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The Last Apprentice is being adapted into a movie. Who would you like to see cast as Tom, Alice, the Spook and other characters? What ideas do you have about the film? All posts are welcome!
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According to IMDb, The Last Apprentice is going to be made into a movie! However, the title of the movie is The Seventh Son, so when you go to the website make sure you type that in and not the Last Apprentice.

It is planned to be released sometime in 2013 in the U.S.; whether it's in the fall, winter, spring, or summer, we don't know. There's a preliminary cast but unfortunately, I can't view it because I don't have an account.

So what do you guys think of the movie? Who should direct it and where should filming take place? Most importantly, who should be cast? Please tell me who you want for Tom, Alice, the Spook, and other characters if you have anyone in mind.


*NOTE*: This information is not entirely accurate. It is subject to change.

1/22/2011 . Edited 8/26/2012 #1

Well, this is the first I've heard, but I'm interested.

The filming should be done in England, where it's set.

2/1/2011 #2

Yes, I think the movie will be filmed in England. According to IMDb, the summary is: "A teenage boy training to be an exorcist in the 1700's, must learn to exorcise ghosts, contain witches, and bind boggarts."

It also says that the director of the movie is Sergey Bodrov, but I have no idea who he is. I'm disappointed about how little information there is about the film, but hopefully more will be coming soon! There seems to be a preliminary cast...

Speaking of the cast, does anyone have any ideas for who they would like to portray Tom, Alice, the Spook, or other characters? I personally think that Tom and Alice should be unknowns, but the adults could be a little more famous. I don't want a star-studded film, though. I don't have any suggestions right now.

*EDIT* The movie is being filmed in Vancouver instead of England. I couldn't help but be disappointed since the book, or at least a majority of it, is set in England.

2/1/2011 . Edited 8/24/2012 #3

I was just on IMDb and found an article concerning the Wardstone Chronicles! (Yes! The movie is finally being recognized!) In the article, it is rumored that Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four) will get a role, perhaps as Tom? What do you guys think?

Personally, I haven't seen any of his films so I don't know how good his acting ability is. But he definitely looks way to old to be Tom and he doesn't look the way I imagined Tom as I read the books. Would you like it if he was cast the role? I would be a bit disappointed, but hey it's just a rumor so I guess I don't have to worry about it too much. ;)

Also, Jeff Bridges (True Grit) is rumored at getting a role as well as the Spook.

Please tell me what you think and I'll try to post up more info about the movie as much and as soon as I can! :)


http:// www. imdb. com/ news / ni7368885 /

http:// www. empireonline. com/ news /feed .asp? NID= 30037

Note: If you want to search up any of these articles, make sure that there are no spaces.

2/1/2011 . Edited 8/26/2012 #4

Alex Pettyfer is wayyy too old to play Tom, and though he is undeniably sexy, what I have seen of his acting (he was in stormbraker, and that's about all I've seen) leaves much to be desired. I hope they don't have him play Tom, I'd like to see some real acting talent.

I've never heard of Jeff Bridges, so I can't judge. I like the idea of Jeremy Irons (The only decent acting in the Eragon movie was done by him) playing the spook, but as long as they have somebody decent playing him, I don't mind.

I know it sounds stupid, but I would prefer a mostly English cast. America makes a lot of films, with a lot of American actors. I like to get to see the English acting when I can.

2/2/2011 #5

Yes. I do have to agree that he is way too old to play Tom. Like I said before, I haven't seen any of his movies so I really can't judge his acting ability.

Well Jeff Bridges is an American actor; I think he played in Disney's Tron: Legacy but I haven't seen that either. I haven't seen any of his movies, but he does look like the Spook judging from the trailers of True Grit. Other people want Jermey Irons for the Spook as well, but I've never really heard of him.

It doesn't sound stupid at all! I agree with you one-hundred percent. I mean, the book was written by an English author so yes I think there should be a mostly English cast! I mean, I don't mind some Amercian actors/actresses to be in the film; I think the major characters should be at least British, preferably Tom. (Like Percy Jackson, the three main characters were American but most of the Gods were British).

So since we're both not happy with the thought of Alex as Tom, who should play the Seventh Son? Some people suggested actors such as Skandar Keynes, Logan Lerman (he's the guy on my profile), and yes, Zac Efron! :O

Please tell me what you think!

