World of Darkness: 2183
The Apocalypse happened. However, the world did not end. The Supernatural beings of the world united, and fought back the End Times. And for their sacrifice, Humanity cast them out into the void of space. But there are more creatures in the Dark then you
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Exactly what it says on the tin.


To start things off, the new template is both more generic, and also more detailed. Before we used numbers, now we're using more vague measures, but measures that actually mean something. This is unique to each player, quite simply "what are you playing?" and "what do you want to be able to do?" Everyone should talk to me about answering those two questions for more customizable guidelines.

Name: (Your character may have only one, or perhaps two, maybe three or more aliases he uses. Generally know that younger supernaturals tend to just have one name, older ones may have titles, and oddballs may wind up using an alias from the get-go. Some races are more prone to having a second name than others, like Fae and Werewolves.)

Supernatual: (Your supernatural type.)

Organizations: (Factions, groups, clans, and any affiliations you may have. Double agent types are possible, but also lead difficult lives.)

Gender: (Male, Female, or Other.)

Age: (Most characters will only have one, while others, particularly timeless undead, will have an apparent age and an actual age.)

Description: (Height, weight, ethnicity, hair and eye color, and important accessories and distinguishing features.)

Personality: (The face you show the world, the face you show your closest friends, and more importantly... the face you see when you look in the mirror. Who is your character? This space need not actually be filled, but you should be able to answer all of these questions when you go to play the character.)

Resolve: (Your force of Willpower. What drives you? What gives you that 'umph' that gets you up every morning, or night for some, and keeps you fighting in a world that almost isn't even worth it? This can literally be anything, but should be important to your character. What is the focus of your resolve, and how strong is it? It's possible to have a character with unshakable will, and also possible to have a character that just doesn't know. This is up to you to decide about your character, but it is important.)

Attributes: (Are you strong? Smart? Fast? Nimble? A smooth talker? A sneaky manipulater? Perceptive? A quick thinker? Or drop dead gorgeous? You can be a few of these at once, but by and large pick only a few to describe your characters actual strong suits. If you say "not any one in particular" you'll be well rounded but just as well off as the guy who says "all of the above".)

Talents, Skills, and Knowledges: (What is your character good at? What does he know? Are these mundane skills innate? Or did he work hard to learn them? Is his knowledge coincidental? Or does he study? Anything is possible, but not everything. You must decide what you want your character to be good at. Pick one or two major things, like "Computer Hacker" or "Thief and Accountant". Also chose how you want your character to fight mostly. Does he use a sword? Gun? Bow and arrows? Crossbows? Throwing knives? Daggers? Brass knuckles? Bare fists? Etc etc. Everything is an option. Even chainsaws. Just make sure you chose one or two and a few brief words about how your fighting style usually works like "I use a sword like a fencer, and tend to dodge around while I fight" or "I'm a bare knuckle boxer and I'm willing to get hit if it means I can hit them harder" or even more detail if you actually know what you're talking about. Just also know that there is no ultimate fighting style. Just because you practice a martial art and know how it should work doesn't mean it will still work when your opponents start exerting enough raw physical might to chuck a lamp-post like its a javelin.)

Possessions: (What weapons do you carry on you? What about other important or magical items? What about mundane items that are harder to get your hands on, like expensive or rare things? Are there any trinkets your character values more than they're worth?)

Allies and Followers: (Some people are leaders of men. You don't have to be one, but if you have some kind of companion animal, cohort, magical construct, or even just friends in low places that help you out from time to time, then this is where you talk about it. You can skimp on the details if you want me to fill them in for you.)

Powers: (Speak to me on an individual basis to work this out.)

Weapons and Armor: (Fera dont get much of this at all, but they get other bonuses to make up for that. Keep it simple, heavy armor, light armor, no armor. Weapons are also simple. Sniper, Assualt, pistol, shottie, etc etc.)

