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The country of Anagaia has always been poor. Most of its people are peasants, with only two noble families and one royal family. Its nickname is "Mud Country". The nobles and royalty live in one city, named simply Capital City. The country's only military resides here, there are no knights, only footsoldiers whose swords have only cut down practice dummies. They haven't been invaded and absorbed into another country only because of old treaties, and because the King pays the tributes that they ask of him.

Now, recently, magic has entered the culture of the world. Previously, anyone with magical ability had been kept secret by the country's rulers, who would usually try to force them to perform the famous "Lead to gold" legend. However, recently there have been more and more magic users appearing across all countries. So far, the people have in awe of them. The Kings who imprisoned them before are having a much harder time, now that their targets are honored as heroes.

A Mages Union has been formed. If people have a job that they would like someone of magical talent to perform, they can pay for that service from the Mages Union, whether they need a bodyguard or a carpenter. Many workers have now started to feel that their jobs are being threatened, leading to the first bits of anti-magic mentality.

Some people believe anyone can learn magic with enough dedication, while others feel its something you're born with. The truth is not yet known; even the "Elders" of the Mages Union still have only known about their abilities for the past decade or so. There are no ancient secrets; this is the beginning. This is when the ancient secrets will be created.

Anagaia is where this story begins. The Mud Country refers to their mages as "Witches", even the male ones. The workers don't fear that mages will take their jobs here, since their jobs are so awful that they can't see how a mage would want them. However, this also means there is no Mages Union here to protect magicians from the King. He wants, more than any of the others, to harness the powers of the sorcerers to make himself, and his country, rich.

There are four magic roles to play, and two "ordinary" roles to play. I use "He" to describe them, however they can all be either gender.

The first mage is the Elemental. He meditates for hours a day, and is "Attuned to nature". He wants peace. His magic is using the elements; creating the combustion of fire, cooling down the air so much that the water in it freezes, creating gusts of wind, and as the ultimate attack, calling down a strike of lightning.

The second mage is the Healer. He has spent much time studying how people move, and how they're affected by injury. He wants to help. His magic is manipulating the body; stopping bleeding, closing wounds, curing illness, temporarily strengthening the body, increasing the speed of the body, and as the ultimate attack (though it is not an attack), physically stopping harm from coming to a person's body, effectively making them invulnerable until the spell is broken.

The third mage is the Manipulator. He was once a prisoner of the Queen of Nora, a country adjacent to Anagaia. To escape, he learned how to change people's thoughts and actions. He wants them to pay. His magic is temporarily hindering people's senses (Blindness, deafness, etc.), silencing people, changing their feelings and emotions, making people feel fatigued, and as the ultimate attack, making people believe that he is a demon. This is the ultimate attack because they believe with all their hearts that he is in fact incredibly powerful, and that he can create hellfire on them with a stroke of his arm. The pain they feel is real, even if what they see is not.

The fourth, and final, mage is the Summoner. He was an orphan left with no friends or family on the streets. He had a dog, who he shared his already very limited food with. When the dog fell ill and died, he brought the lifeless body back up on its feet. From that day forward, the Summoner learned many more tricks than simple necromancy. His magic is reanimating corpses (Though the "Soul" is not there), forming golems out of loose materials (The furniture of a room, for example), calling creatures to his location (Such as a wolf howl), and as his ultimate attack, calling more than a simple creature. He calls out with his mind to the ancient beasts of the Earth, and requests aid. This requires an enormous amount of energy, but when successful, means that anything from a Dragon to a Basilisk, to a hawk with a 200 foot wingspan will come to assist him. These mythical beasts will not hurt him, but will not take orders from him. What they do is up to them.

And that's the mages. The four already know and are aquainted with each other, and are currently trying to work up the funds to travel to a better country, where someone would pay them more than a fair wage to do a job simply because they were magical. Now, onto the "Normals". Again, I'll use masculine pronouns, but they can both be either gender.

The first man is the Prince(cess) of Nora. He never knew about what his mother was doing with the Manipulator, and would have greatly protested to it if he had. He has no magical ability of his own, but likes to keep up with the Mages Union of Nora, having several friends there. He will be key later in the story, at the start he will not have much to do though. His abilities include access to the Royal Family's funds, servants, and outside contacts. He is famous among the people of Nora, and usually has to insist if he wants to pay full price for something he's buying. He is a great swordsman, having been trained by his late father, whose skills on the battlefield were legendary. He is a fair marksman as well, having spent many summers with his father hunting with a bow and arrow. He is not the only heir to the throne, however. He has an older brother, who is both less fit to rule, and closer to ruling.

