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Lightning Wolf-Jager
Well, I got this Idea from the other forum. I liked this game but hated some people on the other forum. Said people act like asses. Now about the game. This is a game that is based entirely on creativity. There is 1 hill. Someone always has control of the hill, and you have to find a way to get said person off the hill so you can take over. If you die you just resurect. The hill is indestructable. There is no teamwork. You must capture the hill for your self. This game lasts forever. At the end of every post you have to put MY HILL. I walk to the top of the hill. MY HILL!
4/9/2011 #1

I walk up behind Dragon and push him off, MY HILL

4/9/2011 #2

*Brains Andrew with a hatchet* I do believe you mean my hill, motherfucker. =P

4/9/2011 #3

...Survives the brutal attack, takes out a M9 and shoots Heir repetedly before falling to the ground, dead, Heir copying my actions seconds later!


4/10/2011 #4
Lightning Wolf-Jager
I use arcane sorcery to send bravo's soul into a different dimension. My Hill!
4/10/2011 #5

I somehow escape the other dimension, I float above the hill, wondering what my next move will be...

Soon to be my hill

4/12/2011 #6
Lightning Wolf-Jager
Traps Bravo in a soul jar and tosses it into a lake. Still my hill.
4/14/2011 #7

*traps DG in Hell for five thousand years, with no chance of escape until those five thousand years are up* MEIN HILL.

4/15/2011 #8

Sends Heir to the sun (it's so hot in some places, that you FREEZE to death).


4/15/2011 #9
Lightning Wolf-Jager
Throws battle axe at Essex. MY HILL!
4/18/2011 #10

*Slits DG's throat, and eats his skin* MY HILL.

4/18/2011 #11

Runs up to Heir and tries to stab him but he doges. I jab him in his chest and he punches me in the stomach. I hit him back and he knees me. I grab him and throw him over my shoulder head first into the ground but he grabs me and throws me twenty feet away. I land on my feet and run back at him at high speeds and tackle him to the ground. We get into another fist fight and start beating the sh** out of each other. (Five hours later) "Alright, you two need to take it easy after that bloody fight. So no fighting." (The doctor leaves and we use the wheelchairs to try and get back to the hill. He grabs onto a car and goes fater then me, flipping me off at the same time.) "A**HOLE!!!!" (I stop by the fireworks store and buy some rockets and strap em to the chair as we start to race each other there. We clash and I take the oppertunity to strap a mega momma rocket to his chair. He screams as he flies into the sky and explodes. I eventually arrive with a wheelchiar that doesn't look like a wheelchair at all. I kick it away and it hits DG in the head. An ambulance picks the wheelchair up but leaves DG dieing on the ground. Then he's hit wth a semi which came out of nowhere honestly.) *Kicks truck radio behind a tree.*

"MY (pant) HILL!!! I'm getting to old for this SH**!

4/24/2011 #12
Lightning Wolf-Jager
Ressurects and uses Arch Angel powers to fire a tesla beam (Highly concentrated beam of pure electricity) at darkwolf, who being cut in half at the waist by the beam dies a semi-slow death. My hill!
4/25/2011 #13

*Uses Archfiend powers to trap DG in a pocket dimension, full of screaming baby skulls*

4/25/2011 #14

I try to catch my legs as they walk away. "Get back here!!" I use my hands and eventualy come back to the hill and my legs kick Heir off the hill. I grab my legs and stich them back to me. "Okay now back to bussinuss." Pulls out a sniper and shoots Heirs head off as he flies towards the oceon. Only to get eaten by Shamoo.

My HILL and LEGS!! Two for one deal.

4/25/2011 #15

*challenges darkwolf to single combat, and beats his ass with a bastard sword* I claim my prize! THE HILL IS MINE!

4/25/2011 #16
Lightning Wolf-Jager
Escapes from pocket dimension. Escape cause the full existence of mirror matter. (Mirror matter is a type of matter that exists in this dimension and another dimension at the same time. When it fully enters this plain it cause a somewhat explosive reaction in the air.) Heir is LITERALLY flattened by a high denisty preassure wave. I must say that from close investigation, that this is My Hill now.
4/26/2011 #17

*puffs himself back up in a traditional cartoon fashion* And now..*pulls out a Tommy-gun, abnd turns DG into the equivalent of swiss cheese* I do believe you are mistaken. This appears to be my hill.

4/26/2011 #18
Lightning Wolf-Jager
Uses Arch angel powers to heal wounds. Takes out radio and calls in a TOMAHAWK cruise missle. The 1,000 pound explosive bearing missile hits heir in the head and explodes. Tiny little organ parts for everyone! My organ covered hill!
4/26/2011 #19

*ressurects, and beats the tar out of DG with a claymore* FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM!!!!! AND MY HILL!

4/27/2011 #20
Lightning Wolf-Jager
Impales heir with a longsword. Puts the bleeding heir in a barrel and puts several blades through the barrel. Rolls said barrel down a hill. Barrel pops open revealing heir to be a pile of mush.
4/27/2011 #21

*reforms as Mushman and kills DG in a creative way* I'm running out of ideas.

4/27/2011 #22
Lightning Wolf-Jager

summons a giant salamander that eats heir.

My hill

4/27/2011 #23

*drowns DG in a teaspon of water* my hill.

4/27/2011 #24
Lightning Wolf-Jager
Summons Vikings and BLOOD EAGLEs heir. Not sure what BLOOD EAGLEing is? Search it on google. It's cruel as fuck! Lehoo Zeher, Tis My Hill FOO!
5/1/2011 #25


10/28/2011 #26
Dark the WolfDragon
uses a rc time bomb
5/1/2012 #27
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