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DIM666 - Insane Leader

I liked that in the first seaosn, but id dragged in season 2, and when they broke up, i proclaimed FINALLY!

I like both DxC and DxG thought. DxG more. But Tyler/Lindsey is still my favorite TD couple.

3/2/2011 #31

O.O Is that Eggman in a bikini?

3/4/2011 #32
DIM666 - Insane Leader

*Eyes bleeding*

3/4/2011 #33

Eggman: How do i look? Will this attract ladies?

3/6/2011 #34

Sure. From a Helen Keller school.

Shadow: *nods* Blind and deaf.

3/6/2011 #35

eggman: uh...

3/8/2011 #36
DIM666 - Insane Leader

*Puts an MP3 player in f***'s ears with the sound of satan screaming*

3/9/2011 #37

Eggman: Cool reminds me of when i went to fatto camp then got rolled out.

3/9/2011 #38
DIM666 - Insane Leader


5/24/2012 #39

I searouisly don't want to hear anybody's opinion on same sex parings or i will barf. Thank you.

5/28/2012 #40
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Sister, YOU were the one who started this thread.

5/28/2012 #41

I understand that and because I created it WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT SAME SEX PARINGS. Anything but that would be ok.

5/29/2012 #42

Then maybe you should delete the thread? Or lock it?

5/29/2012 #43
DIM666 - Insane Leader

We can't. Only BlackHeartSpectre can, and shes not been on this site for years.

5/29/2012 #44

Oh. That sucks D;

Well then, I don't think there's much that can be done... Telling people not to talk about something tends to make them want to talk about it more :/

5/29/2012 #45
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Yeah. For that reason, i'll keep on talking about Same-Sex pairings.

For instance, I can see Sonails happening, but's not THAT likely.

5/29/2012 #46

SonTails is okay. I like Sonic/Tails brotherly more, but I've seen a few pics/comics that make it seem rather cute. I guess I can see where people would get the idea, but just because they're best friends and super close doesn't automatically make them gay. I don't mind the pairing, but I'm not one of those people who's convinced it's secretly canon.

From what I've seen you're not really a fan of yaoi pairings? I remember I used to hate yaoi and yuri... It was actually because of the Sonic fandom that I started looking at different pairings.

5/29/2012 #47
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Yes. The first paragraph is dead on all the way.

Well, when I was a lot younger, being biased and stupid, I was 'ALL AGAINST YAOI ALL FOR YURI'. Now I've matured some. I still like Yuri, but I only read sensible stuff. I'll read yaoi...very very occasionally, and usually by mistake. But I can overlook it and if the story is written good, well, great!

5/29/2012 #48


5/30/2012 #49

Thank you

I was pretty much the same. I was force fed it though. I still don't really like it in KH. In Sonic... I'm a lot more open minded. I don't typically read it, though, because... well, I don't typically read Sonic romance stories xD I try to write them, and, well... Viewers opinion, I guess.

I like yuri. It didn't take long for me to like it. Yaoi took forever, but once I got past that, yuri followed right after it. There;s not much Sonic yuri that I've seen. Probably because a lot of the girls have awkward age gaps in between them :/

5/30/2012 #50
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Yeah. Once it was no longer force fed, I could put up with it, and although I don't embrace, it's fine, in moderation.

When I first found out about Yuri, it just weirded me out. Then when i found out a bit more about it, I embraced it. However, I'd take a Kick-A** F/F or M/F story any day.

Yeah. I mean, really. Cream is like 8, Amy's either 12, 13, 15, or 16. Rouge is somewhere between 18 and 22. Blaze is 14. Maybe with the exception of Alaze, how and who are you going to hook up?

5/30/2012 #51

Cream: 6

Amy: 12

Rouge: 18

Blaze: I'm pretty sure she's 16 ._. That's what it says on the wiki...

Yeah... Well, Cosmo and Marine are 8, so they're withing a safe age range, also with Cream, but they're really young and probably aren't thinking of romance anywya, much less their orientation. I like Rouge/Blaze... I haven't written anything for it though. I also like Rouge/Julie-Su (is it bad that I ship Knuckles' girlfriend with, like, everyone that ISN'T Knuckles? xD). And I kind of like Blaze/Amy.

Well, at least you don't rag on it. That's good.

Well... I looked up my two favorite male characters from KH one day. And I found a picture of them making out, and apic of them doing it. I was freaked out ._. I was pretty young, so I didn't know what to expect. My mind is kind of numbed to it now _''''

5/30/2012 #52
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Okay. That clears up the ages. Still, Alaze would be easy to write. Rouge/Blaze a bit harder, I'm not sure they even met.

