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Ciera giggled hiding her face in jareths arm.

3/26/2011 #121

Jareth chuckled watching the farie do so.

3/31/2011 #122

Ciera shook her head chuckling. "asny places to eat out around here?" she asked.

3/31/2011 #123

Jareth smiled.

"Follow me." He said heading to the dining room.

4/15/2011 #124

Ciera followed obediantly.

4/15/2011 #125

Asta looked at them in confusion, her head once again tilted to the side.

"They must want privacy..." She noted, before twisting around to look at a candle on the wall.

4/15/2011 #126

Ciera giggled at asta before tuning back to jareth.

4/15/2011 #127

Jareth saw that Asta wasn't following.

"Asta, do you want something to eat too?"

5/13/2011 #128

Ciera waited patiently.

5/19/2011 #129

As all this was transpiring, Midara wondered around the Labrynth for the umpteenth time since she had arrived six months ago. She had wished to be far away from her parents, and Jareth had taken her here. Yes, Jareth. The handsome Goblin King, she had had a crush on since they met.

2/25/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #130

Ciera was still with jareth in the hallway.

2/26/2012 #131
Empty Pen Name

Jareth ushered her into the dining hall, where a grand feast had been prepared and was waiting for them. He pulled out a seat at the head of the table and motioned for her to sit down.

2/26/2012 #132

Midara approached the Goblin city.

2/26/2012 #133
Empty Pen Name

"Oh! Asta, could you go down to the castle entrance hall and greet our newest arrival?" Jareth said, clearly with a plot in mind.

2/26/2012 #134

Suddenly Midara felt a lurch in her stomach. "What are you up to, Jareth?" She asked, mostly to herself.

2/26/2012 #135
(I'm back!!!!!)
2/27/2012 #136

Midara continued to traverse the Goblin city.

2/27/2012 #137
Empty Pen Name

Jareth is all yours, Fausha!

2/27/2012 #138

Ciera smiled and sat down. "thank you..." she whispered softly.

((welcome back faush!))

2/27/2012 #139
Jareth smiled. "No problem." he clapped his hands and the goblins brought out the food placing it onto the table.
2/27/2012 #140

Ciera's eyes widened a bit in suprise. "obviously someone won't starve," she remarked gently chuckling to herself.

2/28/2012 #141
Jareth smiled. "I wanted to make sure you would be nice and full...If you put your finger into that chocolate pudding you are going to be wearing it." Jareth said the first part to Ciera and the second to a small Goblin who had his hand over the chocolate pudding. The goblin pouted before scurrying off, the pudding untouched.
2/28/2012 #142

A short, pot-bellied goblin tugged at Midara's shirt, which fit her like a short dress. She promptly tugged it away from him, glaring slightly. The goblin returned her glare, then walked away. Midara shrugged, and continued through the city.

2/28/2012 #143

Ciera smiled gratefully up at jareth. "thank you, i really appreciate this..." she whispered her voice gentle and low as she began to eat a bit.

2/29/2012 #144

Midara soon arrived at the Castle Gates, but quickly turned back. "It's around dinner time. He probably doesn't want to be bothered." She reasoned, pessimistically.

2/29/2012 . Edited 2/29/2012 #145
Jareth watched her eat smiling before beginning to eat as well.
3/1/2012 #146

Ciera finished up quietly and wiped her mouth with a napkin politely.

3/2/2012 #147
Jareth finished as well and smiled at her as he rose. "Shall we?" He asked holding out his hand.
3/2/2012 #148

Ciera smiled gently and took his hand shyly. "of course," she said.

3/2/2012 #149
Jareth smiled and led her away as the goblins ate the rest of the food. He led her to a balcony so she could look out.
3/2/2012 #150
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