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So, you may have noticed that my profile page says I have quit FF. You may also have noticed that all my unfinished fics (with the exception of The Liar, The Addict, The Traitor, and The Whore, which I deleted) say "DISCONTINUED" at the end of their summaries. My apologies to all my readers here, but I have decided that it is time for me to leave. I've completely lost interest in writing fanfiction. I have no motivation to do it anymore. Plus, a few poems of mine were published fairly recently, which is a sign that I need to start taking my writing more seriously.

I'm not leaving the Internet entirely. I'll be posting some original stuff on FictionPress.com (by the way, my pen name there is the-lovely-anomaly like it is here, so feel free to look me up if you wish) and I'll likely drop by every now and then to see how everyone is doing. Perhaps even leave a comment or two. But as for writing, I won't be doing that here any longer. I had a good run with this site, but now the time has come for me to depart.

So, yeah. Farewell! I thank you all with deepest sincerity and bid you all a merry time here on FF! :)

7/7/2012 #1

Goodbye, TLA we will miss you. You were probably one of the more unique writers with your challenging the status quo mentality I have ever come across with the opinions to match as well. You were one of the writers who allowed me to approach and write about certain topics and explore them in fanfiction. Thank you. Congrats with your poetry. Good luck.

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #2
Why? I mean poetry is awesome but...what about BD? : (
7/8/2012 #3

Do you mean Boy Disrupted, WH? That's finished already But I could say the same thing about martyrs and Eternal sunshine or Boy Reinvented?

7/8/2012 #4

The premise for Martyrs was very weak. It was supposed to be a modern-day retelling of Jesus' crucifixion, with each of the characters representing someone from the Bible and the stigmata showing how Jesus carried the weight of his death long before he actually died. A pretty good idea if I do say so myself, but it's not enough. There was no "umph." It remained just what it started out as - an undeveloped idea. Plus, I kind of backed myself into a corner with Chapter 4. I still plan on writing a modern-day crucifixion retelling, but when I do it will be an original story.

ES was to be a multi-message fic (like BD) - one that questioned a bunch of different things without offering any clear-cut answers. The thing is, I didn't handle it the way I should have. I got careless with it, threw in too many loose ends without having any idea as to how to tie them up, and because of that it just sort of fell apart. Like with Martyrs, the overall premise was good, but the execution was not thought-out enough.

BR should never have even been started. That was nothing more than my attempt to ride on the coattails of BD's success. BD never needed a sequel. It ended precisely the way it should have, with not everything resolved but everyone moving on and holding onto hope. I know a lot of people like BR, but really it's just the literary equivalent of a movie sequel made predominantly for the sake of raking in cash. That's not to say I didn't care about it or want it to be good, I did. But the whole time I was working on it, I knew it wasn't necessary, and I felt like I was cheating everyone - myself and my readers. The only reason I haven't deleted it outright is because many people have it on their favorite stories list.

7/10/2012 #5

I can relate to this too. I've been writing less and less lately. A couple months ago my dog died, and that just messed with me emotionally for a while. Then I started a new job which messed with my schedule, making it hard for me to write. At the same time, I've been growing less interested in Suite Life. The show is over, so not much for me to get interested in.

At the same time, my dreams as a writer have changed. As many of you know, my dream for many years to become a professional author. Not a full-time writer or anything, but able to say I had a book published. But well, that's not big enough for me anymore. I want to change the world through my stories. I don't know how, I may never know. But I do know I have been blessed with a talent for writing and a love of stories. I know I've touched people's hearts, made them think differently about things. I'm not after fame, but an impact that will have ripples for eternity.

I know I'm getting a bit off topic, but the reason I'm doing so is because in a big way, this was your doing Rebecca. No other writer has taught me how to speak to the heart like you. Your versitility is amazing. You know how to take the issues of the day, and shatter our perceptions with them. There is more that we don't see, more to life. Loss and forgiveness. Hope and destruction. Laughter and death. Second chances and love...these are life, and these are your stories.

I thank you for your kind words of my writing, and for the fun times I could enjoy yours. I really wish you'd write more here, and I haven't given up hope that you will. Either way, I look forward to seeing more of your writing, no matter what site or place I find them in.

7/10/2012 #6

The only writing I am interested in doing is original writing. I was going to write a Bible story and post it as a Bible fanfiction, but I'm thinking I'll post it on FP as original fiction. Authors write interpretive stories from the Bible all the time, and publish them as fictional works. If they can do it, I can do it.

I fully admit that I would like to become famous. I know, I know, I should be humble and focus on writing for myself, but honestly, if we (and by "we" I mean the FF populace) didn't want exposure we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't be posting on this site and anticipating reviews. If we truly wanted to write "just for ourselves," we could do that easily - write stories and not show them to anyone. Keep them in private notebooks for our eyes alone. But we don't do that; we post them on the Internet for the whole world to see and take pride in whatever praise they receive. Granted, some people here genuinely want to improve their writing, but let's be real, don't we also want the spotlight? Don't we also want to get our work "out there"? :P You're a great writer, Tiger. You may not be *after* fame like some people are, but if you were to write profound, impactful, world-changing stories (and I believe you could), I have little doubt that fame would find you.

I'm honored that I've been such an inspiration to you, that I've helped you with your writing. That moves me more than words could ever say. I do my best to get people to think and feel, but I must point out that you have a ton of raw talent that has always been evident. Your "Separated, but Not Apart" story was a favorite of mine even before I created this account. (Yeah, I was an FF-lurker long before I was a member. :P) Your stories encompass so many scenarios, tackle so many emotions. You can go from top-notch action to heartfelt drama to gut-busting comedy, and that skill is just amazing.

Thank you, Tiger. That means so, so much to me. And don't worry, you'll see more of my writing. I've got a lot planned for FP. ;)

7/12/2012 #7
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