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Pun Stolen from TVTropes, so it doesn't count as my yearly pun.

For shipping Roleplayers, probably. Hell, I can't imagine this thread's purpose.

Current Pairings:

BRYA/SNIPER. Canon by Popular Vote

JUMPY/HUNK. Not sure


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Question Mark walked into the Dark room, a Grim smile on it's face. "Question Mark? I know you're in here..." It Asked.

(That's the hardest shipping, ?/?)

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Mistress Brya

What happens here?

4/4/2011 #4

We write shipping scenes.

Of Forum Pairings.


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Mistress Brya

So you're telling me, that this topic is simply for writing things about the pairing? Sort of like stories?

If this is the case, I want an epic fight scene.

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Yes, as a matter of fact it is. But it shall be rather Random. The actual versions of forum people, hyper-dramatic version of them, fictional versions of them, etc.


A young lad, Younger than an Adult but older than most of his Compatriots, stared at an old Computer screen, down a sturdy nose and from behind narrow, thoughtful but not Cynical eyes. He flicked around the screen, curious, once more pressing F5 on his keyboard. A wasted life? Perhaps, but not entirely. a Pleasant one? indeed. Where was she? He had been roleplaying back and forth very quickly until Brya suddenly dropped off the net, stopped replying. No G2G, no BRB, nothing. It was if she'd suddenly left the computer to go somewhere... but where?

"I'm here." Said a strange but oh so familiar voice from behind, and David spun, shocked. "I finally found you." Said the girl in the doorway. It was her. And the night began.

(Like that)

4/4/2011 #7

(( That was well done, which freaks me the fuck out. I have a girlfriend in real life, is this psuedo cheating? o.o))

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The evening was soft, differing hues of the horizon blending together smoothly, the individual edges lost to the next, painting a picture not even the most prized of artists could muster the talent to produce. The moon hung impatiently right above, awaiting the brace of the stars to shine with its fullest, soft yellow luster. The breeze was light, only enough to caress his hard, concentration stricken face as it flowed through his cracked window, brushing the loose strands of hair hanging in his stunning chocolate eyes. Hands resting on the keys of his keyboard, the young man hadn't been hindered by the slow descent of the sun as the day rounded to its subtle end. SnipersBane wasn't looking to hang about during the day, he had only awaited the night to come, praying for the sun to pack away and let the moon take its place. Observant, most would classify him to be, yet he was completely oblivious to the creek that emanated from his door as Brya walled in, her voice breaking him from his train of thought. He was surprised to find the woman standing just a foot behind him as he finally came to turn, soft breath pooling about the base of his neck.

"...B... Brya?" His slightly dropped and tired lids came to lift to their fullest potential, recognizing her soft and sultry voice seething with a lust he had yet to register from the woman. The breathing upon his neck felt utterly amazing, and he tensed at the sensation, but not to the extent that Brya could notice this.

((It is not... I swear. :D))

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Mistress Brya

(I love how I'm portrayed as a vixen in Spiral's post...)

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Hahaha, fantastic. Way to stop just short of the Awkward line, Spiral.

Somebody needs to do an action.

4/4/2011 #12

((I just cannot get over how people just let Spear's joke drop like that. Question mark on question mark shipping is funny and you know it.))

4/5/2011 #13
Mistress Brya

This is my first time being the shipper...

4/5/2011 #14
HUNK of Chernobyl

Richtofen looked down at the dumb looking American as he awoke on the surgical table, next to him was a neat row of clean looking surgical tools, as Dempsey looked at the tools to his side and the pleased looking doctor he instantly knew that this was it, Richtofen had managed to get his dirty mitts on him. "Let me go you fucking Kraut!" Dempsey shouted at Richtofen with a slight growl afterwards, he wasn't going to give up easily, the look that Richtofen gave him though, that was enough to give even Dempsey the slightest of chills. "Now, now, silly American, what have we said about calling me KRAUT!" The Nazi screamed the last word in a shrill high pitched voice as he slammed a scalpel into the operating table only centimeters from the American's head. "You are now meins, du foolish American." Richtofen said as he began nearing Dempsey with a bowie knife as he chuckled maniacally.

Richtofen awoke from this magnificent dream that he'd been having, he sighed as the voices in his head began to play up getting louder and louder "SHUTUP! SHUTUP! I vill take care of it!" He whispered to himself loudly as he picked up his oversized Bowie knife and stared at the reflection "Dempshey, vill be meins!" He whispered this to himself even louder. "You say somethin, Kraut?" Came Dempsey's voice from the next room, Richtofen moved to the side of the door where he'd be unseen "Ja, American, I need you to come here, zer is a, how do you say, 'Freak bag' valking around in zis room, I did not vant to vaste zie ammo." The German said slyly as he brandished the Bowie knife in one hand and pulled a syringe from his pocket with the other. "Fine you fucking pussy! Watch the badass at work!" The American shouted as he rushed into the room only to get grabbed from behind by Richtofen a large knife pressed to his neck. "You are now MINE! Came Richtofens voice a low growl almost as the needle of the syringe entered Dempsey's body through the upper arm leaving a small bleeding hole as it left.

