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The Last Apprentice is being adapted into a movie. Who would you like to see cast as Tom, Alice, the Spook and other characters? What ideas do you have about the film? All posts are welcome!
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Cocky? I'd say he strikes me as an arrogant, narcissistic tw*t.

The last interview I read with him was from over a month ago, and they were still together then, but the mag it was in were under strict orders that they couldn't ask him about his relationship.

I don't bash, I just bluntly state an opinion with no intent on how the person should respond to it should they ever read it, and then they can take it however they wish.

I'm going to take a look at that link now.

2/21/2011 #31


Well, I haven't really read any interviews on him except the one that I posted. I was on IMDb and there was an article on him and his break-up with his girlfriend, but that wasn't really an interview.

Yeah, I'm like that too. I guess I bash, but honestly, I'm not even sure if I'm using it correctly. I just don't want to say bad things about him because I've never met him but I do know that I don't really like him. I just base my opinions on him based on what I read about him and it seems like no one is really that big fan of him. Like Twilight, I say bad things about it all the time even though I haven't read it. But again, it's based on what other people say and what I know about the series. It could actually be a good series like people claim it to be but I don't plan on reading it ever. I just state the facts I guess. :)

2/21/2011 #32

You shouldn't form an opinion of a book or film based on what people say. I liked reading Twilight, though it does have it's faults. I've not read the Percy Jackson books, so I can't give an opinion on them, but I've seen the film and I wasn't that impressed. My opinion of Pettyfer is base on interviews, which, though they aren't enough to state my opinion as fact, they're the most I'll ever see of him.

I won't tell you to read twilight, but you can't say it's bad without having read it.

2/21/2011 #33

You're absolutely right and I'm sorry. I tried to read the first Twilight book, but I wasn't interested. And I've seen the first movie (which was good but not great) but it's not my favorite movie. This is a habit I really have to get rid of. I just look at Twilight in a bad way because some people think it's the best thing in the world when I don't understand what's so special about it (not saying that you are one of those people). I'm familiar with the plot and how the characters act and I find them a bit annoying so that's why I dislike the series and that's not really a good reason to do so. As for Alex, that's all I have to base him off of because I doubt I'll ever meet him in real life. I'm too gullible, I guess. People say 'I Am Number Four' is a bad movie and I think that too, but honestly I don't think it looks that bad. In fact, it's kind of interesting. But I haven't read the book, so maybe they're just book purists upset that some part of the book was left out or they didn't portray this scene correctly.

Percy Jackson is an okay series (some of the characters are really annoying), but I like the movie. It's just that it's so different from the books that upset me because the director had the nerve to leave out one of the main characters and some of the most important scenes and that screwed it up. But I enjoyed watching it a lot.

2/21/2011 #34

Yeah, the film was good but all the changes irked me. ¬.¬ And I tried to read Twilight, but it just wasn't my kind of book. And everytime someone says something is the best thing in the world, my opinion of it lessens.

Great, I'll check those links out now. ^_^ Thanks. :)

2/25/2011 #35

I should probably say, I watched 'I am nuber 4' the other day (best thing in the cinema that my little sister can get into) and, admittedly, Pettyfer's acting has improved dramatically since stormbreaker. However, it wasn't that challanging a role, and his acting was still mediocre, so I really don't want to see him cast as Tom.

2/25/2011 #36

I feel the same way you do! Every time someone says something is the best thing in the world, or if everyone likes the same thing, I tend to dislike it more and more the more popular it gets.

2/27/2011 #37

How was the movie? I really can't say if his acting improved because I've never seen any of his movies. But I don't think he fits the role of Tom at all.

2/27/2011 #38

It was alright, but I'd rather have seen Paul.

2/28/2011 #39

Oh yeah, I've seen the previews for that. It looks interesting, but I don't think I'll go and see it. I'm not really into those kind of movies. I guess the next movie I'm planning to see is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

2/28/2011 #40

I know this really doesn't sound like news, but on IMDb, they've taken Jennifer and Alex off of the cast list.

I wonder if those two are still going to get the roles. Jennifer Lawrence is very close in getting the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (which is being released in 2012) but will she be able to do that and The Wardstone Chronicles (theoretically speaking) at the same time? (Probably...) And Alex was in talks in getting the role of Peeta Mellark, another character in the Hunger Games. I found an article on this about him but now I can't find it, but Alex seems to be getting very seems like he's wanted in every young adult movie adaption!

To me, it seems like Jennifer and Alex won't be Alice and Tom, but I could be wrong. I've looked up 'the Wardstone Chronicles movie' up on google but it's nothing but old news.

