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Welcome to the all-new Sweet Dreams Collection, hosted by none other than the-lovely-anomaly (TLA, for short).

First of all, I must say that the inspiration to do this came to me from Lody and ST's Strange Love and Holiday collections so all credit for the overall idea goes to them. As to why I am starting a collection centered on dreams, the reason is simply this: I have had a fascination with dreams for a long time, and the thought of incorporating them into the Suite Life realm was too promising to pass up. I'm a firm believer that our dreams reflect who we are (our wants, our fears, our inner feelings, etc.) and I would like the dreams in this collection to reflect on the characters' thoughts and feelings - either in terms of how they are portrayed on the show, or how an individual author interprets them. Authors are free to use any Suite Life character they want, both regular (e.g., Zack, Cody, London, etc.) and non (e.g., Woody, Addison, Ms. Tutweiller, etc.), from both SLOZAC and SLOD, and they are perfectly free to also use 'guest' characters that have only showed up in one episode. Basically any character associated with the Suite Life is eligible.

As for the rules of this collection:

1. No twincest! Sorry to disappoint any twincest shippers, but in order to make this suitable and comfortable for everybody (including myself), I'm going to have to put my foot down on this issue. I'm not a twincest fan - just the opposite, actually - and I don't like the idea of having anything I create associated with it.

2. Creativity. I'd like these fics to be creative. Granted, there are "dream stereotypes" that tend to find their way into books and movies (such as being naked in public and falling backwards), and these I will accept. But I encourage people to branch out - to be innovative. After all, unlike in the real world, dreams have no limits. People can float on air, turn into monsters, do unfeasible things, be anything or anyone... There are endless possibilities with dreams! And the dreams for this collection can be as realistic or as bizarre as the author wants them to be. They can also be any 'type' of dream: scary, funny, romantic, exhilarating...anything.

3. Mechanics. We're all human, and we all make mistakes, but I expect all participating authors to do their best to make their written work grammatically correct. This includes spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, capitalization...all of that good stuff. I'm going to proof-read all stories before they're submitted just to make sure everything looks good, and I'll contact the author if I find mistakes. I promise I won't change anything related to the content of the fic - just some of the basic grammar errors.

4. Titles. Since author pen names will be placed in the 'Chapter' boxes, I'd like all authors to put titles at the top of their fics. Untitled entries will be accepted, but I think it would be nice for the fics to have titles :)

Well, that's all I can think of. These can be adjusted as time progresses, but I think they'll do for the time being. As of right now, I plan to have the collection be rated T; however, do not be afraid to write M-rated material. I'm honestly not big on ratings (anyone who's read Boy, Disrupted would know :), and I believe that adult material (violence, sex, language, etc.) has its place in fiction. The only time I have a problem with it is if it's gratuitous and adds nothing to the story. That being said, if any author feels their fic needs explicit content for realism's sake, or for the sake of a message they're trying to convey, they should definitely add it in. I have no problem altering the collection's rating ;) Besides, as I mentioned before, dreams have no rules.

These fics can be any length, so there's no need to feel that it's too long or too short. One of my writing mottos is: "It's done when it's done." And that applies here. Keep writing until you feel it's finished.

With the exception of twincest (or any kind of incestuous relationship), all pairings are welcome. I know there have been some disputes about acceptable pairings to write about, but I'm personally more interested in the quality of the writing itself. All I ask is that people don't flame each other for their pairing preferences. If someone likes Cailey, they like Cailey; if someone likes Zailey, they like Zailey... and so forth and so on. And that's really the end of the argument. There's no need for bashing here; it's senseless and solves nothing. Slash and femslash are more than welcome :)

As I'm sure you all know, this is new territory for me. Therefore, I appreciate any ideas people have to offer. If anyone has any thoughts about this collection - what could make it better, what should not be done, how it could be successful, etc. - please let me know! I may have created this collection, but I'd like it to be collective! :)


1/18/2011 . Edited 2/11/2011 #1

The rules sound good to me. But i am confused when are the dates that stories can be submitted. I know you've probably mentioned it before but i'm not sure. :P

1/18/2011 #2

I'm not 100% sure on that myself, but I'm thinking all entries should be in by mid-December. My goal is to keep this collection open for several months to give people (especially people who aren't on FF that much) a chance to participate. :) I'll work out exact dates later.

1/18/2011 #3

Yay - Let the stories begin! :)

1/18/2011 #4

Now that this forum exists... I am stressing about the fact that my dream idea relates to my Repercussions series. Is that OK for the collection? Other SL collections have decided against personal canon stories, which is why I ask. I am working out ways to keep it a standalone piece, and after watching the Twister episodes, I feel like Military Zack is practically canon anyway.

1/18/2011 #5

I love the military version of Zack and i think it would be great to see a few dream sequences for him. The one's in Rep 2 were great. :)

1/18/2011 #6

I just love that Disney loves the military version of Zack! We got to see him in camo gear twice this season :) The reason I want to use my series version of Zack is that nightmares are very common among war veterans, so that really fits with my dream idea.

