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So, I emailed Crest on the issue of whether or not there will be a sequel. I also included my play-by-play review of the movie. So, I made this thread for anyone to post their mail/letters to Crest Animation and Lionsgate. Or, you can post what you want me to send them, and I'll send it to em.

Here's their emails:



Would someone be able to tell me what Lionsgate email is? So far, all ive got is an address.

1/26/2011 . Edited 10/28/2011 #1
I'll start off with my questions, and you can ignore my "fan rant" later if you wish.

Is there going to be an Alpha and Omega 2?

I noticed on the wikipedia page for Alpha and Omega: that someone wrote under the category "sequel" that there will be a sequel.

I would just like to clear this up for all us fans :)

And I heard a rumor that there's no office in Burbank anymore. is that true? Cause I'd love to visit. If so, would you be able to give me an address? If not, I'm sure I can find it on the Internet.

This is where you should stop reading if fan-mail disinterests you:

We all REALLY want you to make an Alpha and Omega 2! The first was SO amazing, we just need a second, and with the addition of the extra scene on the DVD, we know we're dying for more of that emotion. The way her hair sticks up, and her worried call! And all her facial expressions! I'm ranting, I'll get onto that later!

My play-by-play review of the movie will begin lower down, for now I give my summary of my appreciation of your time spent on this movie.

We all know that this was a family-oriented comedy. Sure, but what makes it amazing is the hidden feelings, that are surfaced if you just dig a little deeper. What I've found so amazing about Alpha and Omega is the fact that every time I watch it, I dig up new emotions, new explanations, and each time my love for it and the characters deepen.

Of course, my natural love of animals, animated animals, animated animal love, romance, blondes, and the name Kate drew me to this movie, but my mind was literally blown. The first time I saw this movie, in the video I got, the audio and video were terrible, I could barely make out the words and the video was mainly blobs, but I loved it instantly! Now, enough of my personal experiences... Onto the facts!

The comedy was funny, and the movie was appropriate for children. Congratz! It also pulls the children away from the things that Disney puts out today... So thank you for that. Even though some things were very vain, I can't blame you the way that children are nowadays.

"Kate's hot!"

Bad form :( but I can live with it. Why? Cause the undertones far surpass the unintellectual surface.

Humphrey's obvious obsession with Kate is evident from the start. He rejects his friends' advice to go with the vegetarians, and stares back at Kate. Then of course, responsibility takes it's toll. Kate is taken into a world of undesirable tasks, no doubt stirring up many emotions. Being an Alpha is no easy task, and then she's trucked away to Idaho! No wonder she's mad. Too bad Humphrey's obsessed with her...

I really began to enjoy the movie after Kate's turn of behavior towards Humphrey. It all starts with the tail incident :D then she says "thank you" and looks freakin adorable walking back with Humphrey. Thank you for this scene!!!!

Then more evidence of a change within her as she races Humphrey. But then Humphrey reminds her she's changing. But that would be terrible! So she ignores the fact. And of course she looks back and smiles at his cute interaction with the bear. Adorable!

And without a doubt, Love Train was amazing. Her face when he howls: priceless. And then when she wakes up! The "no no, let me guess, you have to go to the bathroom" and she does it in a flirtatious manner, then giggles!!!! YES!!!

And when I thought it couldn't get any better, she adorably whispers in his ear. Love it!

And when I decided I loved the movie is when I watched the extra scene on the DVD:

Set up quite nicely. Kates got responsibilities, but Humphrey wants to howl at the moon with her. Ok. But then he howls... And Kates hair sticks up, because she JUST CAN'T RESIST! and she smiles perfectly. Then when he starts to fall, she yells his name in worry and has an adorable face. Perfectly done, Crest.

I'd like to mainly thank the writers, Chris Denk and Steve Moore, and whoever did Kate's expressions. Thank you so much.

So I just want to thank you for the best movie ever, and I don't care what the critics have to say, this was a damn good movie that us romance lovers will never forget.

So, if the thoughts of a random 16 year old fan-boy from Orange County, California who writes fan fiction matter at all, then your welcome.

