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The Last Apprentice is being adapted into a movie. Who would you like to see cast as Tom, Alice, the Spook and other characters? What ideas do you have about the film? All posts are welcome!
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There could be any number of reasons. It may just be that they couldn't get a film studio to work in in the area for when they wanted to film, since Lancashire doesn't exactly have a tonn of them, and they will need a studio to use. Or maybe they could get cheeper studios and camera crews over there.

I have no idea what the weather in China or Vancouver are like, but it wouldn't surprise me if the British weather were a factor. Contray to what people think, it doesn't rain all of the time, and the weather can be pretty unpredictable. If a part of a scene gets messed up, it causes a lot of problems if the next day when you go to re-film that bit the weather's different. This means that England often just isn't an ideal place to film.

You also have to remember that a lot of Lancashire isn't small villages anymore. A lot of it is more urban. It may be that they wanted small villages, and couldn't find them in Lancashire that the locals didn't mind being filmed (since they would need council permission and such) so are actually trying to get a scene similar to that in the books.

Mostly, we just need to cross our fingers and hope that they know what they're doing.

1/4/2012 #91

To DubstepPhoenix:

Great point; they had to have a reason to film at those places. I've never been to Lancashire but I can understand that the setting the author depicted in his books is no longer the same since the books took place so long ago.

To GulpingPlimpies:

I think every YA book-to-movie adaption wants to have as much success as Twilight and I don't blame them. I want this film to do well but not because of fangirls fawning over the attractive male lead but of the dedicated fans. And yes, I don't want this film to be too modern. It will defeat the whole purpose of everything and the atmosphere will be so different.

To WolfletteMoon:

Again, I've never been to the UK but I can understand if it's the unpredictable weather that caused the crew to film somewhere else. I have been to Canada but not to Vancouver. When I went, the weather was gloomy with a slight drizzle and that's exactly how I imagine the weather in the books; cloudy skies and a little rain. Lancashire is too modern I suppose.

Everyone: I just checked IMDb and clicked on filming locations and I saw that Hollywood and Los Angeles (California) and some places in Nebraska were on the list. I'm okay with Nebraska; not a lot of people live there and there's plenty of open space. But California? All I can imagine is beaches and sun, not something I pictured while reading the novels.

1/8/2012 . Edited 1/8/2012 #92
Living in Essex, I know that the weather can't be too far from 'drizzle, grey skies and unpredictable' just about anywhere in the country. Lancashire is quite a way up north though and colder, rainier weather is therefore more common than way down here on the eastern outskirts of London. I can therefore understand that Vancouver (which does look visually stunning and always has done) was a better choice for weather issues. Now, California confuses me here. Having stayed a week in Los Angeles then toured the west side of the state, I can honestly say I'm yet to find a place more bizarrely unfitting for the Wardstone Chronicles. By 'filmed in California', I bloody well hope that means 'in a private set in Hollywood'.
1/8/2012 #93

That's what I was thinking; if they are going to film in CA, it probably would be on a set inside a building. California does not fit the description of what is in the books. However, anyone with an account on IMDb can post up false information if they wanted to so the source can be a bit unreliable. Despite that, I think the information is accurate.

1/8/2012 #94
I don't doubt the information, what I doubt is Hollywood's ability to make decent films anymore. Look at the success of Twilight - a terribly written series of books dressed up by an attractive cast (with minimal talent) and some impressive camerawork and scenery that makes a half-decent film. If it looks good, no matter how different it is from the original book, people will pay big cash to see it. Avatar, for example - utter nonsense and laughable content, but it looks sleek, expensive and "epic" once you put those 2 quid 3D glasses on. Big money made there.
1/9/2012 #95

I haven't read Twilight but my sister has and she does say that it's a bad series. I haven't read the books so I really don't want to speak negatively about them because it wouldn't be fair. I will say that I don't think it deserves the attention that it has gotten. Avatar is okay; it's very long and it tends to get worn out easily. I believe it only did well because of it's effects. They were phenomenal but I don't think people were really that interested in the plot. I admit, I mainly wanted to see it because I thought the effects were awesome but when you think about it, it's not all that good (the movie as a whole). And you're right; people don't care about the books anymore, just about the money.

1/30/2012 #96


I was on IMDb and saw that some more people were attached to the film! It's exciting; filming is supposed to be starting next month in Vancouver. I thought production would never start. Kit Harington from the show Game of Thrones is supposed to play the former apprentice of the Spook. I don't watch the show so I've never heard of him but if anyone does watch the show, it would be great if you can share some feedback on whether you think he is appropriate for the role or not.

Here's a link to all the articles pertaining to the movie:

http :// www. imdb. com /title /tt1121096 /news#ni22889142

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #97

oh my god YES he is a good actor! (Kit Harington now) and yeah he could do it i reckon, a little old but all of the actors seem to be, and he could pull it off :) so glad this is finally going somewhere

2/19/2012 #98

Thanks for saying so! When I think about it, I guess the age thing isn't as bad anymore. It probably is better that the characters are older. And I agree; it's so exciting that the film is actually going somewhere after waiting so long for news.

2/19/2012 #99
Took them long enough to start the bloody thing! I personally know nothing of Kit Harrington but I'm not really fussed as to how believable the background characters are; Tom, Alice and the Spook are the main focus. I still have confidence in the production team and look forward to any updates from the set :)
2/20/2012 #100

It sure did! In matter of fact, they just cast a German actress named Antje Traure but it does not list which character she is playing.

