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Hate a paticular Sonic character? Want them to die? Then do I have the forum for you. I can be any char from the games, comics, etc, EXCEPT FOR KNUCKLES AND SHADOW! If you flame them then you will be destroyed!
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5/25/2012 #1
DIM666 - Insane Leader

Don't really know enough about her to hate her one way or another.

5/26/2012 #2

Don't know much about her to hate her but i do hate the parrings she is put in. *shudder*

5/28/2012 #3


5/28/2012 #4
DIM666 - Insane Leader

I put the dots, not her.

5/28/2012 #5


5/29/2012 #6
Magic Rose the hedgehog
I only hate slutly sally. But smart sally is someone i can look up to.
6/4/2012 #7
DIM666 - Insane Leader only hate one aspect of her personality, but not the other. Am I getting that right? If so, that might a first on this forum.

6/5/2012 #8
Magic Rose the hedgehog
Yes. Is that weird?
6/5/2012 #9
DIM666 - Insane Leader

No. It's different. I like it.

6/5/2012 #10
Magic Rose the hedgehog _ 6/5/2012 #11
Magic Rose the hedgehog
6/5/2012 #12
DIM666 - Insane Leader


6/5/2012 #13
Magic Rose the hedgehog
6/5/2012 #14

I still Don't know who Sally is.

6/6/2012 #15
Magic Rose the hedgehog
She's a kinda squirrel/chimpmunk hybrid. Go on to Google images and type sally acorn then you'll see her
6/6/2012 #16
DIM666 - Insane Leader

What she said.

6/6/2012 #17
I hate her freaking guts. Why do we need her? She's a useless piece of crap. And she doesn't wear a shirt! WTH?!?!?
8/22/2012 #18
DIM666 - Insane Leader

After watching the first season of SatAm, my god, i think I love her! Outside of Blaze and Rouge, she could be the most kick-a** female character in the series! But yes, it still repels me a bit on how she wears minimal clothing, sometimes nothing but boots...I can actually trace out her...never mind, I'm not going there.

8/22/2012 #19

Ya know.......I really don't mind her either. And to hate her cause she wears no clothes is stupid. SHE'S AN ANIMAL! Your not gonna see a chipmunk run by with some boots on am I RIGHT? Ans she's way better than amy.

8/28/2012 #20
DIM666 - Insane Leader

People, listen to this girl! Everything she said was in BOLD type, so that means that she was putting emphasis on it.


HAHAHA! I always wanted to do that joke! Still, yeah, I understand what you mean well. As for way better then Amy, mmm, Amy's not that bad. I still think Sally's better, she has more of a brain, but Amy's gonna smash ya with a fricking 3 foot hammer. Can anyone say 'ouch' for me?

8/29/2012 #21

i HATE her shes not a dinosaur WHAT THE FUDGE!!

3/21/2013 #22
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