3/13/2011 #41

The reason Pettyfer's popular with producers at the moment is because he has teen-mag appeal. Teenage girls fangirl over him, the same as they do Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner (sp?) Okay, I'll 'fess, there's been a poster of Pettyfer on my wall for three years and one of Lautner for about a year, just for the eye-candy. That's what production companies look for, somebody they can market. I'm afraid the world is shallow. Still, it's a massive relief if they don't get the role, and I really hope they get decent actors for it.

3/13/2011 #42

Yeah, you're absolutely right. If they do cast him, it will definitely make the movie more popular (which is a good thing) but for all the wrong reasons. There are better ways of promoting the films instead of just sticking eye-candy into it and that will attract fangirls and push away those who actually like the series for what it really is. He's just too old in my opinion and looks nothing like Tom. I prefer unknowns since I don't know any actors that would fit the role best, but it would be a massive relief if Alex was not in the movie! And on The Hunger Games board, they've posted him up as Peeta (rumored though) but I don't want him in that movie as well.

3/15/2011 #43

We might have to kidnap him and lock him somewhere where no-one will look. That's the only way to keep him out of the movies altogether. But it won't gurantuee that these films wont get the dreaded Eye Candy. But I do hope that unknowns with talent will be chosen, than maybe the films will get what they deserve.

3/16/2011 #44

Lol! Yes, I do hope for unknowns as well. I'm not really worried about Jennifer since she landed the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games. It's a trilogy and I'm pretty sure they're going to make all three movies (in fact, in the article it said it was making all of them) so she'll be too busy with that to film Seventh Son I bet (this all based on theory though). I highly doubt that she's going to be Alice since THG is a huge franchise and is extremely popular and The Wardstone Chronicles really isn't (well not here in the US in my opinion). But Alex could still get the role of Tom...

3/17/2011 #45


Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't been posting stuff lately. I just went on IMDb and it says that Julianne Moore is cast as Mother Malkin. I haven't seen any of her movies so I don't know how good her acting is, but I guess she would be good for the role. With the right costume and makeup, I think they could make her look like Mother Malkin. It's nice to know that they're making some progress. But I hope this movie isn't star studded because those movies never do that well.

Here's the IMDb page for Seventh Son:

http:// www .imdb .com /title /tt1121096 /

And an article confirming her role:

http:// www. heyuguys. /2011 /03 /21 /julianne- moore- joins -the -seventh - son/

It also says that Alex and Jennifer are unlikely to get the roles of Tom and Alice since Jen is in The Hunger Games and Alex's 'star rising'.

What do you guys think?

3/27/2011 . Edited 3/27/2011 #46


So we finally get to find out who's cast as Tom Ward and Alice! Here's the cast so far:

Master Gregory- Jeff Bridges Mother Malkin- Julianne Moore Tom Ward- Sam Claflin Alice- Alicia Vikander

I must say, I'm pretty disappointed with the cast choices for Tom and Alice. Sam is 25 and Alicia is 23. Can they really pull of 13 year olds? I know people who are usually cast for a role in a film are older than the character but 13 and 25 is a pretty big age gap.

Here's a link to the article:

http:// www. imdb. com/ title /tt1121096 /news#ni9167759

I'm starting to get worried about this movie. I wished they had given the role to a someone around 13. What do you guys think?

4/2/2011 #47

*in shock* Twenty.... Five? :o And Twenty-three? I'm really disappointed now... I was hoping for someone close to thirteen, I know it can be hard sometimes for an exact age, but Twelve years is way to big. I havent seen Jeff Bridges act before, but he looks about the right age, and if he's good than he can pull it off, Julianne Moore maybe to. But Sam and Alicia... I am really really disappointed with that.

4/4/2011 #48

I think I just mannaged to regain some faith in the human race ourely for the sake of loosing it again... :(

4/4/2011 #49


4/4/2011 #50

Twent five?


5/27/2011 #51

I know. It's disappointing. And it seems like the movie isn't making any progress. They haven't been casting anyone lately. I wonder if they're still making it.

6/3/2011 #52

If it's not good I am going to be so pissed, the books are so good!

6/3/2011 #53

The books are really good. A few months ago I finished reading the last book, I forgot what it's called, Rise of the Witch Huntress? I can never remember the titles of all the books, except that all of them have, 'of the' in it.