And so begins my play-by-play review:

Artsy start. Beautiful way to set the setting. Generic filler lines. "Air wolves!" haha I like it. This game was a good way to show Humphrey's dominance and show that they like to have fun. Hmm I disapprove of the "What was I thinking?" kinda unnecessary...

Now these lines from Lilly may have been filler, idk, but I find them adorable, and her voice makes it more adorable. Good way to show Kate's dominance and interest in hunting.

And BAM! Obvious love interest between Kate and Humphrey :) losing the lunch thing was pretty funny. Thanks Danny for the explanation, clears everything up. And I particularly like the snowy sad transition here.

Really gotta appreciate the music here.

So. Theyre all grown up, and they've perfected the art of log sliding :D no doubt going to be used later in the movie. Good bug spit for 3D. "Get your butt out of my face" yay child humor!

Really Humphrey? You just noticed it's Spring? Well at least the children can follow along now :) and Humphrey's still into Kate. Good. But whaaaat? Even his friends arent allowing him to break the rules? What are you gonna do Humphrey? Obviously not the veggies. Kate's the only one for you. :D

Introduction of conflict! And our first adorable facial expression from Kate! Kate further shows her dominance by having awesome moves.

Now this really confused me on my first watching of the movie. "Kandou back off!" I thought she was saying "can do!" as in "the Eastern pack wolves CAN hunt our caribou!" but I eventually figured out his name.

And Humphrey shows up, and Kate adorably says "Humphrey?" then he breaks it up using comedy. Nice! And OMG! Kate's little giggle was so cute! Thank you! And poor Kate gets her hunt ruined. And Humphrey tries to cheer her up. Awwww.

Tag team bone stealing. xD Thats so ghetto.

Good introduction into Kate's moms personality, which I love by the way. And we get introduced to Lilly's unfailing cuteness. Haha. That's so motherly of her "Stop slouching. See? Dont you see how strong and beautiful you are?"

Now we see that there's a food shortage :O oh no! And our first encounter with Kate's mom's threats, and Winston acts like he hasn't seen her say something like that before :P your married to her!

You can tell that Kate's like "Oh Humphrey..." here. Awesome. More cuteness. And then some comedy. Which I still don't get. He says "bad joke" before he says "flying squirrels"? Like he's preparing them for a bad joke or something lol.

Gotta love Tony. And Kate's face here is priceless. It's like she's on the verge of tears, but our good ol' Kate would never turn down responsibility!

Super weird fade out! We'll just pretend like that never happened...

I like how Humphrey's friends are all into vanity and he's just like "oh you guys..." shows that our main character isn't into the whole vanity thing that's drawing in the children.

Kate+Flower=amazing! You guys really know what your doing haha.

MY FAVORITE FACIAL EXPRESSION! haha I love Kate's face here xD Nice father/daughter love there. And you even show Lilly's submission to Kate here.

Nice little singing montage to get the point across.

"It totally relaxes the knots" yaaaaay more vanity... But I like Humphrey's assessment of his friends and I LOVE this: "next girl that comes up the hill, she's mine" FORESHADOWING!!! well not really... Just coincidental, but whatever.

"Kate is hot" I swear to god, ima shoot you Salty...

I laughed hard at "know him when we see him" xD

Nice entrance Humphrey. Thank god. They were about to sniff each other or something. "no one important." And now we see the effect of Kate's negligence take effect on Humphrey. And I don't really know why Lilly says "BITTER berries", never quite figured that one out. I like how Kate does an "ugh" thing. Shows her distaste for vanity. Good good. And her way of getting away was very cute lol. And the dead birds were genius xD

Another adorable facial expression when she looks back at Humphrey with her eyes wide. And I thank you so much for her "Pssssh Noooooo", shows her unrefined side for the first time. And theyre little euphoric moment was very cute :) "right after I eat the milky way" haha

Poor Garth :(

This moment was very cute. Her expression when she looks at the mountains was great, and her surprise look, and how she pulls him down by his ear. Again, whoever did Kate's expressions is my hero!

