Wicked rp! please join!
My current obcession: Wicked! I love Wicked and I want to start a roleplay! I tried on another site but no1 would join. Any1 wanna join here?
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Hi! K this is where you choose what character you want to be! You can even make an OC if you want! :D Here's our list so far....

Glinda: BroadwayBabeWA

Elphaba: AnimegirlTohru

Nessa: EaglestarisAwesome

Fiyero: Areyoufeelingwicked

Boq: EaglestarisAwesome

The Wizard:


Dr. Dillamond:

Note: If you are not on anyone can play your character. I won't delete anyone though, I don't believe in that :D

1/16/2011 . Edited 2/1/2012 #1
Broadway Babe WA

Hey!! so is this the one where there's like no one on?! Anyways, obviously I'm the usual G(a)linda so yup.

2/1/2011 #2

Yay! Lol I haven't been on my forums in a LONG time! Haha. I'm Elphie obviously!

7/4/2011 #3

(Hey, I'm a Fiyero on another forum but if someone else comes along who'd like to be him, I'd like to try my luck with Nessarose.)

7/6/2011 #4

Oh hi! :D Lol love your fanfics :) So you'd like to be Fiyero then? Il update that right now.

7/7/2011 #5

(Ah! Thank you! Sure!)

7/7/2011 #6

(Can I be Nessa and Boq? That's my fave couple)

2/1/2012 #7

Eagle: Sure!

AYFW: Hey sorry I haven't been on here in forever!

2/1/2012 #8


2/3/2012 #9

This Roleplay topic takes place during the Wicked musical!


12/4/2012 #10
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