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Ever read my story of If Digimon Could Type? Recognize this? Yeah. It is a reality now. Um, I'm open for any discussions...just keep it lighthearted...
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Boombubble7: I want to have snacks on here!

Hatsrcool07: Sorry, Pata, but snacks don't travel well across the Internet.

Spiraltwister33: Strange. Snacks didn't travel well in the Digiworld, either...


Why do snacks never last? I personally blame, no, not the Digimon, but Tai. And Mimi, with her quest for hamburgers. Just my opinion.

So, anyone want to comment on snacks? Or other such randomness?

1/24/2011 #1
Lord of Chaos 28

It is strange that snacks never last, and I'd rather blame Gomamon. Mainly because according to your story he eats a lot of snacks. And Agumon to! He ate that whole fish when they were on Whamon's back and it was huge.

And on other business I'd like to get back to the subject of what kind of attack marching fishes is? Seriously? What kind of attack is that if you can't eat the fishes afterward?

1/24/2011 #2

Hmmm...yeah, Gomamon would be a contributor. Agumon...I could name several examples where he eats everything. Birth of Greymon, he eats all of TK's spare candy. The episode with SkullGreymon, Tai makes him eat tons so he can digivolve to Ultimate. Whamon is, of course, the most famous example...okay, maybe Digimon do eat a lot.

Marching fishes. We need to find a way to get Gomamon on here. Then we could have a nice questioning, since he's always at the center of our questions...

1/24/2011 #3
Lord of Chaos 28

Indeed...wait no! He'd totally annoy everyone and stuff, and eat all my snacks. My precious, precious snacks.

1/24/2011 #4

I keep mine hidden. If not I will have critters munching them. Mostly of the human variety.

1/24/2011 #5
Lord of Chaos 28
If I lived near you I would probably be one of those critters. And I keep mine in my closet. It's so dirty I can't even find some of the snacks I hid in there!
1/24/2011 #6

I can't put them in the closet, kittens like closets. The messier the better.

1/24/2011 #7
Lord of Chaos 28
All I have is a dog a really dumb dog so I don't have to worry about that.
1/24/2011 #8

Yeah, well, obviously cats think that headphones are good snacks too. :( She completely obliterated mine in ten seconds.

1/25/2011 #9

I don't really keep snacks...my bro and sis would find them too quickly. I just raid the kitchen a lot...

1/25/2011 #10
Lord of Chaos 28

That's a good idea crestoflight.

1/25/2011 #11

I always have good ideas...when will people realize that?

1/25/2011 #12
Lord of Chaos 28

Whenever your good ideas actually do something of use I'm sure you'll be recognized.

1/26/2011 #13
Animelover Inf

Good point...

Well...snacks just go really fast I suppose. They sure do at my house.

2/3/2011 #14
Lord of Chaos 28

I think they go fast everywhere. My immortal dog apparently loves chocolate.

2/4/2011 #15
Animelover Inf


X 3 I love chocolate too. Espically Poky...*drools*

2/4/2011 #16
Lord of Chaos 28

Hn, hershey bars are my favorite. Milk chocolate though. I hate it when those stupid nuts mess it up.

2/4/2011 #17
Animelover Inf


I also really love kit-kats. Mmmm......I'm gona be hungry by the end of this.... D X

2/4/2011 #18
Lord of Chaos 28

Hn, I'm already hungry. It's almost lunch time where I am. 11:30. What time zone are you in?

2/4/2011 #19
Animelover Inf

Same as you. I'm just six minutes behind you.

X 3 I SHOULD go eat but....meh...

2/4/2011 #20
Lord of Chaos 28

No we're the same time. I alway round up between stuff. When I posted that it was really 11:24 But I rounded up to 11:30. I don't know why though.

Hey, how old are you? Shouldn't you be in school right now?

2/4/2011 #21
Animelover Inf

I'm 16 years old.

I don't have to go to school thanks to the fact it's our third snow day in a row. And there really is a LOT of snow. In some places, like in my back yard, there's a pile of snower taller then me, and I'm about five feet tall. O - O

It was fun to clime on.

2/4/2011 #22
Lord of Chaos 28

Hn, I live in Tennessee so we rarely get snow days.

Climbing is really fun! It would help if I didn't have a crippling fear of heights though.

2/4/2011 #23
Animelover Inf


Well....I think it's about time I had something to eat. I must be off, for now.

2/4/2011 #24
Lord of Chaos 28

See you later...well I won't actually see you but, I'm sure you know what I mean.

2/4/2011 #25
Animelover Inf

*Sneaks into the forum from the window but ends up falling on my face*

Oww..... D X

2/4/2011 #26
Lord of Chaos 28

Caught! Haha...Hollow victory.

2/4/2011 #27
Animelover Inf

Yes, a victory for you now....but just you wait! *a tacco falls on my head* - _ -

Any ways, how are you? : 3

2/4/2011 #28
Lord of Chaos 28

As good as I can be since I'm grounded. I'm texting from my Ipod since I'm grounded.

2/4/2011 #29
Animelover Inf

Ahh, I see.

Sorry about being grounded -

2/4/2011 #30
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