2/2/2011 #6

For Tom, I would like to see somebody I've never heard of. Kind of like how most of the Harry Potter cast, like Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint, were unheard of before they did the first film. I think this is going to be one of those film where a good job will make an actor's career, but bad acting will ruin the entire film. I'd like to see somebody unheard of make a career for themselves from this film.

Deffinitely not Effron. He's way too old, and he can't act either. I want to see an actor, not a pretty boy who thinks he's an actor.

2/2/2011 #7

I would also like to see someone unknown to play Tom and Alice, or some person who is not very famous. Hopefully it will turn out like Harry Potter and these people will become very famous. Bad acting will definitely ruin the film, so hopefully the actors and actresses cast will have some talent.

Zac Effron is the last person I would like to see in this film. The movies he's been in seem to be corny, especially High School Musical. He's a pretty boy, and he doesn't look like Tom at all! and he's way too old. I haven't read the books in a while, but I recall that Tom has dark hair and green eyes.

2/2/2011 #8

What concerns me almost as much as what actors they choose, is the number of new 'fans' who will get into the books because of the films, yet never actually read the books. If they put Effron in it, that's what will happen. People who've never read a book in their life will be 'fans'. Call me selfish, but the less people know about this wonderful series, the better, in my opinion. I don't like to share. Plus, if you look at all the terrible Harry Potter, Twilight, and Eragon fanfiction on here, you know just what they risk with a film.

2/2/2011 #9

The last thing I want for this film is to turn out like Twilight. If they cast all these hot actors and actresses in the film, fangirls would only see the movie to stare at them instead of actually bothering to follow the plot of the story. If they put Effron in here (I highly doubt it), I know it will happen. Just look at Twilight - if they cast someone different as Edward and Jacob, would it have been as popular?

I want the Last Apprentice to get a bit more popular so they could make the rest of the series into films, just as long as they cast people who fit the role and can act. I wouldn't like fangirls to ruin the movie when I go and see it. I mean it's good that a lot of people don't know about it, but will it do bad in the box office? For all we know, this movie could possibly become the next Harry Potter!

I've read Harry Potter and Eragon but I never read the fanfiction nor Twilight's. I know there are some bad ones out there, though.

2/2/2011 #10

Oh how I envy your innocence - the fanfictions get beyond awful. And that's without the crack slash pairings.

I'm afraid this sort of film doesn't do too well without some eye candy, I'm afraid. The general population is shallow, and would rather stare at 'hot' people than pay attention to the plot. Hence, if - heaven forbid - I ever become an author, I will try to ovoid any films unless I really, really need the money. And even then, probably not.

2/2/2011 #11

I've read some bad fanfiction - try the Percy Jackson fandom! I would never write anything like that.

I have a feeling that the film won't be too popular either. Just look at how little fanfiction there is. If no one is really reading the books, then why would anyone watch the movie? If the movie ends up being good, I really hope a sequel gets made. It's a shame that there are a lot of good books that have terrible movie adaptions (The Lightning Thief and Inkheart are a few examples).

If I ever became an author, it would be nice for my books to be converted into movies. But I'd be mad if they messed it all up! I just hope the people in charge of Seventh Son know what they're doing.

2/2/2011 #12

I'm not sure if I want to risk it. I've not read the Percy Jackson books, since they never really took my fancy, but the prospect of fanfiction still scares me.

Look at all the advertising books like Harry Potter, Twilight and Eragon got. They got a lot more advertising than the Wardstone Chronicals get. Sure, Harry Potter deserves the success, and for the most part earnt it, since the first couple of books weren't advertised as much, but would twilight or eragon have done nearly as well without the advertising?

I never really thought about publication when writing, but it's occured to me how much room I've left for the fangirls, if I ever do get published. So many possible shippings, because I don't feel the need to put every character in a relationship. I do not like the idea of what would happen if ever my writing had fangirls.

2/2/2011 #13

You shouldn't. People get flamed there all the time. The books are okay, but the characters are really annoying. The movie is much better, even though a lot of people said it was bad.

