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This thread is solely just for Character Profiles:





Physical Description:


Rank and/or Class:




1/17/2011 #1

Name: Nidel Nitorin

Age: Possibly late thirties

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Generally dresses as a traveler: brown coat that goes down to just above his ankles, a brown vest, tan tunic, light brown trousers and brown leather boots. He wears a brown pointy hat (the tip of which never stands up straight, but is always bent over). His hair is short, falling just above his ears, his beard is always scraggly and looks more like he hasn't shaved in a couple of days. His eyes are bright and intelligent, a brilliant emerald color.

Personality: Some have classified him as a genius, and perhaps there's truth to that. He is extremely friendly, and always seeks to help out those in need.

Rank and/or Class: A wandering Dreamer

(optional)History: Nidel is not native to Anduro. He came to the kingdom ten years ago, just showing up one day in a tavern covered head to toe in mud. His memories before his ten years in Anduro are completely lost; he has no recollection of where he is or who he was. Only his name. Furthermore, he cannot dream. It is speculated that he may have severed from the Currents of Dreams, hence the faultiness of his magic and why it leaves him so weak at times. If this is true, then his memories were most likely lost as a result of this.

Powers: Unknown. Though he is a Dreamer, and possibly one of the strongest alive, his powers are completely unknown. He has been shown to use fire and wind, and several other types of magic.

Other: Nidel doesn't have bad luck, but rather things just seem to happen when he is around. In fact, it is rumored that he once fell asleep under a tree, only to wake up 50 leagues to the west the next morning.

Played by Flamian

1/17/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #2

Name: Alex

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Physical Description: she's lean, but muscular, Has short blond hair in the style of the pixie, amber eyes, she's quite tall for her age and gender.

Personality: Spunky, but has a punk side to her. She's always smiling, even when being a prankster. She's rather bubbly at times... (most like me eh?;) )

Rank and/or Class: She is the princess of a long gone king and queen

(optional)History: (do I really need to go over this again?)

Powers: She is a shape-shifter, and usually likes water and the outdoors. Her favorite form is that of a giant wolf that stands just a hand higher than a horse. Also, she makes crystal that is one hundred times stronger than diamonds

Other: don't p*** her off or else she will encase you in crystal for the time being... maybe forget to release you until she is happy again... her favorite thing to do is eat, but because of her instincts to morph into a werewolf, she doesn't gain weight.


1/17/2011 . Edited by Flamian, 1/24/2011 #3

Name: Valerin Alair

Age: mid 50s

Gender: Male

Physical Description: His hair, once a light brown, is now touched with gray. His chin is covered by an always neatly trimmed beard. He dresses like a nobleman, but is not extravagant.

Personality: Valerin may belong to the Noble class, but his heart lies with the people. He is passionate, kind, and good natured. He deeply wishes to see the kingdom restored.

Rank and/or Class: Nobleman

(optional)History: Born and raised as a Noble, he refuses to turn a blind to the failing economy and the widespread poverty plaguing the lower class. As of now, he is trying desperately to change things. His agenda started out political, but he now realizes that change can only come in one form: revolution.

Powers: None



1/18/2011 #4

Name: Mariana Slarn

Age: 45

Gender: female

Physical Description: A large, bulky woman, both physically strong and quick on her feet, despite her size.

Personality: Mariana is all that you would expect from a bartender of a tavern. She is both humorous and good natured, yet she will not take any aggression in her tavern and is not a stranger to bodily throwing people out her door. She is also a very motherly and protective sort. She often helps out strangers, such as the homeless, the poor, and anyone else with nowhere to go.

Rank and/or Class: Middle Class, one of the few remaining. The Middle Class is quickly vanishing in Anduro, a sure sign of troubled times.

(optional)History: Mariana married her husband thirty years ago, and together, they opened up their tavern. While her husband was the official owner, Mariana took charge of the place. Now that times have become hard, she secretly hopes for people to come and put an end to the strife. In fact one of her fantasies and dreams is that the very people who will change the kingdom will meet in her tavern as a headquarters.

