Everyone's getting bored of the same old couples, so I'm here to spice it up by opening a forum for new couple ideas. Couples can be rejected or adored by the public, and if they sound good, they'll be opened in a new message for roleplaying.
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The Great Mikey Weston

Here's the start of this list. Feel free to suggest a new pairing here.

1/16/2011 #1
The Great Mikey Weston


Ummmm... This is a bit awkward...

I came up with this one a while ago, and since no one seems to know about it and no one is posting on this topic at all, here it is:

...what about Luvbi x Dimentio? o_o (Or, as I named it, PureChaosShipping...) Okay, okay. You can kill me now. *cringes*

4/28/2011 #2
Crazee Canadia

Dude, I just GOT that game and I haven't gotten to the part with Luvbi! (Still stuck on the first chapter you play with Peach.)

Hmm, a Pure Heart turned Nimbi and the game's main villain... how would that work, may I ask? I've seen nothing but Natasia or Mimi paired with Dimentio

4/29/2011 #3
The Great Mikey Weston

All I thought was "Hmm, a Pure Heart and the main villain. ...Whoa."

Believe me, that's all I've seen, too. Actually, I think one of my friends suggested Dimentio x Timpani at one point... but that's off the subject. Most unfortunately for Luvbi (or... fortunately... I have yet to work that out) she's looking for a prince, and Dimentio probably has the charm (oh gosh) to get Luvbi infatuated with him... I kinda thought if he IS dead and Luvbi liked him, she'd be able to bring him back to life, and that would kinda be his ultimate goal? ...But with the way romance works he'd probably become overly fond of her. Actually, I think if there were ever a story about them it would be very Romeo and Juliet-ish *shot* Oh Grambi...

Anyway, that was just my take on it. It was a spontaneous thought, really. *shrug*

4/30/2011 #4
Crazee Canadia

Hmm. That does sound like it could happen. It doesn't seem as weird as this pairing my cousin gave me one time while I was playing Super Paper Mario. He was all like, "Hey, what if Tippi had a crush on Mario and she told him and, stuff, y'know?"

I'm now sitting here wondering if a Pixl and Mario even makes any sense!

...bad image.

Something off topic right fast - ever notice how Waluigi is never even mentioned in Paper Mario? But yet you can change Mario's clothes to look like his is TTYD? Well, I saw this one picture - the person liked Vivian X Waluigi. Made NO sense to me aside from the fact they both like purple.

4/30/2011 #5
The Great Mikey Weston

I wonder if anyone would review a Dimentio x Luvbi story if I wrote one...

Possible spoiler alert: Tippi DOES have a crush on Mario. (Luvbi points it out, ironically enough, since we happen to be talking about Luvbi.)

Picture? I saw a FANFICTION that implied Waluigi x Vivian. (It was really obscure, and I only found it by looking waaay back in the archive to where old stories are banished.) It was never completed, but I kinda went "Whoa... what the heck?" It made no sense to me. I've heard of many Vivian pairings (one of them involves ANOTHER subject in our conversation, Dimentio) but Vivian x Waluigi just boggles my mind...

4/30/2011 #6
Crazee Canadia

There could be a possibility. You may never know...

Yeah, I read the article on the Mario Wiki. Made me giggle. And I read Luvbi's article all the way through, so now I seem to completely understand your look on Luvbi X Dimentio.

Hmm... was this fanfiction crappily written? I might have to go see if it is as bad as My Immortal. And Dimentio X Vivian? ...I think people only pair Vivian with others who have some dark, purply color on them because they think it matches. :/

5/1/2011 #7
The Great Mikey Weston

I have a sporting chance, then! *celebratory fist-pump*

Heh, it's not hard to go through Luvbi's article, it's not very long at all. (I should know, I scanned it myself while I was musing about Dimentio x Luvbi. It was hardly any information to go on, so I'm guessing I'll have to improvise a lot about her lifestyle, personality, etc. if I end up going through with the fanfic. Oh boy...)

