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Every millennia or so, the progress of a species accelerates. What takes countless ages to change a creature becomes erratic, generating amazing new beings in but days and months. In this day of humanity, we see such things. We call them mutants. Children are born quite different from most others; they possess strange and magnificent abilities and powers that no normal human could dream of. There seems to be no consistency in their appearance. Anyone could bear such a child.

But with their strengths comes a natural emotion by humanity; fear. With their abilities, man has learned to become afraid, terrified by the mutants potential dangers. Racism against each other has become an almost unified spite towards mutant-kind. Most mutants try to keep their powers hidden, while others take a more violent path. Despite their obvious strength superiority, man has -throughout the years- learned to combat mutants with advanced weaponry only accessible by the highest of government military organizations.

Mutants are not safe in the state of Alabama. Already known for their past history of violence against differences, they continue the tradition against mutants. Laws established by Congress allowed individual states to decide on laws controlling mutants, one of which allowed for the arrest of mutants trying to leave the state. among many others.

One kind, old soul has taken to dedicating his life towards the protection of mutants. He owns a very, very large home in the middle of a forest, concealed and protected by the landscape, many mutant children are comforted by this man and given safety. Due to law however, mutants are still required -like human children- to go to school, and regularly go, despite fears.

Here, mutant children grow together in hopes that humanity will learn to accept them, and for some, that they will disappear.



- Traditional rules: No gm/id/ah

- You may have several characters, however may only have one 'Veteran' character, or, someone who has lived in the manor for several years. You may have up to three new characters.

- No over-powered powers. they must have a notable weakness. No matter what, you may not bend space, time, or be omni-anything.

- People hate you. Try not to show off your powers around them, or risk being sent to jail or even executed.

- Some mutants hate people, some want to protect them. Some are confused as to their feelings or indecisive. Mix it up. Include this in your bio, as well as how many years you've been at the manor.

- Rules subject to change. Remember to play intelligently.











6/19/2011 #1


Name: Johan Wolfrik

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Johan isn't a large and muscular boy as his power would assumingly require him to be. When standing straight, he could possibly seem more intimidating at 6 ft 1 in, but seeing as he slouches about 90% of the time, he appears to be 5ft 11in. Weighing in at about 160 pounds, Johan has little more than average muscle covering his body, and little more than his abdominal muscles appear toned or attractive. His hands, however, seem slightly awkward on his form, large enough to grip almost any individual's face as if it were a bowling ball. Same goes for his feet. His face appears angular, somewhat sneer and smug in it's neutral position. This has wrapped him into a lot of trouble during his school life, as his face puts off a sense of higher standing, while his mind and body suggest otherwise. His eyes, though, are even worse than his expression. Brushed silver, they seem in normal lighting, they're not only chilling to look directly into, but... Ultimately unnatural. They are not grey, as nature would suggest, but quite literally silver. When under extreme pressure or aggravation, however, they shift slightly, turning somewhat golden. Twin pairs of size 12 platinum ring gauges are stuck through his ears, along with a bar through the topmost part of his right ear. His onyx hair is a mix between naturally messy and fought with to be spiky, slightly on the long side, reaching over his ears to graze the nape of his neck.

When it comes to clothing, Johan is almost entirely indifferent. Graphic t shirts, plain Underarmour, shorts or jeans, it's all just fabric over his skin. However, he's more inclined to wear various band t shirts, mostly of the metal or rap genres, normally fit to slightly baggy jeans in denim or black wash, and his only pair of socially acceptable shoes, black and white skater style Vans during school. However, when he attends late night events, he'll wear jeans, a wifebeater, a hoody, with black combat boots over his feet.

Personality: Johan is witty, sarcastic, and sociopathic (Or as he refers to it, 'Socially independent'.)... To put it simply. Even as a child, he held an extreme distaste for most of his peers, not the one to interact with many people, or cast an eye over those in need of help. He's never liked the school bound wolf packs that assume they run everything around him, so he never bound himself to one. Rather, he kept to himself most of the time, not asking for help with the second math problem, not looking to sit with a certain social class during lunch, not looking for a stereotype. However, he is not a loner by default. Johan has some friends, many acquaintances, but only two or three people he'd call up if his car blew out on his way back from a concert at 2 in the morning. And he's perfectly content with this. However, when he does interact with people, he tends to shake their emotional pattern, almost always positive. He's not the nice guy, and he's not the bad boy, he's just there. He's there, and not much else in his own opinion.

