Wicked rp! please join!
My current obcession: Wicked! I love Wicked and I want to start a roleplay! I tried on another site but no1 would join. Any1 wanna join here?
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"Isn't it?" Galinda pushed harder for an answer.

7/9/2011 #91

(Lol my hair is a little bit longer than Elphaba's and I just braided it :D)

"Truth is I don't really care about being degreenified... I am me and I don't want to change it."

7/9/2011 #92

(Oh, my hair used to be just like that. Braided it everyday.)

"Are you sure?" She asks, "isn't that what you've always wanted?"

7/9/2011 #93

(Yeah that's what I do too, but I perfer it down so I usually just braid it during school and wear it down in summer.)

"Yes at one point it was, but now that I think about it, it's just pointless."

7/9/2011 #94


"What made you change your mind?" Glinda asks, worriedly. "Are you sure?!"

7/9/2011 #95

"Yes Galinda, I am sure."

(But I braid it at night cause if I don't it's really really messy in the morning D:)

7/9/2011 #96


"Okay, okay." She takes a step back and sighs.

7/9/2011 #97

"Hey what's wrong?" Elphaba asked her usually peppy blonde friend who looked disappointed.

7/9/2011 #98

"Nothing, I just thought you wanted that. Are we still going to the Emerald City?"

7/9/2011 #99

"Yes of course we are. We leave exactly one week from now."

7/9/2011 #100

(Lol do you know anyone else who'd like to join? I texted Demulrina earlier and said she might join after her trip :D)

7/9/2011 #101

Galinda sighs. "Oh good! I really want to go! I'm so excited!"

7/9/2011 #102

"Glad you're coming with me. Hey want to go get some lunch?"

7/9/2011 #103

Galinda nods, "Yes please!"

(Sorry, I have to go. I'm not well.)

7/9/2011 #104

(Aw Hope you feel better! night! :))

The 2 best friends go to the mess hall and Fiyero approaches them. Well mostly because of Galinda...

7/9/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #105

Fiyero takes Galinda's hand and twirls her once. "Hello," says he, giving the blonde his best 'cool' face.

7/10/2011 #106

"Oh Fifi," Galinda said dramitically. "You're too sweet!" She grinned happily and Elphaba just rolled her eyes.

7/10/2011 #107

"No, you're too sweet," Fiyero said 'romantically' to Galinda, completely ignoring Elphaba's presence.

7/10/2011 #108

"No you are!" Galinda exclaimed in her high sqeaky voice.

Ugh this could go on forever, Elphaba thought. She walked over to the table where Nessa and Boq were sitting.

7/10/2011 #109

Fiyero laughs and kisses Galinda gently and walks her to the table as well. "Oh no, it's that munchkin again," he whispers, peering at Boq.

7/10/2011 #110

"Yup, I think his name is Biq..." Galinda said rather confusified.

Elphaba rolls her eyes again.

(Hey sorry I didn't reply my computer was being weird and extermly slow. D:)

7/10/2011 . Edited 7/10/2011 #111

(No worries.)

Fiyero sits between Boq and Glinda at the table. "So, are we eating lunch or breakfast?"

7/10/2011 #112

(*can't stay long*)

7/10/2011 #113


Galinda smiled. "Don't be silly Fifi, it's obviously lunch time," Galinda said sounding smart for once.

7/10/2011 #114

Fiyero shrugged nonchalantly. "You can never be sure. I just woke up about ten or fifteen minutes ago."

7/10/2011 #115

"Wow, that is such a shocker," Nessa said sarcastically.

7/10/2011 #116

Fiyero gave Nessa the 'I could care less about you' look and turned his gaze upon Galinda.

7/10/2011 #117

This always happens, Elphaba thought.

"So, I thought I'd tell you all! Me and Elphie are going to the emerald city!" Galinda exclaimed.

(Lol i think i can picture Galinda just blurting that out randomly XD)

7/10/2011 #118


"Really? What for?" Fiyero asked, more to Galinda than anyone else. He shot a glance or two at Elphaba on occasion, just to get a glimpse of her oddly colored skin.

7/10/2011 #119

"The wizard wants to meet Elphie and I'm coming along!"

7/10/2011 #120
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