I've heard about that story (though I have not read it... I read a trollfic called Starkit's Prophecy that's so bad that I just laugh at how awful it is, I think that's a good comparison.) It wasn't badly written, it just didn't really go anywhere and it was clearly a very drab story about nothing but a difficult, budding romance. It was pretty weird...

I've seen Koops x Vivian, which is actually amazing, and I think in the RIGHT context a very minor suggestion of Vivian x Dimentio (though onesided would be good, too) would be plausible for a story. Plausible, though one would have to be careful with how they go about writing it...

5/1/2011 #8
Crazee Canadia

Do it! Do it! DO THE ROAR! (If you haven't seen the last Shrek then you have no idea what cheesyness you've missed)

...but I"m special ed! Just kidding - *shot* Yeah, you might have to make a few changes. Tweak here and there... maybe it might be good.

I read the version with commentary, and I laughed so hard I cried. Starkit's Prophecy? What category is that in? (I like reading trollfics and their reviews. It's amusing somehow).

Yeah, Koops X Vivian is something I expected, then again I'm surprised I haven't seen a story where Koops cheats on Koopie Koo with Vivian. And Vivian X Dimentio might make a good onesided story - but how would they know about each other, per-say? ...idea loading...

5/2/2011 #9
The Great Mikey Weston

Shrek? The first was amazing, the second was also amazing. The third one was bad enough, though- I hate how the series declined a bit there, despite it still being okay- so I'm actually pretending the last one doesn't exist. How is it? (And I can still do Shoop da Whoop if I really wanted to...)

I think I have an idea forming... I should probably write this down somewhere... *rummages through messy dungeon that can hardly be called a 'room'* (Heh, actually no, my room's pretty clean. Just cluttered.)

Send me a link, if you can. Starkit's Prophecy is from Warriors (it's a book series about feral cats living in the wild as groups called 'Clans'), and it's really awful because the main character is a Mary-Sue, the grammar is terrible, and there are gay cats. ...I don't think cats can be gay... can they? They can't kiss, either, and cats kiss in that story. My correction obsession is making me rewrite the whole thing to be an epic. (Mind you, I don't intend to post it unless everyone makes me.) In the reviews there are lots of nasty comments (because the authoress called all the flamers Satanists) but there are a lot of sarcasticly hilarious comments, random comments calling it a work of poetry, and one comment that made me scream because it contained a bit of a type of crossover story I've been searching everywhere for. WHY the person doesn't put it up, I don't know...

I'm already on that. I'm planning a Paper Mario-style story with Vivian as the main character, and at the moment I intend to make Dimentio one of her partners... though I'm wondering how I'll do that. I also intend to make Mimi and Timpani partners, so I'm wondering if one of them should try to convince him... (Oh my gosh, I have an idea, but I DON'T think I should use it.)

5/2/2011 #10
Crazee Canadia

Its actually kind of dumb. Don't watch it unless you have absolutely nothing to do.

Yeah, write it down and type it whenever you fell being all typist and stuff. I won't comment on my room either.

I will, I will try... although it may take me a while, my internet is being dumb because of storms raging through.

I'm sure that you'll figure out a way, you seem like the kind of person that would.

5/4/2011 #11
The Great Mikey Weston

Even when I have nothing to do, I have something to do. *sigh*

Typist... *flails on keyboard* I wonder if people would do dance moves on a giant keyboard to write stuff...?

Eh, same here.


5/7/2011 #12
Crazee Canadia

Same here! When I have nothing to do I either have homework or chores! GAH!

That reminds me! Have you ever heard of Mario Dance Dance Revolution? The ONLY game where Waluigi is the bad guy? I read this one story (not here, on some other website) based off that game, only Waluigi was trying to win some girl named Maple's heart by dancing - it was weird! And I think they meant Maple from the Nintendo 64 Mario Golf game. Though I don't see how that'd, aside from the fact that Nintendo has a lot of female charcters that only appear in one or two games before they're thrown away or whatever and Waluigi is never really in a main Mario series game.

5/7/2011 #13
The Great Mikey Weston

Exactly. And when I don't have either of those, I have fanfics to type up.