3/2/2012 #101

The release date for The Seventh Son has been pushed back from February 15, 2013 to October 18, 2013. I was kind of disappointed, but if this is what they have to do to make the movie better, then it's worth the wait.

h t t p://www. imdb. com/title /tt1121096/ news# ni27521847

5/6/2012 #102
October 18th?! That's more than a bit annoying. I suppose you're right, though - more time to improve the film itself.
5/16/2012 #103

Oh dear lord no.

Have you seen the plot on the wikipedia page for the film.


In a time long past, an evil is about to be unleashed that will reignite the war between the forces of the supernatural and humankind once more. Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges) is a knight who had imprisoned the malevolently powerful witch, Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), centuries ago. But now she has escaped and is seeking vengeance. Summoning her followers of every incarnation, Mother Malkin is preparing to unleash her terrible wrath on an unsuspecting world. Only one thing stands in her way: Master Gregory.

In a deadly reunion, Gregory comes face to face with the evil he always feared would someday return. Now he has only until the next full moon to do what usually takes years: train his new apprentice, Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) to fight a dark magic unlike any other. Man's only hope lies in the seventh son of a seventh son."

I died inside a little at how much they've changed the plot.

I mean WHAT?!

5/18/2012 #104

It is disappointing; this is something I'm looking forward to and I hate to have to wait longer but I think we all want this film to be the best it can be and to reach its full potential.

5/20/2012 #105

When I read that it was from Wikipedia, I looked up the synopsis on a more credible site because I know that some things on Wikipedia can be inaccurate. Unfortunately, I have to confirm that it is the official synopsis, copied word from word from another site. I haven't read the book in ages so my book is a bit foggy, but I can tell that they tweaked some aspects of the plot. When did Master Gregory become a knight? He's not a knight! I'm as disappointed as you are, and my stomach did a small flip as well. I really hope they don't mess this up.

5/20/2012 #106
Ah, cool, cool... *Clears throat* What the F*** IS THAT?! This plotline is so embarrassingly detached from the actual book, I honestly don't think I'll bother watching it. John Gregory a knight? A KNIGHT?! This isn't bloody Merlin! Massive congratulations to the film board of geniuses for at least remembering Mother Malkin is an evil witch - with this kind of mentality I'm amazed they didn't describe her as a flying milk maid with a crocodile's head. Bloody hell, they couldn't have bollocksed this up more if they tried. Alas, our only refuge is to write Fan Fiction, which I intend to start doing again ASAP.
5/21/2012 #107

Maybe their using it in another sense, such as a "knight against darkness"? I think they used the wrong word to label him. In a way, Master Gregory is a knight but I hope it's not like the traditional one with the armor and the sword because that's what I imagine when I hear the word. They should have referred to him as something else, not a knight; maybe, "a man that fights against the forces of darkness" or the like. Knight sounds wrong and out of place.

5/22/2012 #108
I doubt they'd market the film by portraying John Gregory in a metaphorical sense of 'knight'. Regardless, I've just about given up hope with the film and have subsequently turned my attention to the new book 'The Spook's Blood'. Already pre-ordered it and can hardly wait to dive back into the growing narrative.
5/29/2012 #109

Me too. I think it was just a bad choice of wording. I still have some hope for the film, but most book-to-movie adaptations always disappoint me. I would like to read the new book (in matter of fact, I just read the last one, but I can't remember the title. I mostly use the pictures of the books to help me recall if I read it or not). I'll probably get it from the library when it's available. That's the problem I have with series that have so many books; it can sometimes be difficult to get a hold of all of them. I'm curious to see what the author has in store for Tom.

5/30/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #110
The Pendle Witches

02/jeff-bridges-seventh-son-movie-first-look/17302 53/

This is what they have in store for The Seventh Son Movie.

4/14/2013 #111

Thank you for posting this, but unfortunately the web page won't display. What do they have in store for the movie?

4/20/2013 #112

Just been watching the trailer ( and that pit in my stomach from all those months ago poring over the rumours and synopses has now become a murky, cold and decadent pit. Much like a pit you would bind a malevolent witch inside, my long-gone hopes for this adaptation have withered away with no hope of midnight blood cakes to revive them. This film is so frighteningly detached from the masterpiece series it was given to work with, so painfully loosely-based upon the narrative, so outrageously disappointing and saddening that I simply cannot bring myself to watch it. Watch the trailer with the sound off and it could be any other generic mythical fantasy. This is a true bastardisation of the plot, a huge middle finger to the fans of Joseph Delaney's shining gem of a series. Utterly deplorable what's been done to the series, I don't know if I can bring myself to pay to see it. Rant over (for now).

7/22/2013 #113

Well said. I agree with you and understand where you are coming from. I haven't read the book in a while but I know that this movie doesn't seem to follow it closely. I don't expect the movie to be exactly the same as the book but I wished the two were more similar. I was worried about this movie ever since Ben Barnes was cast to play a young boy that is supposed to be in his pre-teens. The trailer has not made me feel better about the film overall. However, I will try to remain optimistic. You never know; they can surprise us.

I will probably see this film, perhaps more out of curiosity. I think it deserves a chance; it still might be a decent film. We'll just have to wait and see.

7/22/2013 #114
The Pendle Witches

I completely agree with you.They took all of Joseph Delaney's books and turned them into bulls**t!

7/27/2013 . Edited 7/27/2013 #115

Yeah. I feel this film will do poorly. It doesn't look too promising but I should reserve my judgment until I see it. Unfortunately, this seems to happen with a lot of book-to-movie adaptations. :(

12/6/2014 . Edited 12/6/2014 #116
Orthon McGraw

Moi j'aimerais bien savoir ce qui se serait passé si Alice n'avait pas réussi à voler le pendentif et que Grégory avait rejoint les ténèbre

7/16/2015 #117

this movie is really lame

1/31/2016 #118
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