Powers: Mariana is secretly a Dreamer. She has the ability to influence people. Not a true mind control, but she is able to persuade people into to doing things they normally wouldn't do. Among other things.

Other: For some odd reason, her power never affects Nidel, which makes her wonder about him.


1/20/2011 #5


20 pennies to a shilling; 10 shillings to a noble; 5 nobles to a crown.

Gold can also be used in place of these. But remember: 1 gold coin = 10 pennies. So 1 gold roughly equals half a shilling. So 2 gold coins equal a shilling. 20 equal a noble. And 100 equal a crown.

1/20/2011 #6

Explanation of a Dreamer:

A Dreamer is a person who can use magic. In this world, magic stems from dreams, or rather, from where dreams come: a legendary place called the Dream Vortex. From the Vortex flow "Currents". The Currents touch all living things, and more specifically, sentients, enabling them to have dreams and imagination. Dreamers have the unique ability to tap fully into the Currents, hence, they are able to do things that normal folk can only dream of.

Dreamers all have different abilities, but there are some that all Dreamers share. These include: heightened senses (able to see better in dark places, as well as very sharp eyesight, hear things from great distances, increased sense of smell), the ability to "read" people and learn a lot about them just from looking at their eyes and their hands (preferably fingertips), and increased agility and speed. The rest of a Dreamers ability is up to that particular Dreamer.

1/21/2011 #7

Name: Oriana Heilwyn

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Slender, but slightly below average height. Slightly angular face, brilliant blue eyes that light up at discovery. Her hair is auburn and shoulder length, it frames her face elegantly. Practically dressed, Oriana is most often wearing a brown skirt (length to above knees), dark green leggings, and a shirt stained with chemicals, with a red scarf.

Personality: Most who meet her find her somewhat removed and apathetic. Oriana's life is consumed by her thirst for knowledge and understanding, and she has little care to political happenings. She can be charming when she chooses to be (especially for business purposes), but she keeps few friends. She learned from a young age to suppress emotion, and she is normally only excited by understanding.

Rank and/or Class: A Dreamer, and a practicing alchemist.

(optional)History: Daughter of the maid to a studious nobleman, Oriana grew up surrounded by one of the most beautiful libraries in the kingdom. Her father is unknown, he left her mother long before she was born, and she never told Oriana about him. When her mother discovered of her abilities, she distanced herself from her daughter. The nobleman was often visited by a local prominent alchemist who noticed Oriana's interest in his work. He was soon impressed by her seemingly prodigious knowledge and took time out of his visits to apprentice her. She left the service of the man at 17, tired of taking on a maid's work and talking down her mother's advice to marry and settle down. She made a life for herself in the capital, working up from simple antidotes to more complex undertakings. She keeps herself fairly little-known.

Powers: Her abilities are uniquely suited to her work-they give her an awareness of natural processes and chemical composition. She can sense properties of metals, is able to identify the sources of some illnesses (eg, those based on prolonged exposure to specific conditions, poisons, etc.) , and can then create suitable antidotes. She is also adept at creating subtle poisons. Everything she senses from her abilities she records in volumes on the subject of alchemy. Though she doesn't know it, she also has an acute awareness of emotions, but this ability can only be tapped into by opening her own emotions.

Other: Oriana lives and does her work in the basement of Elsara Medici, a healer. They are companionable, and sometimes help each other.

Played by Shanoa

1/23/2011 . Edited 1/25/2011 #8

Updating Embry's profile, since I have more info on her now!

Name: Embry Hawke

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Tall, thin, and graceful. Has light skin with a slight rosy tone, clear grey eyes, and glossy dark red-brown hair that curls a little and is cut just below her chin. Her fingers are long and delicate, but most have scarring of some sort from various projects.

Personality: Quiet and introspective, but prone to bursts of chattiness or extreme emotion. She holds herself to very high standards and is frustrated if they aren't met. She prefers to be alone and has few, if any, true friends. Because of her status as a Dreamer, Embry is good with her hands and can fix almost anything.

Rank and/or Class: Dreamer, shop keeper, general fixer-type-person, and a fire-user as part of being a Dreamer.