Despite this, this does not mean he won't hesitate to interact with people that approach him warmly, in a genuine, non-sympathetic way. And this also does not mean he will hesitate to tell someone exactly what he thinks of them, bluntly. If someone pisses him off, he will likely tell them so at every opportunity, no matter the opponent's size. He's not the muscular and fighting kind of guy, but he's ready to attack verbally and physically if necessary.

Bio: "...How so?"

Johan was always full of questions, but rarely did they pertain to anything of direct importance. This often gave him an immediate irritable reaction if he ever opened his mouth or even entered a room. His mind tended to wonder, and even as a boy he pondered his meaning in the world. What gave him the right to exist, anyway? Who said he, or anyone else, had the right to live on this world?

"Johan, how is that even relevant?"

"Well... I don't know. Does it have to be to be asked?"

They always shook their heads and shooed him away, supposing he just asked questions because he assumed he had the right to. But, in all actuality, his family undermined every theory and thought he had cooked up, saying that he had not only condemned himself to conspiracism, but that he had turned into a radical as well. Little did they know that their son had come up with ideas not even the largest philosophers could. He could be considered a genius under some standards, but he was to young to be regarded as anything higher than a nuisance.

"No one's listening to you, boy, why do you insist on doing this?"

Therefore, Johan gave up the telling and showing of his ideas and theories, instead opting for a rather guarded and secretive outlook on how his mind and soul worked. The ironic thing was, as his teenager years hit, the time when parents really need a child to be open, he sealed himself off from the rest of the world. He was himself, by himself, never allowing anyone to breach his train of thought. This wasn't done out of the negative feedback from everyone around him, this was due to 'their ignorance and superiority complex', or so he said. They shot him down more times than he could count, and instead of taking it as he was incorrect, he took it as everyone else was incorrect.

Discovery of his powers, however, pressed his sociopathic tendencies even further.

If he wasn't alienated enough, his mutant side didn't help in the slightest. It was a normal occurrence, no climatic emotional burst, not called upon by the deadly situation on hand. He just woke up to find his right foot partially... Warped, to put it simply. That was about 2 months ago, and nothing of that power has happened since. Johan has only experienced enhanced senses and endurance, possibly a bit in speed. He still doubts that the occurrence even happened, insisting he had been drugged up the night prior and saw something. However, in this case, ignorence won't spur bliss. He disregards the fact that everyone around him uses powers and continues to insist that it's all just an elaborate illusion due to his fight with practicality, but goes along with what the academy instructs him to do. Some could see his stubborn, obviously fabricated views of his life, mind, and body as a mental flaw, which could prove deadly in future situations.

Power/Ability: Johan has the power to, clichely enough already, transform certain features of his body to resemble that of a wolf, with the strength, agility, and speed to back this. The most commonly are his eyes, teeth, hands, feet, and somewhat the rest of his body to give him a median sort of look. This, despite it being his main capability, is not the part that is likely to give him away. It's the ashen-like aura that surrounds him when transforming whatever body part he sees fit. If it were not for the aura that's excreted from his body, his transformations could go much smoother with less attention drawn to him. He has yet to fully utilize his transformation power, nor is anyone sure what the aura's true purpose is quite yet.

Other: Theme~


((May or may not put a female character sheet hurr~))

6/19/2011 . Edited 7/4/2011 #2

Name: James Arkadia

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Personality: James is an introvert, keeping to himself, no matter the emotional response he wishes to express. His temper is slim and easily broken, but his self control over his mouth exceeds such feelings. Thus, he will likely only show a scowl or a clenched fist. His reasoning for this temperance is to supposedly be 'better man' amongst the hate circulating within humanity, and that only through peace will salvation ever be realized. He sometimes has trouble holding in his anger, but resorts to breaking things or using his power in violent but un-harmful ways to vent the fury.

