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I've noticed that there are a lot of Runther shippers. What's up with that?

12/8/2011 #1
It's a matter of opinion. I for one actually support it, but it's because I believe they're more compatible with each other.
1/8/2012 #2

What do you guys see in that relationship?

1/10/2012 #3

I for one think that if they dated, they would be the best couple because they have the best chemistry, they'd be AWESOME together and they'd be very, VERY cute :3 but that's just my opinion :P

5/29/2012 #4

I just think the couple is cute. I'm no person to choose a certain pairing andd stick with it, but this is a definate yes! Lol, I am just typing random stuff now...

9/8/2012 #5

For me it was very hard to choose, who's better with Gunther. But now I'm a happy Runther-shipper (though there are so much more who shipps GeCe). I just think Rocky and Gunther have many things in common and their relationship'd be very funny and crazy. They play the same role in their BF-duos and Rocky seems always to be more polite to the Hessenheffers than CeCe (though sometimes you can see, that Gunther seems to have a tiny crush on the redhead). Anyway, I'm absolutely for Runther and I hope that in the future there'll be so many Runther shippers as GeCe. Maybe there are GeCe shippers because of so many scenes of GeCe so you don't have to think, you just see them both together. But Runther in my opinion has got more potencial, more sparks.



12/24/2012 #6
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