A Soul's Hope
Who should Wanderer be with and why? Ian? Nate? Kyle? Give me myour feedback
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Nancy LeBrun

Hey everybody,

I am surprised that with all my brilliant ladies reading this story that no one picked up on the foreshadowing in Chapter 30. I guess my question is...can anyone identify it and what do you think it means?-NL

4/4/2011 #1


Ian and Wanda will have a child? Is that it? And I'll PM you about You-Know-What soon! At least when my PM starts to work... -_-'


4/4/2011 #2

I think . . . . something might happen to Burns? or maybe Nate.

ladaane :)

4/4/2011 #3
Nancy LeBrun

Pipes and Ladaane,

Where did you come up with your theories? What part of the chapter led you to your conclusions? (Ladaane did you go back and read the chapter again?) You are such an over achiever, you know that? Love ya!-NL

4/4/2011 #4

haha yes I did read the chapter again, Nancy. Does this mean I'm right?!?

I came up with it when Lily and Wanda were talking and Lily worried that someone would happen to Burns like how she lost Wes.

I really hope it's nothing too bad. I love Burns. He's so adorable. And of course, you know how I feel about Nate.

But if Nate did get hurt, it would be very interesting to see Wanda's reaction to that and Ian's jealousy (as I'm pretty sure he would get jealous).

Also, I was reading one of your chapters again (yes I do that a lot. your writing is just so addictive, Nancy.) and I remembered that Nate has an older sister, Kim.

I wonder how she feels about all this. I mean as Nate's sister, it must have been obvious to her when he fell for Wanda and I was sort of wondering what she thought since Wanda is a soul.

It would be interesting to read a conversation between her and Wanda.

anyway, love ya too!


4/4/2011 #5

Also I read Piper's theory (which is a good one) but I really really hope Wanda does not get pregnant. That would kill Nate (and me, of course).


4/4/2011 #6
Nancy LeBrun


Well If Nate DID get hurt and it was a human world without fancy healing medications then Wanderer might feel the need to run to Nate's side to nurse him back to health. BUT the next chapter will reveal something interesting when it comes to illnesses. I don't want to give too much away. It will make for interesting conversation later in the week.

But as far as the part that foreshadowed what is coming. Yes, Ladaane. Once again, you win the prize. You are a straight "A" student, aren't you? You are like Danny only you LIKE to read. He is finally reading the last few pages of To Kill a Mockingbird just in time for tomorrow's class.

If something happened to Burns the way it did Wes not only would it destroy Wanderer since she sees Burns as a brother, but Lily as well. She would need comforting as well. Who would be better to comfort her than Ian, someone she's had a history with and who's obviously comforted Ian when he was distraught? (Think back to the beginning of the book when Wanderer and Ian had their first major fight)

and oh, if Burns met with bad misfortune, who would console Nate? Burns was his best friend. How could Nate take the loss of Wanderer and then the losss of Burns?

Hmmm....so much to think about.....NL

4/4/2011 #7


Okay, so I was reading all your theories, and it was really interesting... (NANCY I WILL PM YOU!!!!! I just gotta do some work right now, and I'm sneaking this) But I honestly, really hope nothing happens to Burns, because by far he is the BEST character in the whole story (Even better than Ian; BUT IAN IS SECOND!)

Looking forward to it!


4/4/2011 #8
Nancy LeBrun


You also should take into account the possibility of something happening to Kyle. Wow. That would be pretty horrific. Obviously Ian would need to be consoled by Wanderer but what about Sunny? She wouls be devastated. Kyle was Wanderer's Ian fix. How do we know that Ian wouldn;t be her Kyle fix? That would leave Nate the chance to slip right back in with Wanderer.


Nate could get his Soul by being there for Sunny which would make alot of people happy bwcause it wouldn't break up the power couple of I/W BUT how would Wanderer feel about Nate being with one of her best friends?

Hmmm...I'm just sayin'

(Smirk)- love ya!


And you better PM me!

4/4/2011 #9

Honestly, I'm for anything that makes Wanda realize how much she loves Nate.

But no Nate/Sunny!!!! For some reason, I don't like anyone with Nate but Wanda. Plus, I think Sunny is too timid for Nate. Wanda's a bit more outgoing and brave.

So many possibilities. The idea of Ian and Lily getting closer is very interesting.

But so is the idea of Ian being Sunny's fix, only I like Ian/Lily better because that would bring in more drama.

Now I'm super excited for tomorrow (but I do love Burns, and he is one the best characters, but look at all that drama. )

ladaane :)

4/4/2011 #10
Nancy LeBrun


Sometimes, I wish I could write just for you because you would enjoy it no matter what kind of crazy stuff I threw in there. Unfortunately, I am writing for the John Q Public and he wants a more traditional book. After all this is supposed to be an Ian/ Wanderer story...isn't it? Well, maybe not.

Now see, that's the great thing about Brynn Taylor. She is all mine and I can do whatever I want with her. and NO ONE can say she is acting OOC. YEAH!-NL

4/4/2011 #11

I know. It's so disappointing to me that everyone wants Ian and Wanda together. I mean, look at Nate, people!

See this is why you should write an alternate ending where you can write whatever you want without having to worry about having to please the general public ( and this way Nate could get his happy ending with Wanda! which, btw, as you know, I am all for.)

ladaane :)

p.s.- oh and I took a peek at your story about Brynn. (I found it on some site online) I had to skim through it actually cause I didn't really have time, but guesss what?

I realized that one of the characters (I think Gavin is his name?) is modeled after Nate. I already know I'm gonna love him.

4/4/2011 #12
Nancy LeBrun


Yes, Hal was also my muse for Gavin. He knows about it. He's probably glad that I am on the opposite side of the country! Actually he's very gracious about it. But Gavin...well...sigh...everyone will love Gavin hopefully the way they love Ian. But Wes will be loved too. It will be quite the dilemna for most I think. You'll see. (At least I hope you'll see) love ya!-NL

4/5/2011 #13
Katherine's Bitch

Good, God, I've missed out on a lot.


Must. Devour. Now.

And, the answer to your question, KYLE! KYLE! KYLE! Me want Kyle!

Puh-shaw. Who wants frat boy? All he does is whine over Wanda, be overprotective, act macho, and whine some more.

And, who the hell is Gavin? Again, I must say, where the hell have I been?

4/14/2011 #14
Nancy LeBrun

To all,

So Ian and Wanda are married and Ian has a surprise for her. It was forshadowed a while back. Any guesses?

4/27/2011 #15
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