got that name.Born in America on May 26,1995 and ever since she was little.Maniami has a love for music,whenever she would go,Rainy would sing in her head,since she never tolded anybody that she loves music.Her parents would sent her to boot camps and that where she learned how to fight,but she won't hurt anybody.Also she got her nickname because whenever she is sad or in a bad mood,it would begin to rain.

Likes:Sports such as softball,volleyball,football,(She knows it's a guy sport,but she doesn't care and Rainy is awsome at it.)soccer,basketball and hockey.Music is always apart of her life and she just loves it.Cooking is like heaven for her because of the smell and she just like being close to fire.

Dislikes:Make up is one of the worst enemy she has and don't get me started on putting on eye shadow.Hates popular kids because they just think that they rule the school.High heels is just as worst as make up and it makes it so easy for you to trip in them.

Strengths:Anything that is about music or sports.

Weaknesses:If there is something a problem,she would tell no one about it.Has ADHD and whenever you are annoying her,she would do something bad to you or she would let it slide.

Other:Always wears a locket that was her grandma's before she died.(Locket: )

2/18/2011 #24
Keira Higurashi

Two words for you. . . Mary. Sue.

I'm sorry, but I'm very blunt. ^^"

2/22/2011 #25
Mean Faol Banrigh

(Mrerp. I wanna add Nikolai's family~)

Name: Nikolai Alkaev (Senior)

Age: 42

Relation: Father

Personality: He has an air about him that sends the clear signal that he is not to be crossed, but despite this, he does enjoy being around people, and wishes that Kolenka would invite friends over to the house.

Appearance: He is a tall man, standing at 6'6 1/2'', with broad shoulders and a sturdy build, he is never seen outside the house without leather gloves on, to hide the fact that he has no finger prints. He has soft blonde hair, and blue-grey eyes that look a little purple in some light, he wears glasses when he reads, and dresses in a very business like manner.

Job: He is a boss of the local branch of the Russian Mafia.

Other: He has three black great danes(Arkadiy, Cyzarine, and Rasputin), that act like decorative couch potatoes, and occasionally as extra intimidation when needed. The three of them have been trained very well and when given the command, they can be very aggressive. But they are normally very cuddly, and think they are lap dogs.


Name: Yekaterina Alkaev

Age: 39

Relation: Mother

Personality: She is a sweet and kind woman, and enjoys having her friends over, so the house is rarely absent of atleast two or three women. She truly has a heart of gold, and is big on hospitality, often cooking food for people, even if they are only over for a short visit.

Appearance: She has long, white blonde hair and soft purple eyes, with long eye lashes, high cheek bones, and a soft face. She is only about 5'7'' and has a small frame with a delicate build, looking even smaller when compared to her husband.

Job: She sews, making and selling everything from quilts to customized dresses and suits, and everything inbetween.


=D You can expect that there will be Christmas party(merp, they is Russian, alcohol is served to those that want it) invitations and the such to the hosts from Sr. and Katya, much to the embarrassment of Nikolai~ And they will let any of the hosts in the house at most any time of day, so this opens up lots of out-of-school opportunities to fuck with Nikolai... And possibly scare the shit out of the second Low blood pressure evil lord by being there when he wakes up XDD

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/16/2011 #26
Keira Higurashi

Accepted. Sorry, I haven't been on. I've been busy moving, so I haven't been able to concentrate on my FF account....

3/17/2011 #27
Mean Faol Banrigh


You're moving?

3/17/2011 #28
Keira Higurashi

Well, we haven't really settled into the house and we're staying at my relative's house.

So, really, we're homeless. o_o

3/17/2011 #29
Mean Faol Banrigh


3/17/2011 #30
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