Seventh Son will be coming out in a few years - it could possibly get as much advertising as Harry Potter, Twilight, and Eragon, but I don't think so. The book series just isn't that popular. I do agree that Harry Potter deserved the success, but not for Twilight. Eragon was an okay book, but I can understand why they're not making a sequel.

I wonder how some authors feel when their books suddenly get popular just because of how attractive their characters look in the movie adaption of their books. I would not like that to happen to me.

2/2/2011 #14

People get flamed everywhere. In the Artemis Fowl fandom, I used to try to get flamed, because I found it funny. The question is, do they want to get flamed? Or are they just that bad?

Some probably feel a little put out that they've been outdone by a pretty face, I'd bet some want words with the casting agents, and some just enjoy the money it brings in.

2/2/2011 #15

I would never like to get flamed; I do not like flamers at all, no matter how bad the story may be. Some of the stories that get the most reviews turn out being flames, so I just guess that people care more about the quantity of reviews, not the quality of them. People just speak their minds in a rude way and I think some people post bad stories on purpose to get flamed. It's not nice to get flamed, but the things people say are funny.

I guess some authors would be mainly concerned with how much money the movie makes, but I wouldn't want my book to be well-known just because the characters may be good-looking. I bet people are angry at the directors for jacking up the movie.

2/2/2011 #16

I suppose it depends on the person. Some people don't like mean cooments, and take it to heart. Some people laugh and mock them in ICT class. Some people don't mean to be mean in flames, but they still are. Some people try to hurt other people's feelings. It all comes down to the person.

Well, I've heard what fans say about the directors, I don't want to hear what people say to them.

2/2/2011 #17

I'm one of those people who take it to heart. I know some people say that they're not trying to sound mean, but they really are. Others are able to shrug it off. And yes, it depends on the person. There are some people who flame on purpose.

It must be hard being a director, since people want different people to pay different roles, and you can't make everyone happy. Let's just hope that the right people are chosen for the role!

2/2/2011 #18

I imagine it's similar to being a referee in places, in that no matter what you do, you're doing it wrong.

2/2/2011 #19

You're right. You can't make everyone happy all the time.

2/2/2011 #20

*NEWSFLASH* (again...)

Okay, so there's this article CONFIRMING that Jeff Bridges will indeed play the Spook in the film! It says that he has signed on for the role! It seems like Alex Pettyfer is likely to get the role of Tom and Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) might get the role of a 'suspected witch' (I'm assuming that's Alice). So what do you guys think?

I don't mind Jeff Bridges as the Spook but I'm disappointed about who might be cast as Tom and Alice. Alex looks nothing like Tom and is way too old and Jennifer has blond hair and doesn't look like Alice either. I've never seen Winter's Bone so I don't know if she can act or not. I'm a bit worried now since the two of them are very likely to get the roles, but I really hope they don't. It just doesn't feel right if they cast these people; they're just too famous. I hope they don't screw up this movie. With all these rumors about Alex and Jennifer, I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this film... I just don't want it to be star-studded.

Please tell me what you think!


http:// justjared .buzznet. com /2011 /02 /04 /jeff - bridges - seventh -son -alex -pettyfer /

Note: If you would like to look up this article, make sure there are no spaces.

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #21

I'm still haven't seen any of Jeff Bridges acting, so I can't judge him.

I sincerely hope they don't put Alex Pattyfer in there. I've never heard of Jennifer Lawrence, but wiki says she's 20 (round abouts) so she's too old in my opinion, as is Alex Pettyfer. Also, Pettyfer may be fit, but he can't act. If they cast Pettyfer as lead, then they will screw up this movie, I'm afraid.

2/6/2011 #22

Yeah, I've got a bad feeling in my gut about this movie. It seems like this film is going to be a major screw up. I'm fine with Jeff Bridges, but these other people have to go. The film is being made by Warner Brothers, and all the movies they make are good so I've still got a little hope. I really don't want Alex as Tom or Jennifer as Alice.

2/6/2011 #23

Same here,. :/ WAAAAAAAAY to old. And the film will be used as "Eye candy" and it will ruin the archive!! . This is one of the few archives I can go to where there are little or no fangirls. And with how things are looking at the moment...

We could be watching the end of this archives innocence and freedom... Poor Wardstone Chronicles...