(optional)History: Moved to the city a year ago to open up her book shop. She buys, sells, trades, and restores books, specializing in rare volumes. She's gathered something of a distinguished group of clients from the upper middle class and upper class. She doesn't talk much about her old life, but she was orphaned around 11 or 12. She was taken in by an older lady in her town who turned out to be a Dreamer. Embry might have been born a Dreamer, but it's certain that living with the older lady changed her. Everyone knew she was different and tended to ignore her, though they weren't cruel. Her guardian encouraged her to seek a better life in the city.

Powers: Can summon fire and is generally clever with her hands. She can fix almost anything and has turned this into a profitable career.

Other: She lives above her shop in a set of apartments. She rarely cooks and usually takes her meals at a nearby tavern.

1/24/2011 #9

Name: The Twins: Jera and Jero

Age: 18

Gender: Jera, female; Jero, male

Physical Description: Jero is about average height, with electric blue eyes, and short blond hair that spikes up like he was struck by lightning. Jera, has pale blond hair that's almost white, is taller than her brother, and her blue eyes are cold as the Frozen Wastes of the north.

Personality: Jero is relatively easy going, but can be real cocky at times. Despite Jera's appearance, she is actually a warm person, and cares very deeply for her friends and brother, even if she isn't quite sure how to show it. She is the elder twin. Both of them wish to do what they can to help the people around them.

Rank and/or Class: Both of them are Dreamers, like their mother, who died two years ago.

(optional)History: Their mother was killed in a skirmish against some of Lucas's elite guard, a group he has formed to hunt down any Dreamers. Nidel had showed up and managed to save them, but the effort left him powerless, weak, and very ill. He managed to tell them to get to the Old Oak in Arten before losing all consciousness.

Powers: Jera specializes in anything to do with ice. One of her most powerful attacks is the ability to create blizzards. Jero's specialty is lightning, hence his hair is always spiky.


1/25/2011 #10

Name: Lysander ('Sands') Carew

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Tall and lean. Dark blond and casually messy hair, light brown eyes. This is the appearance he chooses most often, though his abilities allow him to take any guise.

Personality: Careless, selfish and deceptive, Sands does what pleases him and cares little for much else. He lives successfully and travels from town to town gathering information, aiding thieves, spies and all classes of undesirable company.

Rank and/or Class: Born lower class, though he now has the means to live in luxury. A mercenary for whomever amuses him at the time.

Powers: Illusion. Though his projections have no substance and fade away at touch, he is an expert at making people believe his illusions and an excellent actor to boot.

Other: One of Sands' prime clients is the Dream hunters, though he also does work for a few clandestine, anarchist movements.

Played by Shanoa

2/9/2011 #11

Name: Elsara Medici

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Slight and petite. Dewy brown eyes and a round face. Dressed in white, normally, a practical dress.

Personality: Caring and sympathetic, but also pragmatic. Elsara has seen many deaths pass in her lifetime.

Rank and/or Class: A healer, Middle to lower class.

(optional)History: Though mostly mild-mannered, Elsara has strong opinions about the political situation, and she has good reason. Her younger brother starved to death in one of the harder seasons, their family taxed by the harsh policies of King Lucas, unable to find aid. If there was a chance for revolution, she would want to see it played out.

Powers: None.



2/9/2011 #12
Jeff il Killer

Name: Nero Azhal

Age: 19

Gender: male

Physical Description: He is tall with pale skin, shaggy white and black hair, and neon lavender eyes. he has a tribal dragon tattoo that takes up most of his back and a rose and thorns under his left eye. He wears black jeans, combat boots, a red t-shirt and a long hooded black cloak with a red flame on the back. He wears four rings on his left hand along with a thin gauntlet and a red finger-less glove on the right, five earrings on his right ear and chains hanging from his belt loops.

Personality: He is usually shy but friendly, but can be cruel and sadistic if he wants to be.

Rank and/or Class: reaper

(optional)History: unknown

Powers: fire, wind, earth, water (basically his rings give his power, and hes able to use the sub-elements that are under the basic elements)

Other: He carries around a black and red bladed scythe

8/7/2014 #13
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