He is an indifferent individual, no matter his attempts to be seen as a respectable man. His control can only go so far... James meddles in no quarrel, and would simply receive the beating or abuse if it came to it. He aids none, regardless of the importance, shutting himself away in the mansion when chores are to be done or outings are to be made. Working is certainly not his forte. Essentially, a really, really lazy guy. Only when electronics are involved does his interest pique at all. Even then, he's stubborn or solemn and grumpy about it.

He is an skilled technician, thanks to his power, and could probably fix a supercomputer in hours with little help or materials. He sometimes boasts about it, but in a subtle manner. James is also quite shy of women, knowing not what to say or when to say anything for that matter. He tends to lock up in the presence of more easy-going girls, but can stand more quiet ones.

He is unsure about the role of humanity in his life. Not quite spiteful, and not entirely respectful due to his background. He thinks of them as different, having varying views themselves.

Bio: While not born in Alabama, James did have to live beneath the glare of a Georgian father and mother who felt literally damned to produce a mutant. He was fed and housed poorly, punished severely for menial things that would seem inhumane. He grew through it with a saddened face, hoping that the day of becoming an adult was soon. After awhile however, he found a job in Best Buy, and began to feel more independent. No longer did he feel ties to the so called 'parent's of his. Money could be made on his own and with relative ease, so long as his powers were kept hidden.

After a year of homelessness, he came across a scout for the mutant manor, located in Alabama and was smuggled into the state. He is nut moments away from the comforting safety of its gates.

Power/Ability: Electronic Communication

James has the ability to communicate with an form of electronic as if it were living. Information can be pulled from them, and James can interpret the data into real imagery and senses. Camera film can be taken and reviewed telepathically, and he can even implant data into them, regardless of them having a wireless receiver or not. He can turn on and off electronic equipment and also essentially render them useless (like a powerful EMP). He can use internet connections to receive data from remote places, all the way across the world. Hacking into protected areas is also incredibly easy. He can even tap into satellites outside the atmosphere, granted he connects to them through an internet connection. He can only communicate with non-internet devices if they are in visual range.

Other: Theme


Name: Ania Nosova

Age: 15

Gender: Female


Personality: Cold, quiet, and mean. Ania is a frozen rock filled with nothing but spite for the people around her. She has little emotion for anyone but the man who raised her, and is heard spouting crude and hurtful words to most. She is physically frail, and thus tries to veil herself in an air of mental toughness. She is hard to hurt, and even harder to move, being rooted in her beliefs and ideals so much that one wonders if even an act of god would sway her. Ania feels superior, part of her malicious personality, and talks as if she were some sort of princess, higher than the rest in the area. As one could've guessed by now, her self-esteem inside is truly low, being the spark for her external emotional appearance.

Ania is extremely hateful towards humanity, accusing them of the uprooting of her life. She speaks to no humans no matter how they speak to her or how they interact; kind or not.

Bio: Ania was one of the few mutants to be implemented in a mutant research program in Russia before the ban on testing was issued. Under the protection of a rather caring military general, she was raised affectionately and with respect. The community within the enormous lab was rather liberal in their views on mutants. However, once the ban was in effect, the entire lab was decommissioned, and 'property' was decreed to be taken away and possibly destroyed. Property included Ania herself. The general was not pleased, and new of a wealthy man housing pariah mutants in the US, and shipped her across the seas in hopes of a better future for her. By way of telephone, she was able to be picked up in California and taken to the manor in Alabama.

In but moments, she will arrive at the gates of the manor.

Power/Ability: Higgs Field Manipulation

A rather powerful, but very dangerous ability that allows Ania to see and manipulate the invisible Higgs Boson particle field that spans the entire universe. Not getting into the whole quantum physics of it, simply put, the Higgs Field is what causes matter to have mass. She can destroy or strengthen the field to remove or increase the mass of objects or even areas. With the field strengthened, mass increases, and thus weight of the object(s) in question. When removed, objects can float or even travel at faster-than-light speeds (mass effect). without mass, objects also can have no kinetic force, thus projectiles and the like can be rendered useless.

