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unoriginally named after the maple map. a forum for introductions, searches, recommendations, centred on the authors and fics of MapleStory: hopefully a place for readers to find writers and writers to find readers.
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(This is basically the kind of forum that will fail unless a certain, rather significant, number of people joins. I don't even know if the authors here want or care for a forum of this sort, but I suppose it's worth a shot, since I myself am rather interested in the concept of an expo forum. I suppose there's no harm either, writing as if someone's going to take interest.)

Hello. Moderator Absol Master. Welcome to my MapleStory forum.

This is an expository forum; if you want to find readers or writers who are compatible with you (not THAT definition, of course), you're at the right place. It's centred on the people here and their craft, style, manifestos, rather than the game of MapleStory or general story content.

This is sort of like newspaper classifieds. The main purposes of this forum are:

i. author and story publicity

ii. writing support, and

iii. reader's story/author search aid.

Right, so, to get you started:

i. if you're a writer wanting to find readers, start a topic about yourself with a title along the lines of 'looking for readers'. Common sense. In the post, advertise your writing, gush about your favourite topics in writing - anything that would help you find a person who shares your taste. Add short writing samples and links to your best works/profile if you want.

ii. if you're a writer searching for other writers for inspiration help/just to chat with about writing, any random title will do as long as it logically draws the right people.

iii. if you're a reader, you can either wait for more posts to appear and dig through them for prospectively interesting authors, or start a topic with title format 'Wanted: (describe briefly)', and wait for recommendations and/or authors introducing themselves.

iv. If you have something to recommend, start a topic with the format 'Recommending: (whatever it is)'. Attach a link, describe it, and very importantly explain why you recommend it.

These rules are just to help if you're worried/lost. It's pretty easy, I believe, to tailor your post to suit the intended targets, and even easier to tell when a post you see is what you're looking for. Remember, also, that it's a writer-centric group. You can have discussions about the game, but keep that to a single topic (rule subject to edition).

Basic ground rules apply, as always. Be nice. No trolling. Use vulgarities if it's your style, but not to attack others. (I'll turn the filter off shortly.)

Enjoy, have fun, I hope I haven't come across as stiff. All rules are open to PM discussion, so do PM me if you have to ask.

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