"Dempshey, how do you feel?" Inquired Richtofens voice quietly. "I... I'm feeling great." He mumbled with a slight slur already feeling the effects of the drug at work. "Vell zen, Dempshey, how about we make zings a little..." The Nazi turned Dempsey around and stared him in the eye "Interesting?" He asked with a slight chuckle that sounded malicious. Dempsey, now fully under the drugs effect looked at Richtofen, "Hey, doc... I looove yooou." Dempsey said as he leaned against the Nazi Scientist "S-shtop it Dempshey! How can I shtick you vith my knife if you lean againsht me!?" Richtofen asked obvious in a slight moment of shock and embarrassment as his face turned a light red, Dempsey put his arms around Richtofen "Saaaay iiiit, say you love me baaack~" Dempsey mumbled as he put his arms around Richtofen, the Nazi gave a slight sound of something that sounded close to excitement, he looked up into the American's eyes "I love you, Dempshey." He stated simply, his face a bright red now, "I vant to shtick my knife in you so badly! Yet I don't want to." The nazi mumbled as his eyes looked for something else to look at "Ohoho? What knife are we talking about, hmmm?" Dempsey asked leaning in impossibly close as he forcefully kissed Richtofen without warning, the doctor squirmed for a moment before kissing Dempsey back, feeling a slight hint of something that might have been satisfaction. The doctor pulled away for fresh air "Dempshey, you are naughty... Und musht be punished!" The doctor said finally as he kissed Dempsey attempting to get his tongue into the American's mouth, Dempsey allowed it before pushing back with his and pretty soon the two were fighting to get into the other's mouth, with their tongues.

"I tell you Takao, I saw Deimpsy go dis way!" Nikolai shouted at Takeo as he walked into the room "Vone with so rittle honor will need to show me the error of their ways before I THE GREAT TAKEO MA-" The Japanese man stopped mid-sentence as he saw the Doctor and the American having a tongue fight. Nikolai laughed at Takeo before turning around and witnessing the horror for himself "... We should go." Nikolai stated simply as he left as quickly as possible, Takeo followed his eye twitching slightly. Richtofen and Dempsey didn't care much, they continued.

(Yaay, it sucks!)

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Bumping ~

7/24/2011 #16

Abysse X Royaute ♥

Abysse X Tsu ♥

Royaute X Royaute

Royaute X Spiral

Tsu X Spiral ♥

Tsu X Royaute ♥

Spiral X Juno

Spiral X Spiral ♥

Spiral X Syrix ♥

Spiral X Eladon

Eladon X Juno

Panther X Syrix ♥

Byra X Sniper

Juno X Everyone

Eladon X Jumpy

Eladon X Luigi

7/24/2011 . Edited 8/12/2011 #17


Spiral tossed her netbook casually to the side, not caring where it landed, because no one likes Spiral's netbook. Seriously, it's shit. Can't even run Steam. Anyway, Spiral had hastily commented on the internet that she was going to "Take a shower", and we ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Spiral unzipped her purple pants quickly, tossing them on top of her ugly netbook. "Time to Chopin's Waltz my gaping vagina!" Spiral said, for the umpteenth time, this being her signature catch phrase.

Her efforts towards sexual release were quickly halted for a moment, however, as her cunt of a father was coming towards her room. "Damn, that sucks. I'll just fly away with the power of imagination." Spiral muttered to herself. She worried for a second that she was beginning to talk to herself too much as of late, and that maybe that wasn't a good sign. Regardless, she took to the air, blasting out her window to go back to her home planet, where she could furiously masturbate in peace.


( by Tsubasa)

7/24/2011 #18


Roy walked into Star Studios despite never posting anywhere anymore.

"I'm weird for the sake of being weird." He proclaimed.

"It's okay." Tsu(basa/baza/bazinga) replied flatly.

And then they stared at each other for the rest of eternity due to both being incapable of saying anything other than bullshit. Their intense arousal and very real love went unattended to.

( by Spear )

7/24/2011 #19


Spiral said she took showers for hygiene purposes. But we all know it's impossible for girls to get dirty. Spiral was heading into her bathroom to take a shower, yes. But she had NEFARIOUS INTENTIONS.

Tsu pointed down towards his crotch, then at Spiral, then back again several times. He began raising his eyebrows and saying "Eh? Eh?" In conjunction with it, to get the point across.