I hope they make the movie as well. The Last Apprentice isn't my favorite favorite series but it's decent. I'm following The Hunger Games more closely. Every now and then I go the IMDb page for Seventh Son but not that frequently because I know nothing's changed. But judging by what they have so far, I don't think I'll be seeing it in theaters anticipating that the film is already screwed, but it's way too early for me to judge so I'm going to remain hopeful. I shouldn't be so judgmental because the actors are older than I thought they would be. When the trailer comes out and it looks good, I might reconsider.

6/5/2011 #54

They have different titles in England. It's always 'The Spook's (insert third word here)' The last one was called The Spook's Nightmare, but I don't know what the American title was.

I don't tend to be so hopeful of films of books as a given, since they almost always screw things up.

6/6/2011 #55

Yeah. I read that the titles are different because the word means something bad here in America so they changed it to 'The Last Apprentice'.

The last book I read was Rise of the Huntress. On bn(dot)com I just found out there's an eighth book called Rage of the Fallen. I would read it but I doubt my library has it.

I agree. I get annoyed when they change stuff in the movie that wasn't in the book. It defeats the whole meaning of 'book to film' adaption when you change everything that the book and movie are nothing alike. If it's a little, I don't mind but when they cut out chunks of the plot like they did for The Lightning Thief then I get mad.

6/10/2011 #56

ugh, this is terrible.

they are going to ruin these films completely, it's going to be a reply of Darren Shan's Cirque du freak.

I'm betting that they will raise the age of the characters, simply because audiences might find it strange that they are too young to be leading the plot. it sounds silly i know, but when you make a film it changes how you perceive the character and the director might be worried about criticism. the only film i can think of that hasn't actually done this for a character so young, is Harry Potter, so i don't know why the film makers havent just learnt that it could be even better if they kept to the original ideas.

personally i think this is going to make the movie suck, and like JK Rowling, Joseph Delaney should have held out for a screen play that incorporates ever aspect of this books, including accurate representation of the characters; that have so much potential to be awesome its unreal.

Finally, honestly, i think this movie will be like every other movie like it ('cirque du freak', 'sorcerers apprentice', 'percy jackson' etc.) and will last a month in the cinema, with one review over 4*'s, before disappearing and next time you see it its £3.99 on It's painful to say, but i have no faith in the choices they are making with this awesome series' adaption to film.

6/13/2011 #57

It's 'The Spook's Destiny' over here. I prefer the English titles, since they have a theme to them, and the American ones don't really grab my attention. Not as bad as the first Harry Potter, mind, which apparently got change from 'philosopher's stone' to 'sorcerer's stone'. So much innuendo.

Sometimes, subplots need to be left out due to time, but when they leave out major plot-points from the main plot or change things *coughEragoncough* to the point it's unrecognisable there is a problem.

6/13/2011 #58

I'm starting to lose hope in this movie as well.

I was watching some of that movie the other day (what I found odd was how the main character was named after the author). I didn't know what was going on since I haven't read the book but I'm no stranger to book-to-movie adaption that's gone bad so I take your word that the director of that movie screwed it up.

I'm not sure if they're raising the ages but assuming that the actors for Alice and Tom are in their twenties, I'm betting they will. I don't see how people so old could pass as preteens. Why can't they actually hire actors the age of the characters? I know it's harder for kids to make movie because they can only work for a certain amount of time and then they have school and whatnot. And yeah, the first thing that comes to my mind that actually bothered to have kids as actors is Harry Potter. It seems like directors never bother to read the books of the movie they're about to make if it is a book in the first place.

I do too. It has a lot of potential but I have my doubts. Authors should direct their own movies, like Emma Watson's starring in a book to adaption movie and the author is actually directing it.

I think you're right. Percy Jackson was such a good book (I'm rereading it right now) and it's so irritating that it had so many good scenes but Chris Columbus cut them out, it makes me so mad. It was rated 5.8 stars on IMDb. It's better than other movies but I think it could have been better. I'm kind of disappointed with how this movie is going. I've always wanted to see this on the big screen and when I found out they were, I was so happy. But now I'm starting to resent it. Maybe they should have left the series alone. The only thing I could say is that it's being made by Warner Bros. and all of their films are good.

6/15/2011 #59

The American titles are somewhat corny and they're too long. The only recurring theme is the 'of the' in the middle. I heard that JK Rowling wished she kept the original title instead but I like both of them. It hasn't really bothered me though.

I understand they need to leave things out either because they don't have the time or money to put it in the movie. I haven't read Eragon but my sister has. I haven't seen the movie either. Harry Potter is good but they left things out, like Peeve's the Poltergeist. Percy Jackson was much worse, several characters were completely eliminated from the plot and some very exciting scenes. It's ridiculous.

6/15/2011 #60
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