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Amulet is being adapted into a movie. Should it be animated or live action? Who should be cast? All posts are welcome!
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Amulet is one of my favorite comics and is planned on being released sometime next year (2012) according to IMDb. Willow and Jaden Smith are supposedly cast (perhaps for Navin and Emily?) and some other person I can't remember off the top of my head. So what do you guys think of them? I was first surprised when I saw their names but I wouldn't mind if they got those roles.

So who do you guys want for the cast? Would you prefer the movie to be animated or live action? Tell me what you think.

- TheLostHeroines

*NOTE*: This information is not entirely accurate. It is subject to change.

1/22/2011 #1

Hey guys! So it seems like Jaden and Willow Smith are going to be in the movie! I don't mind but it said that this movie is live action and I'm kind of disappointed about that. I was hoping for this movie to be animated but it doesn't seem like it will be. It would be nice if the Smith siblings would voice Emily and Nathan, not play them. They're both great actors but it is a comic book and I really wanted some animation in here. How are they going to do Miskit and the other robots? I mean, of course there's CGI, but it's hard trying to imagine them in real life and I'm afraid it's going to look cheesy.

According to this website, it's live action. I don't know...the website seems legit, so I guess I can trust it. Here's the website URL:

http:// www. boltcity. com/ ?article = 300

I've also read that it's being made by Warner Brothers and all their movies are good so that's great! Feel free to tell me what you think!

2/21/2011 #2

I think it should be animated even though they say its live action. Seeing how awesome graphics are these days i bet this movies going to still be great.

Do you know who Trellis might be? if you do thanks! If you don't its okay I'll just look it up!

9/3/2011 #3

I think that too and you're right; with the advanced graphics available nowadays the movie will be great.

As far as I know, I don't think he's cast. There's a preliminary cast on IMDb but I think those who have IMDbPro can look at it. I don't have it so I don't know.

9/9/2011 #4

I don't have IMDPro either so I'll just have to wait untill it comes put.

9/11/2011 #5

Hopefully we'll be finding out soon! I'll post the news once I know who's cast.

10/1/2011 #6


10/3/2011 #7
I have heard from a person in Deviantart that Trellis is (voiced) by Johney Depp. Maybe be false. Rather have it animated.
12/3/2011 #8

I looked into it but I didn't find anything about him being Trellis. But if he was voicing Trellis, would that mean that Trellis would be animated? I agree with you; this move should be animated. It would make things a whole lot easier. Currently, there isn't that much news on the movie right now. I guess it's too early.

12/4/2011 #9

I would not have chosen the Smith kids. Jaden is too old now and he is also older than Willow. I would have picked Tory Green and Jake Cherry (she is from American Girl and he is the young Dave in Sorcerer's Apprentice). Also Johnny Pacar as Trellis; John Rhys-Davies, Enzo; Ruprict M. Key as voice of Miskit; Jay Baruchel, Cogsley; Ali Hillis, Karen; Donald Sutherland, Luger.

2/14/2012 #10

I agree. If it were up to me, I would have made the film animated. Live action/animation looks cheesy. How are they going to make Willow older than her brother? Are they going to swap roles so that the brother gets the Amulet instead? I don't see anyway in which the film can be anything like the book with the cast they have. They could animate it and have the Smith kids lend their voices for the characters but I doubt that would happen.

2/18/2012 #11

It be awsome if they made it into a video game too

9/20/2014 #12

It would be! I would love to play it. I enjoy videogames that has a storyline plot and takes you on an adventure.

9/25/2014 #13
I think if Max where to be voiced, he should be played by Jason Marsden. :) ( Jason did the voice for Haku from Spirited Away)
12/3/2014 #14

I just watched the trailer and I think the actor did a good job but his voice seems a little to deep for Max, but that is just my opinion. I'm not exactly sure how old Max is--I haven't read the books in a long time--but it seems the voice would not be appropriate for a young boy. But who am I to say who would be right or wrong for the part? Whether or not the actor captures the essence of the character he portrays is what matters most. I'm really starting to wonder if this film will ever be made because it has been stuck in limbo for years. If they do continue with production, I hope the film is animated.

12/6/2014 #15
He's actually over 50 years old and I believe that they are trying to find a studio who will release it at this point. I don't know how long the animation process takes.
12/6/2014 #16

Well that explains why the character's voice sounded so mature. Thanks for the tidbit! I am guessing the animation process will take a couple years, but at this point I'm starting to become dubious and believe nothing is going to come out of this.

1/6/2015 #17

Where do I find this trailer?

3/25/2015 #18

We're talking about the trailer for 'Spirited Away.' I thought that Haku's voice actoshould play as Max.

3/25/2015 #19
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