Have I heard of it? I can do Always Smiling on Super Hard mode and get an A. (It was difficult reaching that point-- it took me days to get the patterns and energy to pass it-- but it was so worth seeing the look on my friend's face... *good memories*) And technically, Waluigi hardly makes any appearances. Sure, he released the Music Keys, but Bowser was the final boss. Poor Waluigi... first time being in a game as a bad guy, and he shows up for like, ten minutes. *sighs* As for Waluigi x Maple, I played Mario Golf 64 ONCE in my entire life, and I must've been seven, so I have no idea who she is. *sweatdrop* Yeah... I guess if she never reappears, it kinda works...

5/7/2011 #14
Crazee Canadia

Dude, everybody that I know has never heard of that game. It depresses me. It looks like fun.

Speaking of Mario Golf, there are a LOT of characters that only appear ONCE in the game. Maple was one of the 20 or so human characters in all the old Mario Golf Games, if I remember my Mario Golf info correctly. Or course, if I were to pair Waluigi with a Mario Golf human character, I'd have to go with Paula from Mario Power Tennis only because of her hair :B.

5/8/2011 #15
The Great Mikey Weston

Fun? You know what's depressing? Being the only competent player... Everyone else started failing halfway through Story Mode. On normal. *sigh* Normal is only the second difficulty...

Her hair? Why her hair?

5/8/2011 #16
Crazee Canadia

Dude, on games like those I always start on the hardest setting and go from there. I work backward.

Because her hair is longer then she is tall. I'm pretty sure Waluigi would be a guy for long hair, or long something. If not then some other redheaded chick, I dunno. They just seem like that sort of... weird match, y'know? Either that or I'm slowly going insane.

5/10/2011 #17
E-Mir the Luminoth

Hmm...How about Peach/Bowser and Daisy/Ludwig? I find them cute and some fics are amazing with these couples..

5/28/2011 #18
The Great Mikey Weston

I've heard of both, actually... Peach x Bowser is actually a ship I already support, and Intersperse proved that Daisy x Ludwig is plausible in the right setting. *shrug*

5/28/2011 #19
E-Mir the Luminoth

Wow I never would've thought I'd find another Bowser x Peach fan like me! I like it better then Peach x Mario..

5/28/2011 #20
The Great Mikey Weston

I agree there. Peach x Mario is... eh. It's the usual. Bowser x Peach just seems... I dunno, right. In the sense that it's more reasonable and healthy (as far as couples go) than Peach x Mario. Plus I'm just a sucker for heroine x villain/hero x villainess.

5/28/2011 #21
E-Mir the Luminoth

How about Samus X Ridley? It's like Peach X Bowser..But I'd have to say she'd be better with Rundas had he survived..

5/28/2011 #22
The Great Mikey Weston

Eh, well, Samus x Ridley isn't really a Mario pairing, but... I dunno. It kind of disturbs me. Speaking of Samus I read a Samus x Sonic fanfic in the SSBB forums once. ...It was... interesting. *shrug* Not bad.

10/24/2011 #23

Wesker X Claire (Resident Evil) and Sonya x Kano (Mortal Kombat) HA! Take that haters lol.... sorry if I intruded in the conversation :S

12/21/2011 #24

Ok... I am new to this so I'll start off slow. How about KamekXKammy Koopa???

2/9/2012 #25
The Great Mikey Weston

... *1UPs dead forum*

Kamek x Kammy, huh? I've seen it done. It's not bad, not bad.

2/9/2012 #26

Someone mentioned Vivian x Waluigi earlier....

I read a fic (if you can call it that because it was just the one chapter and no way near finished) with those two. It was called Kindred Shadows, is that the fic you were referring to earlier? lol.

I've seen/read worse.... (O_o)

8/3/2012 #27
Holly Pearlwing

Mr. LX Pauline

10/3/2012 #28
Alita Tiala
I've always been partial to WaluigixPauline. I actually like it more than WaluigixRosalina. A.d don't hurt me little sister got me into Funky KongxRosalina.
10/25/2012 #29

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