2/8/2011 #24

I'm really hoping that they'll get some one else to portray Tom and Alice. They're just too old and doesn't fit the description at all. I'm afraid that they will be used as eye candy too, and it'll just attract fangirls who probably never read the book in their lives. I'm really curious to see how the archive will change when the film is released; I'd be expecting to see some Tom/OC stories out there...

2/8/2011 #25

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting things on here much; there really hasn't been any news to post.

Anyway, I was on IMDb and it said that Jennifer Lawrence is added to the cast list, probably as Alice. Now IMDb is like Wikipedia; anyone can go in and put her in as whatever (only if you have IMDbPro I think), but I'm taking this as a rumor even though it doesn't say so.

I really hope Alex isn't cast. He's 20 but he looks so much older, like 30. And when I looked up what people thought of his latest movie 'I Am Number Four' people weren't happy. I admit, I don't know how he acts, but he seems cocky to me. Sorry but he does. He was in Alex Rider: Stormbreaker and when was that made? Like in 2005. Haven't heard from him in like 6 years and now he's all popular. People want him to play Peeta in The Hunger Games! He's getting all these roles in these movies, and I just don't understand why. He seems all nonchalant about it but I just don't like it; he thinks he's Mr. Big Shot or something. I just want him to stay away from both of these movies but it seems like my dream is not coming true.

Here's the website URL:

http:// www. imdb. com/ title /tt1121096/

Sorry for my ranting but I don't think he's as great as he thinks he is. But I did hear that he broke up with his girlfriend and I'm sorry to hear about that. :(

So guys? What do you think? I don't like Jennifer Lawrence either; she looks nothing like Alice and is 21 years old for crying out loud! How is she going to pass as a fourteen year old girl. (Sorry I haven't read the series in a while; Alice is about 14 right?).

I hope to be posting more things soon! Thanks. :)

P.S. I just typed it up into google but I didn't find anything; it's all old news that we already know about.

2/21/2011 . Edited 8/24/2012 #26

Yes, Alice is about 14 roughly halfway through the current books.

Yes!! Use the Google!! Google has all the answers.

... he should stay away from my books films!! *hugs The Hunger Games and the Wardstone Chronicles* HE CANT RUIN THEIR FILMS!!!! And Jennifer should go play someone who is her own age! Unless they are going to do what they did with the Percy Jackson Film and make them older, if they are... NOOOO!!!!! *is very sad*

2/21/2011 #27

Ever read an interview with him? As sexy as he is, if I ever met him, I would probably slap him silly. He is an arse, to put it politely. And don't be sorry, I'm surprised any girl would be willing to date him, hot or otherwise. Like I said, read an interview.

Yes, Alice is about 14, as is Tom.

2/21/2011 #28

Okay, thanks.

I was on Jabberjays (a Hunger Games website) and it had an interview on him. It's just the way he's acting that makes me think he's cocky. He's all nonchalant and careless it seems like...he says he read the books but then he asks "Is it a big thing?" Of course, the Hunger Games is probably the most anticipated movie of 2012 and he's going to ask that question? It's like someone just read the Harry Potter series and then ask "Is Harry Potter popular?" Here's the URL:

http:// jabberjays. com /2011 /02 /07/ pettyfer -on- hunger- games -i- just- didn% E2% 80% 99t -know- if- it-was -a-big -thing /

I really don't have a right to bash on him but he just seems like he's so cool or something. Oh well. So what do you think?

Yeah, he was dating Dianna Agron (I think her name was), who played in I Am Number Four as well. They were dating for less than a year and I think they lived together. She did say that he (excuse me for paraphrasing) "he's a sweet person in real life." I don't know if that's true or not but... *shrugs*. What do you think?

2/21/2011 . Edited 2/21/2011 #29

Okay, thanks.

I did use google, but it was all old news like Jeff Bridges getting the role of the Spook. But I'll check more often! :)

Yes he needs to stay away from both of these movies! And Jennifer Lawrence needs to stay away from the Wardstone Chronicles too! The Hunger Games is too good to be screwed up and so is the Wardstone Chronicles.

I liked Percy Jackson. I mean I wouldn't mind if Tom was 17 instead of 14, but c'mon, Alex is a 20 year old man and he sure doesn't look like it!!

2/21/2011 . Edited 2/21/2011 #30
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