Technically, she can teleport in a linear direction, but this constitutes her path is clear, otherwise she may smack at FTL speeds into something. Wouldn't want that.

Other: Ania is subject to leg paralysis, and is mobile only by an automatic wheelchair.



Name: Kim Sears

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Personality: Kim is the go-getter personality that stops at nothing to make sure everyone is satisfied. Acting as an assistant to the head of the manor, she coordinates all activities and outings, as well as being the head prefect. She is tolerant, but still has crackdowns when the issue is severe, making sure to note those who seem more troublesome than others. She is known as "The Bear" to the others, as her active and fierce personality can flare up when angered. She tries to keep a smile on at all times, but can't help it when idiocy is abroad. Her attempts to be the kind head always fails. Nevertheless, she gives great respect to her brothers and sisters and is always seen doing something to help out. Kim herself likes to think of everyone as related, and that she herself is the mother or older sister. She refers to everyone as such.

She has adopted the views of her grandfather in that humanity is merely scared of mutant-kind, and that by being peaceful, they can gain the trust of them.

Bio: The granddaughter to the manors owner, but an orphan. Her parents disappeared soon after her birth when she was discovered to have mutant genes. It only terrified the parents even more when the grandfather revealed his own status as a mutant; a secret long withheld. They left her with the grandfather, who immediately took her into the adoptive manor he owned in Alabama. She is one of the oldest members of the manor currently, but not the oldest to have stayed at the manor.

Power/Ability: Kinetic Energy Control

Ability to absorb, expel, and store energy within her body as pure kinetic energy. She can store tremendous amounts, outweighing the force of a falling meteor or large bomb shock wave.

Other: Theme

6/19/2011 #3

((Will be making side characters later; for now, here's my main character))

Name: Boone Montgomery

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Boone has shoulder length brown hair that is dead straight and parted to the right. He wears glasses when reading, but normally does not. His face is thin and his features are sharp, but his large blue eyes show strength and determination. His face is always clean shaven, and he always smells of Axe bodyspray. He wears simple clothes, jeans, tan slacks, plain color T-shirts, button-ups that are a little too big or small for him. He is tall at an even 6 foot, and is a bit on the athletic side, preferring to spend his days outside in the sun. He wears glasses, though his eyesight without them isn't too terrible.


He has a very strong sense of fairness and of what he considers justice. Boone is never hesitant to get involved in other peoples' business, and tries to help. But his help doesn't always mean helping the wronged as much as punishing those at fault. So far he hasn't had to deal with anything too major; squabbles between boys at high school were a bit easy to take care of. Of course, no one has known about his power for his entire high school career so far.


The reason Boone was put into foster care is at root the same as everyone else; his biological family was too dysfunctional to raise a child. His mother was never a part of the picture, having skipped out on good Mr. Greg Montgomery within a year of their child's birth. Marital problems that Greg, Boone's father, never liked to talk about with Boone. Greg was a good man in a lot of ways. He was a district attorney, prosecuting criminals in the day, drinking whiskey in the den at night. He passed his philosophies onto his son; about right and wrong, about how those who commit crimes should be punished to the full extent of the law, and often deserve more than the law can give them. His father's ideals became Boone's ideals, though eventually Greg's drinking got him in more trouble than he could handle. 3 DUI's and a suspension of his license to practice law meant he wasn't even fit to raise his son anymore. Boone Montgomery joined the house at age 14, and has been a resident for 5 years.

So far, Boone has been keeping out of trouble. He hasn't been running from it; just not encountering it. He purposefully did not get enough credits to graduate in the previous year, as he wants to ensure the safety of the younger mutants.


It is really, really hard to hurt Boone. His skin is very strong; it can stop low caliber bullets outright. His bones might as well be titanium for how hard it is to break them. He can still feel pain, though he feels much less of it since he can't be injured nearly as easily. He's no stronger and has no more endurance than his body would naturally allow him to, but making him bleed is quite the challenge.

The weakness of this power is that his entire body weighs significantly more, straining his muscles to do even everyday things. He can't use his strength as effectively as he could if he wasn't being weighed down. Currently Boone is trying to build more muscle to combat this.