1/18/2011 #7

That is true with everything Zack has gone through that we've seen and not seen i'm sure you could come up with alot of good dreams...or bad dreams as the case may be. :)

1/18/2011 #8

I loved those scenes you wrote where he was seeing Bailey and Cody. I think you should write more of those types of dreams. ;)

1/18/2011 #9

I have an idea for a scary dream, one that he's had many times over the years, and then it takes a scarier turn. I just have to figure out how to make it work, in a way that's meaningful for a general reader.

1/18/2011 #10

Ooooo do tell. What kind of dream?

1/18/2011 #11

I have some ideas for this too, getting a number of dreams for story ideas so maybe I could do something with that. This could be a fun collection.

1/18/2011 #12

WJ can vouch for me that my dreams far from reflect who I am. My dreams usually are so fictional that they couldn't happen in the realm of reality. Otherwise they are "too good to be true" scenarios or the complete opposite. Although lately my life feels like a whole nightmare in itself...

1/18/2011 #13

I love being able to write dreams because i can keep the characters so far removed. Also i find it easier to put things in perspective after i've awoken from a dream. :)

1/18/2011 #14

If this collection had started earlier, I could have put my (gasp) Cailey reunion story in it since contains a dream, inspired by a real-life dream.

1/18/2011 #15

That is true, but i'm sure whatever else you come up with is going to be great too. :)

I have quite a few ideas of my own. :)

1/18/2011 #16

Not sure if you're aware of this TLA, but the forum is in the general catagory instead of Suite Life. You might want to fix this so it will be easier to find.

Some of my dreams make sense of being a part of me, but some are so strange I think my mind is trying to come up with new story ideas. Wait a second...I had a dream so long ago, back in 9th grade that had the twins in it, along with a song that became the first poem for me to write in a long time. Oh...this could be good.

1/18/2011 #17

Wow, I go away for a little while... :P

To answer Ellie's question: yes, it is acceptable for your dream fic to be related to something you've already written. The only thing I require is that it contain a dream :)

To Tiger: Thanks for catching that! I totally did not think to select a category. I went back and changed it to the Suite Life. Oopsie! :P

Eh, I think all dreams have something to do with you. There's a lot going on in our subconscious minds that we're unaware of. A few months ago I had a really weird dream about water. It was all ALL about water - I saw an ocean, a fountain, a running sink...all kinds of water-related things. When I woke up wondering what the heck I just dreamed, I realized that I was extremely thirsty :) I could be wrong, but I believe my subconscious mind was telling me that I needed to hydrate myself.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with! I feel lucky to have such talented writers be interested in my collection.

Btw, I just have to say it... I LOVED military Zack in the Twister episode! ;)

1/19/2011 #18

I ended up doing the same thing with putting the forum in the wrong category before.

Last night I ended up having a dream about this collection I think, even though I don't remember any of it. I think a dream like that would be telling me that I needed to use the bathroom, but being thirsty makes sense too. The mind really does work in some strange ways.

And I think this weekend will be the catch up on SLOD weekend so I know what is happening this season.

1/19/2011 #19

And after some fun conversations at work, I've come up with another story idea for this collection. Cody is just so much fun to put in strange situations...

1/22/2011 #20

Poor Cody - He can never win with you. :D

1/22/2011 #21

@Tiger: Great to hear it! I agree, Cody is fun to torture. :)

1/23/2011 #22

And I'm up to three ideas now, thanks to some pms with Ellie, perhaps tieing into to another story I've worked on, and once again showing Cody's dreams... Maybe I'll get started on one of these this week.

1/24/2011 #23

Might it be fitting to call this the "Suite Dreams" collection? That just occurred to me.

1/24/2011 #24

This collection has made me notice something; I use dreams a ton through my stories. I was finishing posting my Christmas story and there is a dream in the last chapter there. At the end of Domino Effect I have the characters meet in a dream. The start of Separated was a dream. My new fic, Angels, has a couple prominent dreams to it, though you could say those were something more.

1/27/2011 #25

I had a really creepy dream last night. It involved a careprovider and her client. I think Maya maybe a good choice as the main focus. :)

1/27/2011 #26

I had a creepy one last night too. I was a poolside attendant in a hotel, and this old lady starts hitting on me. Then she turns violent because I talk to her rudely and chases me through the hotel, which somehow now became some sort of dark labyrinth. It ended with other workers (who were actual employees in my real life job) coming to my rescue. It was a really weird one for me. lol

1/27/2011 #27

@Chicas: Was it the old lady with the purse by any chance? Or Mrs. Pepperman?

1/27/2011 #28

No, she was a LOT scarier than Ms. Pepperman. This old lady did not look like a "sweet" woman at all.

1/27/2011 #29

That is strange. Wow and scary. The old woman didn't have a purse did she? :D

Mine involved me sitting in a chair in my clients living room while she slept on the couch. I guess i must have dozed off in the dream because the next thing i know is she's shaking me awake and asking for help. The only thing is she's still fast asleep on the couch at the time. So when i go over to the couch and turn around to say something the figure of the client that just shook me awake was gone and i was alone with her on the couch. Strange huh???

1/27/2011 #30
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