And these guys are like the Timon and Puumba of this movie! Great job on them! Love how the duck takes back the stick haha AND eats it! xD "he's usin the wrong club" haha

"Warvles" makes me crack up every time Hahahahahahahaha.

"The birdie ruined your birdie" xD

"Omegas..." you know you love it Kate.

The cheesy golfing related commentary here by Patty always gets me lol "hole in one sah" hahah

"Repopulate." "Aaah!" again with her expressions! She's freakin adorable! The eyebrow raise, and then the satisfaction with herself when she closes his mouth. Perfect!

And when Marcel's feathers pop up haha poofing birds are always good.

Again, everything with Marcel and Patty is awesome. I'll never forget the Neck bending. Completely unexpected and hilarious xD

"Drove me nuts!" "Drove her right to me!" Hahahahahahahaha that's like perfectly a high school caliber joke there lol. And I like to think that he says "Bowchickawatwow." but I know he doesn't xD I just have no idea what he says. But it fits the joke my way :P

Yes! Another Eve moment! Winston's voice is awesome by the way.

Nice unique human couple. And I love how Kate didnt chastise Humphrey for dancing. She just cutely said "cmon" awesome. Is she starting to like him???

Theyre dancing together and don't even realize :O presh.

Pssh. Lilly, you useless Omega, you've only got 2 jokes! Jk, your adorable. And I can understand why she asks if her mother would approve. I dont even want to imagine the kind of discipline Eve can think up O.o

"she's also the finest Alpha I've ever trained." stupid line. I disapprove :P

Haha. You were partying Kate, and you didn't even know it! Omega: 1 Alpha: 0

Cute argument here. And Kate was gonna watch him pee? That's interesting...

By the way, I'm skipping on saying a lot of things. But it would just take forever. But I love almost every line from Kate, even if I don't mention it.

Kate to the rescue! :D apparently Humphreys more important than getting home, eh? And I think I noticed that these two guys were played by one person. So I'm guessing it was on of your guyses normal Indian accent then his crazy American accent?

Disappointed glare... Ok, there's a lot that goes into Humphrey's "this is not a good idea" cause he was just acting like a silly omega, then gets all serious. It's like he's saying "Cmon Kate, you gotta be kidding me." it's great. We get to see the serious/responsible side of Humphrey. Maybe there's something interesting here, a reversal of roles. He even says "thinking with my stomach instead of my brain". Hmm. Something for me to look into. But thank you Kate for being rash, cause now you get to be adorable :D

"Wiggle around!" who's in charge now? Reversal of roles! Crazy!

Heh heh. Kate's little guilty pose is so cute. "Thank you." :) who's the one at fault now? You guys are so good at this, thank you so much!

Well, I dont think I need to go into how much I liked them waking up like that. You already know. And I love Marcel's expression here. It's like he's yelling at them. I like it for some reason lol

Marcel is using Patty's words :P this is actually used in a lot of fan fiction stories by the way.

Lilly's so cute. Backing into the grass like that.

Ohmigosh! I cant imagine the terror Lilly is living right now! First off, she incredibly introverted, and she's with her love interest. So anything embarrassing will be immensely embarrassing. PLUS, he promised her she'd do fine, so she wants to impress him. And then she spins and stuff, things she can't control. From my pretend introvertness, I can understand how freaking mortified she must be! Luckily, Garth saves the day :) I've actually grown to like Garth. But hey, that's what's fan fiction does to ya.

I already mentioned the racing part, so I'll skip it.

Everyone in the theatre laughed when the bear cried. I swear that's happened to EVERYONE who's played with a kid before. If always goes too far lol

The clown joke was awesome.

Humphrey's "jokes" (if you wanna all em that) on the log were dumb. But they were very Justin Long-y so I liked em :)

And of course, his log skills come back to save the day!

Another Reversal! Im seeing a common theme. Now Garth is the embarrassed unskilled one. Love it!

At first, I didn't like the Kate and Humphrey bouncing around scene, but it's grown on me. Now I see it as Kate being reverted back to childhood, back when they played together :) good times, right? It also unrefines her, which I always approve of.

"I think your crazy." YEEEE!!! She's so cute.