7/4/2011 . Edited 7/5/2011 #4
HUNK of Chernobyl

Name: Victor Magnovska

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Victor stands at 5'9 with a slightly larger than average build which seems to make him fit in without seeming too unlike the crowds. His skin is rather pale in comparison to the majority of the human population, but that doesn't seem to matter much to him. Glowing red eyes are the only indication that he's abnormal, which is why he wears a set of almost jet black aviator sunglasses, he carries a 'doctors note' as an excuse to wear them indoors and in class. Victor's dark brown hair is neatly cut down to fit the side of his head on the sides, but on top it grew to about an inch, most consider this a short haircut. A small scar is seen on his right cheek, doesn't seem to have been that deadly considering it seems quite shallow.

Victor is usually seen wearing a white dress shirt that seems prim and propper for the most part, during cold weathers an open trench coat is usually worn over this, the coat drops to the back of his knees seeming slightly oversized, but in truth its fitting. He also wears a set of blue jeans that are slightly ripped at the bottoms, a black leather belt is going through the loops and the pockets reach down to mid thigh on the inside, enough space to store a human forearm if need be. His look is completed with a set of black Vans that seem a bit worn out, but still wearable. Every now and then he can be seen with bandages around his hands, this is to cover the scars that he gets from training his power.

Personality: Victor is usually seen as the silent type that would much rather take it alone while sitting in a corner secluded from the other people that he's forced to be around. He will talk to those that know him even slightly, but he will be hostile towards strangers that attempt to strike up a conversation. Respect is basically the way Victor lives, if you respect him, he respects you, simple as that. His main issue though is that people attempt to speak to him and he shoos them away, if they continue to be nosy he either becomes hostile or ignores them away, simply put, making friends is not his strong suit. But if someone manages to prove themselves he will strike up a conversation, he won't say much, but at least he'll talk to someone. His way of thinking is a simple one, but it gets him through life.

Bio: Victor's grandparents were a part of the immigrants that came to the United States during the beginning of the Cold War after WWII. Upon making it to the 'Greatest Country' there was the first thing they realized was that they'd used the majority of their money on the trip, they had nothing but the clothing on their back. Their child was born into a life of poverty, she soon moved on to marry an American man who was a man of the lower middle class, his ancestry was also of Russian origin.

It turned out that Victor's grandparents had at one time or another had an unknown exposure to Nuclear Fission material, most likely it came from the tests that the Soviets had been doing at that time. An unknown DNA strain came into the equation as his mother became pregnant, she became deathly sick with an unknown virus that the doctors could do nothing about. After being born half a year later Victor's mother passed away, the last thing she'd done was give her son a name that was befitting to his Russian heritage, his father hadn't liked the name but at the time he didn't say anything about it.

Soon after finding out that he had mutant powers his father began to neglect him, he still had access to the refrigerator, but his father refused to talk a single word to him, this taught Victor at an early age how ignorant human beings could be. Deciding against using his powers he began attempting to get his father to pay at least slight attention to him, to make his father proud, but after being insulted and feeling like scum by his own parent Victor had enough, the neglect and feeling of being the lowest creature alive was too much. The young Russian moved out without another word, packed a bag and set out to see the world, as he did so he explored his poewrs more and more, each time his brain shutting down for a moment, and each time an inanimate object destroyed along with his hands torn up. But he didn't seem to care, he'd heard rumors of a place where he could be safe, his powers would be normal.

Eventually making it into the state of Arizona Victor relaxed before deciding to make himself a place to rest, using his powers he began moving large rocks and breaking down the occasional tree to get enough material, it was obvious that he didn't seem to care about the state of his arms and hands seeing as they were being injured as he did what he had to. A couple of men noticed him, they seemed to be patrolling military units of some kind, as soon as they saw him the raised their weapons and told him to surrender. Unsure of what to do Victor stared at them for a few moments before asking what they were doing, they continued to insist he put his hands up or they would open fire. Deciding it was best to leave Victor sprinted off at a speed of 74MPH, bullets peppered the place where he'd just stood, he glanced over his shoulder a migraine beginning to come over his mind, the young mutant stopped and fell to his knees in pain before is brain shut off for a moment giving the soldiers enough time to catch up to him.