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Ana Lorraine Tenniel (Mortal name)

Elysiana (True name)

Lady Siana ni Fiona (Use Name)

Sia (Nickname)

Supernatural: Fae (Sidhe)

Organizations: Seelie Court (House Fiona)

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Mortal: Now sixteen, Ana seems to have finally hit that long-awaited growth spurt, and is fairly tall, standing 5'11 as compared to her old 5'1. She's still fairly lean, but by no stretch of the imagination could one call her scrawny or gangly. In fact, her grace is almost uncanny. She's grown no less pretty either, still possessing an almost inhuman beauty. Her blue-green eyes always seem to be alight- though whether with joy or mischief can be hard to discern- and she's let her pale white-blond hair grow long, a little past her shoulder blades. She's very fair-skinned, with delicate features that belie her inner strength. She's a girly girl - lace, skirts, shoes and jewelry, the whole deal- and typically she's dressed to the nines, but she knows there's a time and place for everything. Potential combat situations are not meant for finery, and she'll dress practically when the situation calls for it.

Fae Mien: Sia in her Fae mien is impossible to mistake for anything but a Sidhe. Like all Sidhe, she resembles a human of unearthly beauty, though her face is angular and clearly alien. Tall, lean, and regal, Sia seems almost ethereal and, as with all of her Kith who remain, she seems to carry some hint of sadness even when at her brightest. Her eyes are a vivid blue-green, the same color you sometimes see in a tropical ocean, flecked with silver and violet, and her gaze is commanding. Her hair is long and golden, her ears pointed, and her skin pale as alabaster. Sia dresses differently depending on the situation, be it a fantastical dress and peacock-feather cloak for a masquerade or silver armor for an adventure, but whatever she's wearing, it will be the height of Sidhe fashion.

Personality: Sia's done a lot of growing up in the last three years, especially after the death of her father. She's no longer a child, but neither is she really an adult. She's stuck in a kind of strange, not quite awkward inbetween. On on hand, she's as mischievous, imaginative and playful as she ever was, likely to misbehave but openly friendly and adventurous. She's definitely still a dreamer by mortal terms. On the other hand, the last three years have taught her a lot, and she's no longer as innocent as she use to be. For one thing she's well, a teenager. AHouse Fionateenager. Which means she's discovered... dating and parties. But on a more solemn level, Sia has now experienced true loss and pain. This gives her a whole new perspective to life. She's still emotionally detached from the day to day struggles of most folk, but she's not so far off as she used to be. She also tends to think more about what she says, and is less openly trusting.

Seelie: Her character doesn't really change that much, even when you know what she is or have grown close to her.

Sia has been spoiled and sheltered for most of her early life. Sheisfairly arrogant, with a sense of superiority for being Fae, for being Sidhe, for being rich. But that doesn't mean she doesn't truly care for those she sees as beneath her, particularly those who she believes she'll someday rule. Her "Aunt" Lilah, the boggan nanny who raised her, has taught her that above all a ruler should be compassionate, and Sia's taken that to heart. Her sense of honor is extremely strong, and she wants nothing more than to be one of the legendary, benevolent protectors of whom all the tales are sung. On the flip side, Sia, even Seelie Sia, can be amazingly cruel when provoked. She has little use for mercy towards enemies or criminals, and is vengeful, if exacting.

Also perhaps because of Lilah's long influence, as well as the Legacy of her House, Sia's actually comparatively open-minded when it comes to Commoner-Noble politics- she realizes that commoners often have their own worth as well. Just so long as she can be Queen or lady of the House or at the very least Duchess, she doesn't why some of them shouldn't have titles as well.

Unseelie: Sia has never been Unseelie in this life, and is unaware of her Unseelie nature. However, it would probably be one of the darker, more violent ones.

Resolve: Sia could have returned to Arcadia, to her home, a long time ago. Ruined thought it might have been, many Changeling shed their burdensome mortal flesh to rejoin the ranks of the True Fae and set to restoring Arcadia to its former glory. But... Sia stayed. Something about the mortals...called to her, on a level she couldn't explain. So she stayed. And she wasn't the only Fae to do so. Maybe after a time she'll return. But for now, people need looking after as much as they ever did. And the commoner Fae who remained still need a guiding hand. Besides, the whole universe has been cracked open. How could she turn away from that kind of adventure? She'll protect, and she'll explore, and she'll make a legend to rival those of the Tuatha De Dannan

Attributes: Sia's extremely beautiful, 'inhumanly beautiful' as some have said, even for a Sidhe changeling, and she knows how to use it to her advantage. Though she's young yet, she already has a kind of charisma to her, and she's fairly good at manipulating people to get her own way. She's also rich- her father was the multimillionaire head of a business, and after his death, she inherited it all.

