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Jack Barrington
The epicosity of the Red Shores campaign was just too much to fit into one RP! Now, as the story continues, 1977 is coming to a close, and while everyone in Fort Clinton is still hanging on to the Christmas spirit, the United States (formerly the New Culper Ring, or Culperites), headed by Alex Mason, has driven Pirandello Kruger and the zombie pandemic back. However, PK is launching small terrorist attacks and has a missing neutron bomb that could wipe out all life in a major city, the zombies are mutating, Frank Fontaine (alias Atlas) might have survived the events of the Rapture Civil War in 1960, and Destruction on Demand destroyed a significant portion of North Korean leadership, causing its ally, the Soviet Union, to mobilize for taking on the United States, the only thing that stands between it and global communism. What will happen when World War III heats up and millions of men and women collide on America's shores in the biggest battles in world history? Find out on Bloody Skies!
8/10/2011 #1

(that's so weird...)

"You seriously think?....Dude,when we're kids again,I won't love you...if you think that then your stupid..."Brittany insulted as she walked away...

8/10/2011 #2
Jack Barrington
(They should stay as teenagers and love each other...seeing as how they're much more interesting this way, and Brittany will get pregnant.) "I knew it...I'm not worthy of you, Brittany," Ragi sighed. "Why won't you believe that I love you with my whole heart?"
8/10/2011 #3

"I believe you..but..I'm not really 18!!I'm 6 years old Ragi,get that through your tiny head!!I'm not gonna be 18 till 12 years!"Brittany shouted as tears fell from her eyes...

(it can happen...but once again...MUST CON VINCE!)

8/10/2011 #4
Jack Barrington
"I'm not really 18 either...does that mean that we can't be in love. And we don't have to do anything ever like what we just did again until you and I are both actually 18." (Oh, and Rec Room pls?)
8/10/2011 #5
Charged Cupa

"GAAAHHH!!! M-mom w-wasn't!" Phasma was getting weaker...

8/10/2011 #6

"You still have to wait 11 years!!Look you know what I want to do?TURN INTO FREAKING KIDS AGAIN!!!"Brittany yelled.

8/10/2011 #7
Jack Barrington
"Oh, she enjoyed it alright..." Rose smiled, then licked Phasma's pussy with her tongue. ***** "We can't really go back, not after what happened," Ragi said.
8/10/2011 #8

"Why are so freakin ignorant?God.........yes we can....Ruby did this,she can fix it!"Brittany said glaring..

8/10/2011 #9
Jack Barrington
"Actually, Ruby didn't do this...those fucking angels did," Ragi muttered.
8/10/2011 #10

"Nevermind...."Brittany muttered."But I guess your still stupid,because you don't get that I'm really just 6 years old...."

(may have been easy with the scene.......but this time super hard...)

8/10/2011 #11
Charged Cupa

"Please... Stop!" Phasma groaned.

8/10/2011 #12
Jack Barrington
Rose ignored her and kept on licking Phasma's pussy and broke her wall... ***** "I know you're emotionally a six year old, but that doesn't matter. I love you whether you're six or 99."
8/10/2011 #13

Brittany sighed madly."You think because I had sex with you I love you?Your fucking wrong..."

8/10/2011 #14
Charged Cupa

"OOOUUCH!" Phasma cried out in pain.

8/10/2011 #15
Calamity Koala

...and then suddenly the window smashed. Cheshire flew through the window and landed on his back near Phasma.

"...fuck." he coughed, putting his hand on his ribs.