When he awoke Victor saw the soldiers lying dead in the grass a small wound to the back of each man's head. Sitting up completely he began to look around quickly before hearing a voice that told him to relax, the person explained that he was special and that they could take him to a place where he would be accepted. Skepticle Victor asked how he would know if he could trust the person, they chuckled and asked if he had any other choice. Seeing the point that this mysterious stranger (X3) had he decided it would indeed be best to follow. The two set off minutes later.

Power/Ability: The mutation that Victor had undergone caused a type of alteration in his physical capabilities. Not only his strength was increased greatly, but his speed aswell, more or less this causes him to be a type of natural born warrior. The downside is that Victor's mind is unable to keep up with the power and speed that his body is capable of moving with resulting in a few sporadic movements aswell as causing his mind to shut down completely for a moment, a sort of micro-coma that can last up to 5 minutes. Along with this alot of his body is incapable of keeping up with the speed and power delivered by a strike resulting in the occasional fractured bone at worst and ripped skin at the least. Lastly, every now and then he'll go unconscious from the mental strain that the powers put on his mind. Other than these traits he's an average human being, he bleeds, feels emotions, and can die from a bullet like most other men.

Other: Seems to have an interest for weaponry. Carries bandages to wrap his hands in.

7/4/2011 #5

Name: Victoria Seras

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Her primary mode of living is focused internally, where you deal with things rationally and logically. She lives in the world of theoretical possibilities. She sees everything in terms of how it could be improved, or what it could be turned into. She typically is so strongly driven to turn problems into logical explanations. She approaches problems and theories with enthusiasm and skepticism, ignoring existing rules and opinions and defining their own approach to the resolution. She does not like to lead or control people. She's very tolerant and flexible in most situations, unless one of her firmly held beliefs has been violated, in which case she may take a very rigid stance. She is likely to be very shy when it comes to meeting new people. She strives constantly to achieve logical conclusions to problems, and doesn't understand the importance or relevance of applying subjective emotional considerations to decisions. For this reason, She is usually not in-tune with how people are feeling, and she is not naturally well-equipped to meet the emotional needs of others.

Bio: She was born and raised in a middle class suburban life style by semi-religious, conservative parents. When she first manifested her powers, her parents (both ordinary humans) were both proud and horrified. They taught her to hide her power yet to practice its usage. She did not live a sheltered life, but it wasn't exactly terrible either, so she knew of the problems Mutants faced and lived according to her parents' wishes to keep herself from facing discrimination. Eventually, she had to transfer and was sent to this school to avoid suspicion and possible discrimination.

Power/Ability: Electromagnetism

Other: TBA

7/5/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #6

((Side character done.))

Name: Soren Fox

Age: 16

Gender: Male


He's 5'8" and his attire consists primarily of jeans and old punk T-shirts for bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash.


Soren is in no way a serious person, at all. He is always lighthearted and tries to get others to see things the same way. Thiough he may offend people with a joke at their expense, he is quite caring, and doesn't mean for anyone to get hurt.


Soren was born in New York to a couple that couldn't take care of themselves, let alone care for a child. Both had low income jobs that meant neither could stay home with him for long. For the most part he received no parenting, and would just hang out with his friends. His friends who of course, were the wrong kind of friends. He was busted for shoplifting 3 times when he was 15. Child services investigated his home after this, and it was found that his parents were unfit to raise him. So he was sent to the manor, where he has lived for 1 year.


Telekinesis. Very weak, though, he can only lift about 5 lb. with it.


7/5/2011 #7

((All accepted. I'll get started on a shitty opening post.))

7/8/2011 #8

((FF ATE MY FUCKING POST GOD SHITTING FUCK. LONG STORY SHORT, it's nearing Autumn around the grounds. An eco-friendly grey bus pulls into the gated grounds of the mansion, and kids inside get ready to exit the vehicle and start their new life. There. GO CRAZY.))

7/8/2011 #9

Victoria hummed as she stepped off bus, thinking about the possibilities of coming to a new school which she was looking at.