However when it comes to strength or stamina or book smarts, she barely scrapes average. Her street smarts are...well, not so terribly awful as they once were, but she's still a sheltered and spoiled Sidhe. She's grown some in common sense, but abandon her on the streets and she won't last long. She's gotten nimble enough and just a little stronger. She won't be taking prizes in either category, but she gets by.

Talents, Skills, and Knowledges: Social skills come with little effort to Sia. Etiquette, elocution, performing - they all come easily to her. As a Sidhe, she has a foggy grasp on subterfuge as well, but she's not had the right teacher to sharpen or hone it yet- Boggan and Gurahl both are painfully straightforward.

Lilah has helped her polish her skills in other areas, though. She has a fairly good knowledge of Greymare- that is, the way of the Fae- and basic Fae lore for her age. Lilah's also worked hard to increase her skill in Kenning, the Faerie Sight, which allows her to sense Glamour in whatever form it takes, be it a chimera, a changeling or a freehold. Sia can recognize a changeling who has slipped into the Mists or who has yet to achieve Chrysalis.

In a fight, Sia primarily relies on her pistols, ranged arts and cantrips, as physically she's fairly weak. The Fae is no perfect marksman, but if all else fails she can land a few shots. She's nimble, getting better at dodging, but she prefers to stay well away from any possible slashing-stabbing-smashing zone.

Possessions: Sia's primary weapon is a pistol, though when dealing with other Fae she's been known to use chimerical silver daggers. She also generally has a piece of chalk on her for casting the Portal Passage cantrip. She might also very well have a pocket notebook and something to write with, particularly for casting Effigy. She has some personal possessions as well, but they're not anything particularly valuable or useful.

Allies and Followers:

Lady Aella ni Fiona: Sia's liege Lady. Not to be bothered for trivial matters, but is owed some political favors and is oathsworn to protect Siana in exchange for service.

Lilah Halliday/ Liala ap Fiona: Sia's guardian and caretaker by both mortal and Fae laws. She's also very wise in Gremayre and Fae lore Lilah typically doesn't accompany Sia on her adventures, instead keeping Sia's home on Illium running She claims the official title of Steward of Sia's household.

Melissa Tillman/ Swift: A deer pooka and childhood friend of Sia's who never grew up. She's very good at breaking and entering, sneaking around, and chicanery. She has some extensive contacts who specialize in illegal data and hacking.

Leandros ap Fiona: A Loyalist troll Thane in the service of Count Niall who is close friends with Lilah, despite being a decade or two younger. He's very skilled with a sword, even given the tech of the day and age, but also carries a submachine gun and is known for his strength. He gives good advice, keeps Sia up to date on the happenings in her Liege's court, and owes Lilah a few big favors Sia could call in if truly desperate.

Alkyone ni Liam: A Kinain mortal, the daughter of Baroness Leocade ni Liam. Sia aided her in escaping a pack of dauntain, and so Alkyone holds a debt to her. Alkyone couldn't be called on to repay that debt in battle, but does represent possible political aid, either in the form of an audience with the newly powerful House Liam monarchs or by setting her up with her mortal connections on Illium or the Citadel. This is very much a one-time favor but Alkyone and her mother are both friendly to Sia's house..


Legerdemain 4: (Gimmix, Ensnare, Effigy, Mooch)

Sovereign 2: (Protocol, Dictum)

Wayfare 5: (Hopscotch, Quicksilver, Portal Passage, Wind Runner, Flicker Flash)

Chicanery 1: (Fuddle)

Weapons and Armor:

Sia uses a pistol to supplement her Cantrips.

Mortal: If going into combat, Sia wears light armor that is essentially of the same make as your typical Pheonix armor, but customized. She's swapped out some of the normal leg plates for Sirta Foundation mods: Stimulator Conduits to kick up her speed. The paint job's different, too. Instead of the usual white, her armor is an unusual pale silver color with lilac and pale blue accents. She's painted vine-like patterns and looping Celtic knots over the plating. Not subtle, nor stealthy, but she doesn't aim to be. She keeps it polished and clean-looking at all times. It has a tiny lion emblem on the right side of the chestplate. She pairs this with a Kuwashii visor and a pistol.

Fae Mien: Her armor literally seems to be made of silver, and is much more elegant, wrapping close to her body while still offering maximum protection. The armor is crafted to be as much art as protection, with tiny different animals and flowers worked into the outermost metal around the gauntlets, for instance. Somehow this still deflects everything her mortal armor does. Don't ask; it'll only make your head hurt.

