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Weird, right? I love the pairing!!!1

1/21/2011 #1

lI'm not a really big fan of this couple even though i'm a Cece/Ty Shipper and all..but I do have one thing to say and that is..HELOO BAYBEE!!! LOL

1/23/2011 . Edited 3/1/2011 #2

But they bumped in the episode when they almost got fired. And When they imitated them Cece was Gunther...

1/23/2011 #3

I'm starting to really like this pairing

3/21/2011 #4

I've just begun watching full episodes of Shake It Up! today and I must say, I love the Gunther/Cece ship! Probably soon I'll start writing story for them. So sign me up, Baby!

3/26/2011 #5

It's my favorite, clearly.

And Ty/Tinka is really cute too. :P

I just love how CeCe seemingly gets along with Gunther when it's just the two of them (like the modelling ep.).


7/19/2011 #6

i never really thought about it but ever since i watch episodes with them having moments together i found it so cute

8/12/2011 #7

I'm a big GeCe fanatic! G√ľnther/CeCe forever! =D


8/29/2011 #8

I can't stop writing for CeCe and Gunther. They just make the cutest, most diverse couple ever!

9/15/2011 #9
I think they're the funniest and cutest couple
6/6/2012 #10

GeCe 4Ever. Have you noticed that in "Split It Up" Hot Mess It Up" and "Reality Check It Up" Gunther never objetcs. It's Cece whose in denial :)

7/8/2012 #11

Gece is one of the cutest couples ever!!

8/29/2012 #12
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