8/10/2011 #16
Jack Barrington
Rose teleported Cheshire away, then continued to eat out Phasma. "Don't worry, sweetheart...this is more pleasurable than painful." ***** "No, I think you love me because you could have left me to die, but chose to save my life and let me save yours..." Ragi said.
8/10/2011 #17
Patchman Beyond
James and Will had teleported to a safer location. "Okay James, I've been hanging around New York now for a little, while longer than you have. I heard you talking to Eleanor Lamb about how you saw into Porter's head. That plus how you have such articulate control over Telekinesis makes me think that you have psychic powers. Aside from the ADAM." Will said. - James was slightly surprised by this, "Really?" James asked. -- Will nodded. "Listen, things are getting hairy. Our intellegence says that there's an invasion happeneing soon. Lutwidge is calling in his Commie friends. When they arrive, they might try to rendez-vous with Lutwidge. I'm going to use this to locate the slippery bastard and get close to him." -- "What does this have to do with my psychic powers?" James asked. -- "Our intellegence has found the location of a few old PK facilities in Fairpoint. They were used to study psychic powers as well as apply them to warfare. Psychic commanders that could command squads of brainless soldiers." Will explained. He pulled a map out of his coat and handed it to James. "This will show you the locations of those facilities. Hopefully the facilities can help you with your powers." -- James took the map, "Will, when you say "our intellegence" you mean Atlas' and his followers." -- "I know what your thinking, and I'll let you in on something. Atlas isn't Fontaine, infact this person is one of the last people you'd suspect of being Atlas." Will said with a grin
8/10/2011 #18
Calamity Koala

Jess suddenly dived through the window, looking for Cheshire. A gun shot rang out, and it hit a vase. Jess spun around and through hooks out the window, before diving out.

8/10/2011 #19
Charged Cupa

Phasma moaned "P-please... don't do it..." she said weakily.

8/10/2011 #20
Calamity Koala

Cheshire was thrown into the room again. He quickly scrambled to his feet, while paying hardly any attention to the situation that was going on with Phasma.

8/10/2011 #21

Brittany stopped her glaring and smiled."Thanks and well I'm sorry for yelling at you.."

8/10/2011 #22
Charged Cupa

(I think Cheshire should leave them...)

8/10/2011 #23
Calamity Koala

(K. Allow me to correct this...)

Jess leaped in through the windoow, grabbed Cheshire and hurled him out the window, jumping down with him.

8/10/2011 #24

Emily whistled as she sat on a branch very bored....

8/10/2011 #25
Jack Barrington
"It's OK...a lot has happened lately," Ragi sighed. "But we've been friends through a lot worse, and if you'll honor me with your love, we can be more than that." ***** "Just'll enjoy your orgasm," Rose smiled and ate out Krystal's daughter faster.
8/10/2011 #26

Emily sensed two people were in a twist,and with that she jumped to Ragi and Brittany..

"Well...I-"Brittany paused as she was grabbed by Emily.Emily appeared in a far away place." trouble huh?Poor you......I know whats troubling you....your a girl who wants to live life completely huh?"She asked."Y-yes..."Brittany said in fear...

8/10/2011 #27
Charged Cupa

Phasma was about to cum "P-please! Stop!"

8/10/2011 #28
Patchman Beyond

James was once again mildly surprised by his brother, "So someone else is using Atlas as an alias now?"

"Yeah, and that over-aggressive sod jack doesn't know that. i think I'm going to lead him on a bit more before I drop the news." Will said with a notorious snicker.

James looked at the map.

"Merry Christmas James, that's your present. Good luck with that." Will said.

"Yeah, you too Will."

With that will jumped off. James had to return too his splicers and return to Fairpoint.

8/10/2011 #29

"So,because a woman has put this spell on you,makes you mad right?Well because if that,your not living life to the fullest.And Ragi wants to stay like this,but you don't.Everyone likes to be right but your right,and he's right........he loves you because your a beautiful girl.....he would never use you or anything....but your right....until your actually 18,you should then discuss what happened...or do it you love Ragi?"Emily asked."Y-yes...a l-little.."Brittany stuttered."So you want it to happen now?Or later?"Emily asked."I-i guess.....n-now..."Brittanu said.Emily smiled."Then go get your boy......."She said.Brittany smiled and nodded as she disappeared and appeared in front of Ragi....

8/10/2011 #30
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