The second man is the Rogue. As a scoundrel local to Anagaia, he will be helping set up the four Mages' travel, in exchange for his own fees, of course. His abilities include underground and black market contacts, a decent sum of money hidden away, and a pair of daggers with questionable mystical origin that he stole from the Royal family of Anagaia. The daggers had been experimented on by their imprisoned mages, and what exactly the resulting effect was, is unknown, and the rogue hasn't yet decided to keep them or find the highest bidder. He has some street fighting skills, adept at fighting quickly and unfairly, usually with the goal of running away. Also knows how to hide, and stay out of sight. He is key in the early stages, but becomes slightly less so when they leave Anagaia.

Character sheet:





Personality: (Be brief, couple sentences is just about perfect)

Bio: (Optional, you can just go with what has been written about the role and go with it, revealing some things later on)

7/17/2011 #1
U.N. Owen the Pain Killer

Role: Manipulator

Name: Giles McBane

Sex: Male

Age: 35

Personality: Solemn and very serious. He comes off as cold to most people which isn't too far from the truth. He really has no regard for human life save for his own, especially towards his former captors.

Bio: Listed above

Appearance: Tall, standing at about 6' 6". He's nothing but lean muscle, but his clothing gives him a much bulkier appearance. He wears a heavy brown cloak that is quite warm, a tan scarf that covers his mouth and neck, a white shirt, brown pants, and black boots that go up mid calf. He also wears a brown hat that appears to be much like a pilgrim's hat, but is much more tattered and weather worn. He has unnaturally golden pupils that often disarm people when Giles simply looks in their direction, and his face is lined with scars. He also has shaggy, brown hair

(Wasn't sure if you had any appearances in mind)

7/17/2011 #2
The Emo Messiah

((Stupid character name, I know.))

Role: Rogue

Name: Fritz

Sex: M

Age: 24

Personality: Fritz has always had selfish tendencies, preferring to work alone so he could take the loot alone. He won't hesitate to steal something if it is worth the effort, or to give away money if it will gain him something in the future. To put it briefly, he takes careful consideration into the things he does, and only does something if it will benefit him. He tries as much as possible to avoid direct confrontations and will only fight when cornered, and even then, fight to run away.

Appearance: Although he could probably afford something more decent, he always dresses in dark rags, so as to blend in easily with the masses of poor people in Anagaia. His head is a mass of unkempt black hair, which often helps in obscuring his facial features. His eyes are a dark chocolate color, a common eye color in Anagaia. He is a not a very tall fellow, barely taller than a riding horse's back. But his small and speedy build suits his lifestyle.

Bio: (Optional)

7/18/2011 #3
Bootches B

Role: Healer

Name: Elize

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Personality: Elize is the typical nice and bubbly kind of girl. Despite being twenty-seven, she still has some childish tendencies from learning she got her magic. After she got her magic, her previous seriousness has been replaced with a carefree attitude. It isn't uncommon to see her looking at a leaf flying in the wind or playing with a bug on her hand.

When she is needed to heal someone or give them strength, her serious attitude returns. She gives her full attention to what needs it. She's most likely to assist in a fight then actually take part. If she is targeted, she would use a quick spell to push the back and give her time to flee.

Bio: (Listed above.)

Appearance: When someone looks at Elize, they usually think along the lines of cute. She has an under bite and big brown eyes, making her look a lot younger then she really is. A slightly wider jaw then most and long brown hair that she keeps back with hair pins, show her perfect peach complexion. She's short and thin, but has a bigger bust then her body should have.

Her clothes are more white then they should be. White leggings under a long free flowing skirt that reaches her ankles, but leaves her side legs exposed. She wears a sleeveless and strapless top, but exposes her skin up to her naval. Over that is a thin, see through, shall that she leaves untied.

7/18/2011 . Edited 7/18/2011 #4
HUNK of Chernobyl

Role: Prince of Nora

Name: Richard

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Personality: Richard can be seen as one of the few people in the royal family that would much rather stick with lower class familys than those of a higher economic class. The Prince disagrees with the way his brother plans to rule the land, but he refuses to speak up in fear of getting in trouble or people thinking that he is merely jealous of his older brother. With a heart of gold and a will to rule Richard grew up a natural ruler that always preferred to talk more than fight, but won't hesitate to defend his property and friends.

Appearance: Richard stands at 6'1 with an athletic build that comes from years of training with a sword and hunting with a bow. His dark brown hair hangs to his eyebrows, his face is shaved cleanly with not even the smallest piece of facial hair remaining. His dark green eyes seem to have a curious look to them, probably because he never fully experienced the world without guards following him everywhere he went. He wears a rather fancy looking button up shirt that seems to be made of a type of silk, its been dyed a dark blue and seems to have gold threaded into it. His trousers are white silk, matched by a set of fine leather boots, truly an outfit for a prince.

Bio: (Optional, might put it later.)

7/19/2011 #5
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