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Got writer's block? Bounce ideas off of us here!
1/26/2011 #1

Lol wtf. Good idea.

1/26/2011 #2
Kurama's final nightmare

so yea my story (the lone wolf, the dire warrior) is suffering becuase i have writers block and i would like to ask any and all of you who read this message to check out my sory(you can stop after ch.2 cuz' 3 is just an A/N) and tell me what you think and any suggestions you might have. i know WHERE i want the plot to go, i just don't know how to GET there.

1/26/2011 #3

Well maybe you should focus around kates point if humphrey is doing evil or is just different. Or you could do it from his friends point or his. I dont really know. If you got your plot I wont be much help. Maybe you can put it to where humphrey is trying to fight the evil back and when kates there he can do it. Just saying this cause I don't want to change your plot to much. I hate doing that.

1/26/2011 #4
Kurama's final nightmare

tnx for the help maybe i will do that

1/26/2011 #5
Kurama's final nightmare

duude! i was just writing the next chapter and just as i was about to save... my computer CRASHES! wtf? and it was good too like i didnt even KNOW what i was writing it was like omfg is this actually MEwriting it? and the worst part is i can't even remember all that i wrote!!!! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

1/26/2011 #6

Ouch! That sucks!

1/26/2011 #7


Thats gotta hurt

1/26/2011 #8
Kurama's final nightmare

dduudde! i had a great idea create a new topic and label it "beta's" we an beta for each other when we have free time its perfect! we just have to start by activating a document exchange link with every body in the forum so far!( each one seperatly if you like my idea then ill tell you how to set up a docx thread)

1/26/2011 #9
Well sure it sounds awesome! But could you explain a little more? Ill create the tread, do what you need to it lol

And OMG, if i wrote on a compy, I'd save all the time xD luckily, my notes app doesn't need saving :)

1/27/2011 #10
Kurama's final nightmare

alright all we need to do is right after you login click on the docx tab enter the penname of the person you want to set up a document exchange with (after you select penname from the drop down menu) it then needs to be confirmed by the other particapant

1/27/2011 #11
So, you're saying that it would be like a spider-web diagram. With a line connecting every person to every other person. A line representing a docx connection. Then what? Then on the forum, we say that we need someone to beta, then soneone's like "sure! Send me the doc!" ???
1/28/2011 #12
Kurama's final nightmare

exactly! its genius! we wont ever have to wait for betas cuz' if some one ran out of time while checking it they can send it to another person to check etc.etc. until its done then whoever has it at that time will send it back to the author! genius!*evil psycho scientist's laugh* muuuaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!

1/28/2011 #13
What do you mean "run out of time"?
1/29/2011 #14
Kurama's final nightmare

like if there were helping you beta the work snd then they gottied up with some thing else or were too busy to finish it the could send it to someone else!

1/29/2011 #15
Aaaaaaah genius. I just finished beta-ing urs btw
1/30/2011 #16

Last night I experienced a little writer's high that helped me get through a good portion of my next chapter for my story.

1/30/2011 #17
Writing highs are the best thing ever. Then you look at what you wrote and Highfive yourself cause it was SO AWESOME!
2/1/2011 #18
Seattle Raccoon

I'm stuck on to how Eve should react in my next spark of love chapter.

2/6/2011 #19
Blind Deaf and Dumb

She will either try to kill him, have a heart attack or hell will break loose.

2/7/2011 #20

@Filth Hound:

I've thought about that myself. How about she wants to kill Humphrey, but decides not to because he and Kate are stuck together, or she goes ahead and tells Kate to bite through the pain.

But Winston and Kate try to talk her out of being upset, reminding her that Kate isn't a pup anymore and she's old enough for this kind of stuff, and Kate talks about how much she and Humphrey are in love, and Eve asks if Kate's sure Humphrey's the one for her, and she says yes, and Eve just lets Humphrey off with a warning, and also reminds Kate not to stray from her Alpha duties.

Then Winston and Eve take Kate to the creak to wash up, then they go on with their alpha duties. How does that sound?

By the way, that was really clever in the last chapter, having them stuck together so Humphrey can't hide. Nice Job using my idea. I forgot to mention that in my last review.

2/7/2011 #21

Actually, at the end of the talk, Winston and Eve tell Kate to first go to the creek and wash up, then come and catch up with the alpha duties once she and Humphrey are unstuck. She can't go right away because she and Humphrey are still stuck, right? LOL

I really like how you've been using my tangling idea. Thanks :)

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #22
Seattle Raccoon

Thanks guys,

2/7/2011 #23
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I think those all sound like good Ideas. This is definetly a point where humor can easily be added. What I think would happen is this:

Humphrey tries to keep his cool, while he is obviously freaking out. Kate while a little more at peace, is horrified at all the possibilities of what could happen. I mean, if Eve just so happens to want to kill Humphrey, there would be little to no force on earth that could stop her. I mean, he's right there. Who noes how Eve will react. Eve and Winston walk in and then there is the all but preventable awed/slack jawed silence. And the following emotions roll across Eve's face. Shock, Confusion, and Anger. What ever happens next is up to you. after that I'd go with what villain said.

That's what I'd think happens. I wouldn't listen to me though because I think I'm a crap writer. My freinds tell me my stories are amazing, I think I suck. I think that people just want something to read now a days. I think that the story you're talking about is awesome, or in COD terms AUG-5OM3.I think the lemons are lacking detail, but I'm just a stickler for attention to detail. It's stil get's hormones pumping and the creative mouse wheel turning. I think that you have the potential to become a comedic genius, and you can come up with a great thing I lile to call an Amourphose plot line. Stuff like this can literally go on forever.

2/15/2011 #24
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Forgot to add this but, the last post was aimed towards Filth Hound Lupine.

2/15/2011 #25
Seattle Raccoon

Thank you Villain84, Blind Deaf and Dumb, and Dragongod957; your idea's gave me great thoughts, thank you all.

2/16/2011 #26

Is it too late to throw out a suggestion? Considering what I know of Eve's Character(a type c stepford smiler-practically perfect on the outside, horrifyingly deranged on the inside- mixed with mama bear- touch her kids and DIE) , I could see her attempting to ring Humphrey's little coyote neck, Kate and WInston calling her off, her threatening to /INSERT HORRIFYING MURDER HERE WITH A PLEASANT SMILE/ if Kate ever so much as sneezes , whether Humphrey is directly responsible or not.

2/19/2011 #27
Lightning Wolf-Jager

That's kinda what I had in mind. It's amazing how the lot of us have similar thoughts about this. I always found it funny when Eve threatened someone. Then again, my freinds are always telling me that I have sick/twisted/horrifying sense of humor. I guess we all have horribly twisted minds. (Insert Insane Evil cackel here)

2/20/2011 #28
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Okay, I have finally hit writer's block. The grammatical barricade. The Idealogical sink hole. I'm going to stop there cause I'm starting to run out of synonyms. I have my plot pretty well laid out, but I still need to work out some details. For the plot to be affective, I need to have the trio to travel across seas to saudi arabia, then to china, followed by soviet russia, then into alaska, and finally back to Jasper. Now for those of you who haven't read the story yet, I suggest you read it. Take note that I won't be able to put this part into effect for a couple more chapters.

2/20/2011 #29

I've also hit another case of writer's lock(I know what happens, I just don't know how to put it on the damn screen). FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

4/27/2011 #30
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