7/8/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #10

((I'll start with a low detail post. Just to make a point or something. Or maybe I'm lazy. It's hard to tell when my laziness is in charge and when my stubbornness is in charge.))

Boone leaped out of the bus, the last stair being a good foot and a half off the ground. His body shook and his backpack jangled as he transitioned to standing on the sidewalk, looking at the bus, and waiting for the rest of the family to get off. None of them were Freshman, but some of them were new to the mansion, and Boone felt the need to give help to anyone who didn't know what's what.

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #11

((Due to law however, mutants are still required -like human children- to go to school, and regularly go, despite fears.

They're attending normal high school. I think our location has been confused a bit though; first Abyss said we arrived at the mansion, then he said we arrived at a new school. Once this is cleared up, we can continue with whichever one it is.))

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HUNK of Chernobyl

(... Great, it ate my post. I'm not re-writing that now.)

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((You can make a short little post Hunk, we're getting it off the ground, massive detail is not required.))

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HUNK of Chernobyl

(Na, I'll just do it later.)

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((Whoops. I meant mansion. They're arriving at the mansion where they'll be living. The school is in a different place.))

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Bootches B

Name: Jackson "Jack" McKay

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Personality: Jackson is a very playfull person, always wanting to play games with someone, being physical, psycological, or a game. He always smiles and laughing, giving the impression that he has mental problems. When he talks to people he usually gives them creepy looks like looking down thorugh his bangs with a small smile. He constantly keeps his head moving in a constant twitch, but only does it to keep alert, because he thinks that people are constantly trying to hurt him. This is just his outward personality.

In actuallity, he keeps tabs on people and does his best to know how people act. He uses the games he plays to guage people and get a better way to react to them. He constantly looks over his shoulder, thinking someone could be behind him to hurt him.

When he speaks to people, he usually gives them quick replies and is always looking around. Only when he looks people in the eye, is when he's serious.

Humans and Mutants are different species to him. He constantly messes with people's mind, but with mutants, he only does it if he feels threatened.

Bio: Jackson was always loved by his parents and friends. He was always smiling to them and was only mad when they subjected him to teasing. Somethinng he doesn't like at all. In school, the teachers liked interacting with him and he like talking to them because they were fun to talk to more then the students.

Days later in school, he was talking with a friend, then making eye contact caused him to see what he was thinking. Which was, playfully flying in the sky. His friend freaked out and thought he was falling, but Jackson only then realised he gave him the implant. After the incident, he began to mess with people by giving them sensations such as bugs crawling on them or a bird in the school. He had fun either way with the school until he received a e-mail telling him to go to the mansion. His parents were informed it was a private school, and he left without a hitch.

Power/Ability: Jackson has the ability to make people's senses false. In other words, he can make people see what he wants, feels what he wants and so on. This ablity takes concentration, usually making him stand still. He also needs to make eye contact with them in order to do such things. Because of his ability he could also talk to them without even using his mouth, but again, he must have eye contact. His implants usually only last for about a minute after he moves his body.

Other: Theme - Mad World - Gary Jules

(Sorry, was a bit rushed.)

7/13/2011 #19

((So long as you don't go Aizen on us with your powers, you're accepted.))

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((Newbies are getting off the bus, and oldfags are watching/helping whatever-shit.))

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((Get accustomed? Rooms. Time-skip to school?))

Oh and by the way, I'd like you to play the Xavier-esque character. I think you'd do a good job.

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Bootches B

Sitting quietly at the end of the bus, was probably the most stereotypical blonde one had ever seen. He looked like he was staring into space making him look like an incredible dipshit. He was actually in deep thought, thinking about how he would fit in this new place considering he thought he was one of the only people to actually have powers that made him better then most people.

The only thing that gave this thought some closure was that there were some more kids on the bus. He wondered if they were like him or had any powers just like him.

When the bus came to a full stop, Jack stood and walked out of the bus, just like the other kids. He played the dispshit part well, looking around the place pretending to get distracted by little things like the leaves falling or the smoke floating into the sky. A nice day to say the least as he looked at the mansion he would soon be living in.

(I hates this post .)

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I'm going to Evolve into a Golduck.

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