Bleach: Custom Zanpakuto
This is where you can post your ideas for your own Zanpakuto. All welcome.
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This is where you post em. Just make sure they're in this format. This is my, as in my OC, Shun Takahashi, Zanpakuto.

Name: Santenshu (Sun God)

Spirit: A gold and silver dragon. Think Felgrand Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh. Young, but wise.

Sealed Form: A standard Zanpakuto with a bloodred wrap on the hilt. Guard looks like the Sun

Release Command: Light up the darkness, Santenshu!

Shikai Form: Transforms into Standard Katana, hilt wrap still bloodred, blade has silvery sparkle and sheen

Shikai Abilities: Sanken Yamikata(Sun Blade Cutting the Darkness): Basically like the Getsuga Tensho, exept yellow and white Bu-meran Kentosu(Boomerang Blade Toss): User throws Zanpakuto, whick lights up yellow, as well as the user's hand. The user can control where it goes with their hand, and bring it back

Bankai: Tenshi Santenshu (Heaven's Light Sun God)

Bankai Form: A really REALLY long sword. Think Sephiroth's Masamune, only the blade is wider. User gets a cloak that is like Auron's from FF10 that goes overtop the soul reaper's uniform

Bankai Abilities: Enhanced Sanken Yamikata: Similar to Bankai Getsuga Tensho, exept colored a vibrant gold and vibrant silver. Kyokan Re-za-hi(Giant Lazer of Light): Essentially a huge lazer made of light, colored a vibrant gold

Also, Bankai absorbs light and converts it to Soul Energy for the user during usage. This effectively gives the user virtually limitless power.

1/20/2011 #1

Forgot one more Bankai Ability:

Sumiyaka Terepo-to(Speed Teleport): Allows the user to increase the velocity of their Speed Step to such levels that they seem to teleport one place to another, and even be in multiple places at once

1/21/2011 #2
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