Realms: Actor 5. Fae 3, Prop 5, Scene 4,

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Name: Higgs Gearson, aka Stands-As-The-Mountain.

Supernatural: Werebear.

Organizations: Fera

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Description: A large, very, very large man, he is a giant at seven foot four, muscles corded along his frame like steel wires. Lightly tanned skin peaks out from his hands and features from long years in the sun, and his thick brown hair is kept short, his features, rough and strong, are clean shaven at the very least. Normally he wears very sturdy, very practical clothing though they are out of date and stand out in this world.

Personality: A very calm, quiet man, hes prone to thinking over acting, knowing that a peaceful resolution is the best choice. He's more then willing to turn the other cheek, and let bygones be bygones, and let insults roll off his back. He had many friends in his hometown, and is viewed as a dependable, well grounded man. He often enjoys woodcarving and fishing with the guys, even babysitting on many occasions for the more busy members of his town. Hiking, working, and enjoying life are his main goals at the moment, and he does everything in his power to prevent the Weaver or the Wrym from touching his homeworld.

However, he is a warrior, a protector of Gaia's in her most desperate hour. He carries the Rage within himself, and though he is not as easy to anger as a Garou, but there is a reason why it took entire packs of werewolves to defeat a single bear.

Resolve: He wants to live, to see his plants grow and bear fruit, he wants to see the humans and creatures of the supernatural to realize that they have much more in common then they think. And he knows that in order to do this, he must give up his life of peace and freedom, in order to defeat the vile creatures that wish harm upon his people, human and werecreature alike. His mind is set, and he will show the creatures of evil just why he earned the title of 'Unstoppable', and he will drive the Weaver back into balance with the other forces of the verse, or die trying.

Attributes: He is quite wise, a firm grounding in hard work and common sense leaving his higher up intellect a bit short (Math mostly), but he at least knows the basics of most topics. And he is strong. Very, very, very strong, even for a human, his size and strength are ungodly powerful, his massive body honed from years of hard work and combat.

He is not very agile, but he does have some speed (Especially in bear form), and his working knowledge of tech is limited to hardware, software leaving him as lost as a blind man in a haunted house. He avoids using tech as much as possible, and he avidly removes any and all tech from his person when he is landing on the Fera worlds.

Talents, Skills, and Knowledges: Hes good at staying in a fight, taking hits that would fell a normal man, and punching people out with one blow. He can use a guns with some familiarity, but he is no sharpshooter, and his knife skills are well honed, his over large kukri a feared symbol, even without its silver edge. His skills in survival are second to none, and his control over his bio-rhythms and shape-shifting earn him respect among his own kind.

He knows quite a bit about repairing things, though that depends on what your talking about. His intricate skills are lacking, mostly because there's not much call for it out in the homeworlds. He is not really a words-smith, but he can read the mood very easily, and can read people with a distinct ease. He just isnt very good at putting it into words.

He has a great deal of common sense and simple truths, and while he may not be able to divide by zero *He gets the joke though*, he at least understands the concepts. His medical skills are very impressive though, bring many animals back to full health, even when it looked impossible.

Possessions: His armor and cloak, his blade, a few odds and ends for various Gifts and Rites, but ultimately he travels very light.

Allies and Followers: He has the Fera Gov if he gets caught up in a major shitstorm, but usually they leave it up to him on how to proceed.

Powers: Healing Tongue, Claws of the Death Bear, Shape Matter, Ursa's Light, Crush, Sliver Claws, Diagnose, Truth of Gaia, Ignore Wounds, Sense Wrym/Weaver, Natures Plenty

Weapons and Armor:

He now wears Blood Dragon armor, and has an omni for the first time in his life. And hes quite enjoying the little thing.

He also now carries a Claymore shotgun, though he still prefers to use his natural born weapons over the gun.

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Name: James, Jacob, John, etc. If it starts with a J he used it before, but his most common alias is Jay.

Supernatural: Vampire

Organizations: Alliance, Clan Ravnos

Gender: Male

Age: 329, Appears 20

Description: (Guy on the right.)