( by Tsu )

7/24/2011 #20


Tsu and Abyss were jus' chillin' in their sweet studio apartment. Some of Abyss's weird alternative rock was playing in the background, which Tsu believed could posses the intellectual content Abyss seemed to love about it, but Tsu still ignored it. Then, the song ended, and it was apparently on shuffle, as the next song up was "Threeway".

"You know what, Andy and Justin are right! It isn't gay if it's in a threeway!" Abyss exclaimed, jumping up and down on his bed with excitement at the revelation.

"Except that there is no third person, and I only do even numbers," Tsu replied.

Insert furious shuffling.

( by Tsu / Juno )

7/24/2011 #21


Syrix delicately swept a stray hair out of his lover's light eyes. Time seemed to still as they did so, neither noticing that Syrix's hand still remained, ghosting over Panther's delicate skin. Sighing quietly, he trailed his fingers down Pather's face, who began to inch closer as time completely froze, like a popsicle. The air became so cold that they could see their soft breaths clearly in the night air. REALLY FUCKING COLD. Suggestively, Panther exhaled a large breath, the hot smell of his sweet saliva wafting across Syrix's visage. His hand still trailed there, fingering undeveloped hairs along Panther's chin and lips. Oh, they were dark hairs. Syrix never knew the true color of Panther's hair, though he had a feeling he might find out later on in the night. His hand still moving, Syrix sighed happily as he reached the base of Panther's neck, fingering the Adam's apple. Oh how he was liking them apples. Panther was blushing, not used to all of the attention Syrix was giving him. It was nice to be recognized, and without thought, Panther softly wrapped his arms around Syrix, trying to raise his shitty self-esteem.

This mad game of slow playful sexiness was coming to a close .. OR WAS IT JUST BEGINNING? Panther blushed at this thought, resting his head on Syrix's shoulder. His face was now close to scarlet, as Syrix began tugging at Panther's oversized T-shirt. There were words in the air, words that were not said because Syrix and Panther weren't man enough and it would ruin the mood if they said those words out loud. The air was already loud enough, the heat of their bodies chasing away the cold. More urgently, Syrix tugged at Panther's shirt, needing a release from everyday life. He craved it like nicotine, or curry.

"U-Uh, d-d'you have it?" Panther spluttered without thinking, breaking the silence. His face really, really red.

It was a little bit before Syrix replied, his voice low and sultry. "Oh, I got it. Exactly what we need. In my back pocket. Pull it out,"

"OH GEE," Panther blushed harder, tugging a small, silver square-shaped packet out of the back pocket of Syrix's jeans. He let out a small squeal of shock and pleasure as he saw what it was, beginning to tear the silvery packet open. "T-This is .. This is perfect. S-So ..," He shook, lips already watering.

"Gladly," Syrix replied slickly, abeit graciously. He felt loved and paid-attention-to. It was a good feeling. An even better feeling was on it's way.

"O-Okay. L-lie down," Panther stuttered, playfully shoving Syrix into the asphalt. The ground was cold and this only tantilized Syrix further, his body overwhelmingly hot against the cool ice of the ground. Blah blah blah. Panther delicately positioned himself over Syrix's abdomen, lifting his shirt before tucking his hair behind his ears, swallowing. He tore open the silver packet of tuna, salivating. He was a 'cat' (!!) after all.

"Hurry!" Syrix cried, his need growing.

Nodding, Panther emptied the packet of tuna onto Syrix's abdomen, spreading it across his stomach before bending over and eating the tuna off of the bare skin of his stomache. "NOMNOMJUNOISAWESOMENOMNOM," he went.

The End. :D

( by Juno )

7/24/2011 #22

Juno... IS Jesus.

7/28/2011 #23

A heart'd pairing on the ship list per fiction written.

Spiral was furiously pacing her bedroom one day, her thighs rubbing together and making squishy noises because she was wearing leather pants, and boots and other 'sexy' stuff though I unno why people think cow skin is hawt .. So anyways, she was pissed off because she lived in freaking El Paso, which was notable only for being fucking hell and producing salsa / hot sauce for the masses. And that suucked along with the fact that she was only a B-list celebrity and had a laptop even suckier than Juno's. So she was pretty mad and stuff, and talking on the one place that was almost as hawt as 'El Paso' (Hell), which was a burning ball of gas. Yay

SHE WAS HAVING A 'WITTY' CONVERSATION WITH SYRiX AND TSU WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN, she stubbed her toe on an axe that was on her bedroom floor.

"SHUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPP!!111!!!!1!" She screamed at the top of her lungs and channeled it into the keyboard, her anger giving Syrix an awkward boner, while Tsu silently seethed in happiness.

The end

8/12/2011 #24

How hawt.

8/16/2011 #25
Mistress Brya

I thought this died...

8/28/2011 #26

Not anymore, it didn't.

8/28/2011 #27
Mistress Brya

I was hoping it died... Well now I can muse up amusement while I wait for school to start. Yay~

8/28/2011 #28
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