That face! That face! That face! That face! You can't resist his howl and you know it! Give it all up Kate! All the responsibility! And do it for love! "ok." oh thanks. Go ahead and howl with him now, like the most beautiful song ever. Amazing! And she closes her eyes! Cause she's the one giving into love, and she's embarrassed! And he opens his cause he's wanted this for so long, and wants to look at her while it happens! So good...

Yipee Garth, you can howl now :) sorry I'm way too much into Kate/Humphrey to pay you guys any attention lol

Well, they're OBVIOUSLY into each other now, so I don't need to go into the hints that they're expressions suggest. So I'll mention how much I love how she tries to guess what hrs gonna say, and her expression while she does it is awesome too.

"I li-" Kate splits. NOOoOoOoOoO!!!! So close...

Haha. More Eve stuff. Awesome xD

Jeez Tony, you're so selfish... It's a freakin family reunion! "You came back to marry Garth!" stick in the mud..

."Yes, and unite to packs!" *crys all over self*

Haha. Gotta love the fact that they're all doing the same celebration move/dance thing with the head bob. Lazy animators :P

:D this fade out wasn't weird and abrupt like the one I complained about! Yay!

Amazing expression before he gets the flower. She's like "Im sad cause I'm marrying Garth".

"Not Humphrey the lone wolf." adorable expression.

*Kate pulls away from Garth* *I die from excitement* there. Now you guys have a lawsuit on your hands.

Humphrey! Your back too!!! Nowai!!!

K. this part gives me tremendous respect for you guys. Whoever wrote that Humphrey will protect Kate's body is a genius. I love you. Cause that's always my favorite motif, persay. Weaker lover protects the stronger in time of need. Amazing... Simply amazing...

The whole howling thing was good. That hasn't been uses a million times :P but Kate's grogginess upon waking more than makes up for it. She so adorable when she out of it lol. And then the "Darn, cause I wanted to tell you something." Humphrey just turns her into a child again. She's not a responsible alpha when shes with him :) I should use that concept in my story....

Whispering in ears!!! :D :D :D *faints*

And a nice singing montage ending. I like how the music stops for Kate and Humphrey. It's like "oh, all you supporting characters can sing, Aww it's cute and funny." then it's like "oh! Kate and Humphrey! This is serious! This actually brings emotions up from inside me!" and so the music stops because they are epic, important, individuals in their awesomeness. None can compare :)

Well that wraps up my play-by-play! XD I seriously hope you make an Alpha and Omega 2! I know Dennis Hopper died :( which is incredibly sad. But I dont think that should affect the sequel. I mean, he's already got some disc problems. I doubt hes got much time left. I also hope that you can answer my questions, for the sake of your fan base. And if you don't reply or anything, I'll send this in the mail. Just a heads up. I won't be mad if you don't reply or anything. You guys are like gods in my eyes lol.

Thank you so much for the best movie ever!

-Ian Shaffer


1/26/2011 #2

I'm sorry, but do you really think Lionsgate is going to take the time to read that whole thing?

1/26/2011 #3
No, but I wanted to write a play-by-play for the forum anyway, so I just threw it in there. I mainly just want them to answer my question lol
1/26/2011 #4
How do you have so much time on your hands. Seriously.
5/27/2011 #5

Who, Ian? Oh, he hasn't been on for a few months I'm sorry to say.

6/3/2011 #6
Yeah. I can't sit down and just type a story or letter.
6/3/2011 #7

back in the day, I would be up all night on my iPod Touch and do things such as that ^^ :)

Those were the good old days, I don't have as much freedom anymore :(

10/21/2011 #8

Freedom isn't entirely free though. In my experiences so far, it costs about as much as the rent check every month;)

Seems there are also various expenses thrown into that thing called freedom, like food, sewage, heat and electricity. What we pay to be free XD

10/23/2011 #9

which means I could get famous off of the music I write. Or I could get a minimum wage job and live off that. All I need is an apartment in like Oklahoma or something, and a laptop xP (and food, electric, all that crap) OOOR I could hopefully make enough money from a Lion King fansite. One can hope!

10/23/2011 #10
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