Personality: All the world is a stage all the props are his. Jay lives for the thrill of life. He particularly enjoys the risks involved in truly elaborate theft, something he is compelled to do regardless of utility. Theft is not limited to physical things, and if he sees the opportunity steal someone's opportunity he may do it, but such a metaphysical stealing is more personal and he reserves it for his true enemies. Jay downplays himself a lot and likes to think that he is easily overlooked. Jay's life is a tragic story spanning many years, and he has very few things he truly values outside of his own life and limb. He plays the part of the fool, loud and talky, while seeking opportunities.

Also, he HATES bats! You never raid as many belfries as a man like him not develop such a rational fear.

Resolve: Live life, or unlife, to the fullest. Do let no maaaaan bring you down! Jay would skydive from orbit if he thought it'd be a blast that wouldn't kill him.

Attributes: Jay is so flexible he once hid in a half-locker, and managed to retain enough dexterity to pick the lock from the inside to free himself after. Jay is double jointed, has a keen sense of balance, and is even ambidextrous. Jay is so manipulative he once robbed a jewelry store by convincing the clerk to let him watch the shop for him while he put a 500 in the safe out back. Jay is so intelligent he knows the exact dimensions of the scientifically reasoned 'nondescript' individual's facial bones. Jay has an Eidetic memory to boot. The rest of him is otherwise average.

Talents, Skills, and Knowledges: Jay is practically a professional acrobat and all around athlete, he can walk the high wire, he can climb buildings bare handed, he has a good throwing arm, and he can run decently fast. Jay is also a self proclaimed "master thief" and is skilled at all matter of security bypassing as well as setting up, as well as sneakiness and impersonation and infiltration talents. He can also appraise things on the fly due to a plethora of memorized reference material. He's also moderately skilled at generally snooping around but prefers to grab what is otherwise in pain view. Jay has also recently completely memorized his Omni-Tool's user manual (a feat I am certain no modern man has actually bothered to achieve) and has added considerably to his modern skill list. Jay is otherwise a jack of all trades master of none, he can do anything but not well.

Jay is a lover not a fighter, but he prefers to throw things at people when he does. Otherwise his strategy is mostly evade and GTFO.

Possessions: Jay wears a pair of earrings he actually seems to value a great deal as he always wears the same pair.

Allies and Followers: "I'm my own man!" Generally is Jay's motto, but he just has his sticky little fingers in various underground organizations to sift for work. You know... a few special order dishonest jobs on the side.

Powers: Vampires are awesome as far as Jay is concerned, between the whole immortality bit and the cool powers he set for life.

Chimerstry 0000

1 -Ignis Fatuus, takes a bit of Willpower, but Jay can craft an illusion that affects a single sense. This illusion can be anything, from changing the texture under one's fingers, to crafting a mirage or adding a smell or sound.

2 - Fata Morgana, takes Willpower like Ignis Fatuus, as well as Vitae, but this power is the ability to craft illusions that affect all five senses.

3 - Apparition, takes Vitae, but augments his illusions to move about in return. Totally worth the extra blood.

4 - Permanency, normally once Jay stops concentrating on an illusion it stops working, but for a little extra Vitae he can make it autonomous, but it has to stick to a specific program he set for it. Usually that works out just fine.

Fortitude 000 - Tough as nails! Jay has tougher skin all the time with this power.

Obfuscate 0000

2 - Unseen Presence, what happened to level 1? Worthless after level 2 is what. This power lets Jay become psychically invisible to every living thing, effectively a fly on the wall. Subconsciously he is there and people will avoid running into him, but consciously he might as well not exist. This breaks if he draws any form of attention to himself, speaking, being loud, attacking, you name it, however to walk unseen through a crowd is a glorious thing.

3 - Mask of a Thousand Faces, Jay can make people muddle up what they think he looks like, crafting a psychic mask that makes people mistake him for someone else. This mask can be as specific as he wants, to mimic actual people or ones he has made up.

4 - Vanish from Mind's Eye, now ya see me, now ya don't. Jay can disappear even when watched, but it's unreliable, and if even one person sees through it then he fails. However he can partially succeed and just become harder to hit.

Weapons and Armor: Jay is equipped with a M-5 Phalanx, M-12 Locust, M-92 Mantis, and M-97 Viper for his weapons load-out with the secondary sniper rifle occupying his heavy weapons slot. Jay's armor's design is not strictly speaking legal, as he is equipped with a full suit of Terminus Assault Armor augmented with a a Tactical Cloak. Jay also has access to Disruptor Ammunition and is trained in its use.

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