Hmm. Okay. So what, you have that problem. it's not like you shipped Rouge with Scourge! it?

I understand what you mean about it. You do get numbed to that overtime.

5/30/2012 #53

Pfft. I ship everything. Well, almost everything. Having met in canon means nothing to me. Obviously, these pairings won;t go anywhere in canon, but that's what Fanfiction is for. To bring together characters that have never met each other, and to see what it might be like if they did meet. Rouge/Blaze, I like, because they're so different. Rouge would be able to ruffle Blaze's feathers, bother her and make her wonder. I like the contrast, in their personalities and the lives they lead.

Shipping Julie-Su with anyone but Knuckles is difficult, because of the whole "soul touch" thing ._. I actually don't like her with Knuckles that much (I like her, but Knuxulie isn't one of my fav pairings). During my 100 Theme challenge I decided to try shipping Julie with Rouge because I thought it would be interesting, with the animosity and the rivalry. I still haven't written anything for it. I think Sally/Julie-Su is a little more abstract, just because I don't see much of a spark, but idk. I don't think Rouge/Julie-Su would ever be anything serious, but I love Foe-Yay relationships. Again, rouge would get Julie-Su so riled up... Since Julie's a lot like Knuckles... It's kind of like the yuri version of KnuxRouge o_o Holy crap... What have I done?

No, I don't ship Rouge with Scourge. I don't like Scourge. I don't ship him with anyone (except Fiona, I guess). Shadow and Knux are the ones I ship her with as a serious relationship, but other people I don't mind giving her a flirty or casual relationship.

Yeahh... It took awhile ._. Now I'm used to it -_- mostly. there are still pairings I just don't like, because of the overload, but others I'm okay with. I don't ship KH yaoi, but I don't feel threatened by it like I used to.

5/30/2012 #54

I used to like Yaoi. However after a year or so of reading Yaoi stories. It started to get boring. (Well save fore the Shad/onic and the Sladen) I am not never have and don't think I ever will be a fan of Yuri. I just Find it to weird for my taste. But eh I've been thinking of writing some Yuri, just waiting for the inspiration to hit me.

5/31/2012 #55
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Well Sister, I know once you wrote a threeshot at Yuri. You took it down shortly after though. Might I add, it was well written.

You know, if you really think you've been able to handle these pairings so well, I should check out the stories you've written, see if there is anything there I can appreciate. For someone to be open-minded like we are, it shouldn't be to hard. Still, for a Yuri version of Knuxouge would be funny to read. Like, very funny.

Well, I don't like Scourge either. Then again, I have only read fanfictions about him, and never gotten the chance to read any Comics he is in, and I'm not so sure he appeared in any early 1990 video games. I also can't see Rouge with anything besides Knuckles and Rouge, except for a brief 'fling' with Faker *Sonic*. Otherwise, yeah. I get your point easily.

5/31/2012 #56

Ah... Yeah, I noticed in your original posts that you made this thread, so I was a little confused about why you were suddenly so against us talking about it xD

I don't like hard yaoi. Or hard yuri, for that matter, but that's what the majority of those pairings are like... That, or they're uber fluffy and have strict seme/uke, which I'm not really big on. I don't read much yaoi, and I have yet to write a legit story about a yaoi or yuri pairing (I have a weird oneshot... thing, that was meant to be yaoi, but it could be read any way you want...). I've tried, but I always get stuck. I'm not the best at dealing with the actual romance part. It takes a long time to build up :/ And I'm too impatient Dx

A lot of the pairings I talk about, I haven't written yet. If you do want to look at some of my stuff, feel free, but my ealier stuff is crap -_- Especially "Good 'Ol Fashioned Amore". God, don't read that -_-

I like the idea of a humrous Rouge/Julie-su xD Like, a legit crack-fic xDD

He has not been in any game. He's just one of the "badboy" characters that fangirls like to fawn over. Sort of like how they glom Shadow, except he's what fangirls try to turn Shadow into. I could see Rouge and Sonic having a fling xD They seem like the kind of people who would do that. And Sonic doesn't really like to commit to relationships, so that'd be perfect for him.

5/31/2012 #57
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Again, you are correct on virtually all points.

6/2/2012 #58

I guess I'm good at that xD

6/2/2012 #59
DIM666 - Insane Leader

You must be. Either that or we all are wrong.

6/3/2012 #60
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